Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Autumn style

So this is my Dear friend A, just such a great piece of woman in all ways possible ...

(red Fox fur, trousers: Stella McCartney, boots: Footlight, sweater: IRO & bag: Céline)

Monday, October 12, 2015

LONDON with my girls

Oh my God, what an incredible weekend I've had these past days, just because my tall, beautiful, strong, loyal and caring bestie invited me to London with her as a gift from just nowhere. I feel completely uplifted of life and joy, really something you can sometimes only get in these fun, lively and eclectic surroundings by dear girl friends from all over the world.
We meet up with P from London who sort of has a access to everything for an absolute top notch time and with the help of my gorgeous girlfriend M from Zürich, they so kindly booked every day and planned it amazingly for lunches shopping, cocktails, dinners and clubs at the best of the best, mostly members clubs and restaurants of course since that's where you have all the best of memories ...

Endless taxi trips all around, gourmet food, english ambience, girl talk, many glasses of bubbles, only problem being the astonishing hotel which I loved but hardly had time to enjoy to the fullest. But in the same way, who wants to sleep or lay in bed when you have this vivid cosmopolitan just pounding around you?

It was times we laughed and giggled so much, I honestly felt like my belly was about to cramp or crash and since two of them are brought up in London (among other places) they are just the best to be around and the shopping was impeccable as always when coming to this just so classy and sophisticated city.

I mean, worlds can never describe a weekend like this and I'm not intending to try reveal it further then by saying that it was just so much fun and really, London is one of my favourite cities in Europe.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart A, M & A!

Love you!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I hate going to the dentist and therefor I haven't been for years honestly. I'm ashamed, but it's the truth. But today I went and had both good news and bad news, good in the sense that the teeth looked perfectly alright, bad that I have to mend an old fixing from 2004 ... They will need to but me on strong calming medicine before I allow them to drill in my mouth for sure. I booked the appointment a month in advance so that I can focus on other things and mentally prepare myself for this horrendous day I will need to go there again.

Anyhow, I took a quick picture of what I was wearing  (which I felt very comfortable yet chic in) and are planning to put up some new things in Stina's Vintage Store very soon. One of my stylist friends is selling some of her treasures here also so stay tune.

(coat: my own design, sweater: Stella McCartney, jeans: Gina & boots: Saint Laurent)


So finally my migraine skov (what's that in English) is over. It started on Wednesday last week and yesterday was the first day without. Now i will take Magnesium, about 800gr per day, to see if it show some positive results on my migraine in about 3-4 month.

So if I look tired and a bit runned down on this picture, your observation is completely accurate!

Talk soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

For J

One of our dear friends J, (beautiful short hair and an amazing editorial stylist) have had quite some year. She is an incredible strong woman and we all admire her so much. We celebrated her birthday yesterday evening at the new restaurant Carousel. They have the same owner as Vassa Eggen and the food was good but still over priced like most places tend to be in Stockholm now-a-days. I mean, we're not London nor New York and 400SEK (40Euro) for a main is always crazy in my eyes and then the restaurant truly need to be top notch all, something most restaurant fail to live up to. Even so it was a nice ambience and perfectly alright food made with effort and most importably, great company!

I look super tipsy but haven't had alcohol for quite some time since I've had a lot of migraine lately ...