Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday excursion

Beautiful Sunday in easy and slow rhythm. We went to see some flowers and pots for the upcoming terrace making, did small things in our garden, decided which style I wanted on the outside pillows this year ... you know, small decisions that makes a nice atmosphere in the end.
Tonight I have an education and dinner with a well know doctor from Spain with some people in a "around the table, advance discussion"group. Will be exciting even though I'm still very tired!

(coat: Balenciaga, sweater: Alexander McQueen, heels: Christian Louboutin, pants: Gina Tricot, scarf: Hermès, shades: Tom Ford  & bag: Louis Vuitton)


Stress, work, migraine, pressure - extremely happy to have this Sunday arriving. Still have hard headache but a Gluten free life change is taking place this week for me to once and for all try to take control over my often, daily pain.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Tired, Tired, Tired

So if possible this Friday took the best out of me with loads of (lovely and mostly welcomed) patients, but even so, family life is continuing directly after work and that can be often so tiring yet wonderful at the same confusing time. The whole weekend is busy with a lot of work which I will celebrate nicely and naughty when being over. Wish me luck and give me courage and energy!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Great welcoming

I'm very tired, somewhat stressed because of all very important things coming up with work soon and also other things that needs my focus and attention. We all have to-do lists and I will be very happy within two weeks when most necessary things are over (for a while). I feel exhausted and a little irritated when life/time/hours/energy/motherhood/relationship etc etc don't get the attention I want it to have. I guess it's the puzzle of life but sometimes it's just a little bit too much.

These beautiful boys, yes, my very casual man included, greated me today when I arrived back from work. So cute and wonderful I could eat them all then and there. My smallest may look so innocent and  easy, but gosh he is in some phase where his tantrums (when he don't get things his way) are worse then a hurricane! Hope it will pass soon.

Home wear

Thank you all for the kind compliments about my hair. I guess no one realised how long it is again since I always wear it a bun or something else practical. My man loves it down like this and always gives a extra love sight when I rarely do so. Maybe it's the energy of spring? Maybe it's the light that stays longer and longer every day, maybe it's something free inside of me longing to get out - I don't know but at the moment, I like it too.

Talk soon!

(sweater: softgoat)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Best of days

I I honestly don't think I need to describe the energy level and the happiness this day when Stockholm showed itself at best and the sea was more pretty then in a long time. All four kids were just as perfect as small children can be and we had lunch and longed for ice creams, walking in the pure sun and tried to show how wonderful Stockholm can be a day like this. The dynamics of the children, the toddlers being so small, yet so huge personalities, the little hand in mine, friends, love, my super-man and me, little Leon and the gorgeous new baby boy G. Ohh life feels so full of everything I love and adore when universe blesses me with so much real substance ... i slept like a baby warmly kissed by its mother that night. Can't me more blessed and thankful!

Thank you Dear D and children for coming! See you in Zürich and Megeve!

WE let our guest borrow our extraordinary good sibling pram from STOKKE and put on the cot for babies again that I used for Leon.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Instructions ...

... on how to put on a Burberry trench. 

My handsome and fun (he always try to make me burst when taking these sort of photos) snapped these today when leaving ... I love him, what else can you do?

(coat: Burberry & snake espadrilles: Samsoe&Samsoe here)

Sunday Lunch

A somewhat chaotic lunch at the classic Sturehof with all four children (the smallest slept in the pram, thank you for that). Lovely food, dirty table ... lunch with children. I sometimes shake my head wondering what we're doing there, but in the same way it's so dynamic and fun and the kids needs to learn how to behave at a restaurant. A Sunday for lunch is a excellent opportunity to do so, plus very cosy!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

In the best of company

What a perfect day. So cosy to get together again with M's oldest girl friend and her children visiting from Switzerland, people we loved hanging with in Zürich. Little Clelia has just the best of personalities, outgoing, talkative, fun and very, very French. Alexis and her plays so nicely together, it almost feels like romance in the air.
If you follow me on Instagram (stina_auer) you saw this adrobale video of them two today, cruising the streets of Stockholm.

I have so many beautiufl pictures from today which felt just like a soul nurturing day for sure.

Talk soon!


Another day another way of dressing. I'm completely into blazers and hair combed plane to my head as you might have realised. I want to get it slightly darker and my Dear friend aka stylist is on a trip until next week, bare with my cm ...

I truly love simplicity in dressing, when things just works, easily without looking too much or to worked out. When you just ARE what you wear instead of becoming what you have on.
This kind of style is me and it works in my life as a mother even when I want to dress up a little. The length of the heels are just so comfy, I can easily run around trying to fetch Leon who sneaked out in only socks and a completely full diaper and trashy home clothes he probably picked himself. The jeans are easy going and makes it less dressed up which suits the occasion. You get the picture.

In the middle of all this mess and chaos there's so much love to be found, it's almost ridiculous how much I love my little family. Even when I want to throw them out of the house, I love them to the bone and my life is a LIFE when I feel the presence of these amazing little boys and my man (who got back yesterday after another week gone, Salut to that!)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dinner wear

Oh don't you feel like summer when you see these pictures? One can almost believe it is - but no - it was just today, in the warm sun , waiting for our Swiss guests. I had such a craving wearing this gorgeous silk dress (my favourite Greta model) with the pink suede heels that nothing could have stopped me. Now I need to take care of our friends and prepare some amazing Swedish delicacies.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

Talk soon!

(blazer: Victor & Rolf, dress: Greta (new), heels: J.Crew & bag: Louis Vuitton)

St.Tropez - brown without sun

So I'm a big fan of BUS (brown without sun). The less time we spend i the sun the better, but still I love golden legs and a nice tan.
During summer I wear 30-50spf in my face, arms and decollate and 15 on my legs. Unfortunately I'm quite pale during the rest season which means I use these sort of products as soon as I am bare legs. Like this weekend, we're having a dear family from Switzerland over, a child hood friend of my man and I wanted to wear my new Greta silk dress which needed some extra to come out right.

I do find that the brand St. Tropez is the absolute best and they have four products which makes the result absolutely flawless. The day before you peel with their special peeling, the day after you use the mousse shown on the picture (1h, 2h or 3h) (one special for the face) and then shower. After you use a special cream to keep the colour and it also works as an enhancer whenever you need since this BUS stays about 10-12 days.

Highly recommend it and it doesn't really give that horrible odour that many other brands does.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Silk Eye Lashes

I went and got new silk eyelashes again by the talented Magda (@magdis84) again the other day. My last ones lasted about six weeks and that seems to be really good. Once again I took the absolute shortest she has to offer for a serious and natural look but before summer I will give them some more length. I'm so happy with them and I know so many now who took my advice and booked themselves in and they are beyond happy.

She is so precise and does everything in a excellent way, happy to recommend her. She still takes 650SEK for a new set which is half the price of the original pice, so book yourself in now!

Click HERE for online booking or call +46 70 - 462 49 91

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sleeping over

I had my super fun, easy going girlfriend Becca hanging the whole evening, dinner, staying up laughing and sleepping over with a cosy breakfast in the morning and then we hit the city together like two puberty teenagers who never stopes talking. So lovely. Really miss this crazy woman. Alexis completely fell in love and he already asked where The long girl (long??!!) went today when I got back from work.
The best thing ever was that she though the kids (Alexis, Leon is too small) is sooo well behaved. Phu, I guess I grew one inch from that compliment. Hard and constant work seems to pay off.

Talk soon!

(my lovely coat from Rodebjer, with the seam outside this time, love it! find it HERE)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunday brunch

Beautiful girls, inside'n out!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bestie celebration

This day started just like yesterday, grey and rainy but turned out to be sunny but windy. Even so I dressed up a bit since one of my soul besties celebrated her birthday with a girl-only-kind-of-lunch on Riche in Stockholm. A place I mostly don't like in the evenings but love during days. It felt so liberating to be able to have time to talk with these wonderful girls and like always, when you have small children, discuss relationships, your inner mood, motherhood, plas for the future and kids.
After, we went home to another favourite place, my parents who provided us with amazing food like always and just such cosy, warm and present love.

By the way, so happy to hear you all so alive and talkative again here, it's really much more fun and I appreciate all your presence and comment, it's the fuel to this!

(leather skirt: HERE, blazer: Lindex, socks: Pierre Robert)

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Just a family collection (probably mostly for our family and friends abroad, you readers probably find these family moments dull?). Anyhow Skansen is not at all so exotic and fascinating as I would wish for, but for a little child it's heaven.
It's so calming to realise that these two monkeys actually are getting easier and easier to handle. The last soon two years have been VERY tough. Alexis has been so jealous of Leon and Leon is a bulldozer and learned how to hit back before he could walk. Fights constantly. Not easy in other words. I doubted getting them so close MANY times and many of my friends honestly wondered how I survived it all, often having them by myself and Alexis not attending kindergarden at the time (yes, I have a nanny, but she helps more with the house then with the kids) and I had them for one and a half year without a nanny. My man is travelling even more and it's a lot when also adding work it the equation.
Anyhow, point is that life is easier and I'm starting to realise all the benefits we're going to have with them playing together and entertaining one another. Like today, after they had their lunch at the restaurant, I could honestly let them both out and Alexis knows that he has to have an eye on his little energetic and stubborn brother and since Leon adores Alexis, he follows him wherever and copying everything he's up to. How cool? VERY! Of course we had an eye on them constantly but it will soon be even better.

We celebrated with ice creams in the sun!

(coat: Chanel, cashmere cardigan: my mothers, shirt: Equipment, pants: Gina Tricot, snake espadrilles: HERE & bag: Chanel)