Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This time of the year, oh this time of the year. I have such a trouble finding meaning with it all. The greyness, the snow goes slush goes back to ice goes to just greyness. I have no inspiration to get dressed, all I use is my winter curling boots from Bally and some form of warm winter coat with a french hat not to freeze. It's like I'm living my life on hold and coming back to Sweden, this hits me again. I do find life is too short spending half a year in this sort of depressing environment. My man loves the snow and say he doesn't mind it at all, and fact is that if we would be out in the slopes all day or skiing, it would make sense but I work most of the day 9am-3pm and therefor all I do is just trying to stay warm between home and work. I really can't see myself living like this for the rest of my life, that's one thing that becomes very obvious! I'm too emotionally attached to weather and a kind climate. It truly impact my daily mood.

UPDATE - I sometimes get sick of myself reading posts like this, Stina for God sake, get a grip of yourself. Send out WHAT you WANT instead of talking and focusing on WAHT you DON'T WANT! And start meditate. Honestly. Every day for 15 min. My promise to myself, to collect all thoughts and just let the body breath and heal itself. 

(picture from Nov when leaving for Madrid)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Early morning beauty in its true form.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Let's just say I had so GOD DAMN fun last night! Thank you everyone! I can hardly walk from all dancing, laughing and cocktails! I have been so hungover today I thought I would die! But completely worth it!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Birthday girl

So officially 35 years!!!

Thank you mum and dad for the lovely orange box, thank you all friends and family for all loving phone calls and messengers, thank you M for the wonderful flowers, thank you all for different form of cakes I've eaten the whole day and thank you Dear nanny C for the amazing breakfast and dinner and thank you Lindex for this beautiful grey cape/cardigan (can be found here) and thank you all readers for the kind and warm congratulations!

I was part of holding some educations yesterday evening and came home very late so today I'm actually very exhausted. But happy! So a calm evening and getting ready for the big party on Saturday!

Big hug to you all!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Okay, what's hunting me?
First I need to say that I'm truly honoured, grateful and so humble to have all of you loyal readers and followers throughout these years. We've shared so much together, sometimes the comments and the interaction between us all is what I long for the most. I have some sincerely intelligent, world citizens collected in you guys and I get inspired by the life and the comments you so kindly share. I know It sometimes takes a week before I respond to the comments. I apologize for it, my strive is to do it every second day, but we can't always do what we feel like and time is for me something fragile and less of.

Many of us is constantly striving to feel better and to be happy. We're running around in circles trying to find love, more time, happiness and balance and looking for ways to do whatever there is that can make us feel all of the mentioned. While desperately searching for something to fulfil us, the more we get lost and not too seldom, loose the whole point of living. Balance, love, health, happiness will never be found in things you look for. It will suddenly show up the day you decide to slow down and filter out everything that distract the mental peace.
We all search for balance, but truth is that balance isn't anything searchable. It's something that comes automatically when the mind, heart, soul, body is in a beautiful symbiosis with each other and that seldom comes out of things we might think it comes from. It most certainly doesn't come from needs to fit in or being constantly manipulated by others peoples pretentious happiness.
It comes from nothing complicated. It comes from a feeling that you live a TRUE life with TRUE meaning. It makes itself visible when you let loose of everything destructive and surrender yourself to the simplicity of just being. A respectful person, a mentor in your own life. Without the abruption of constant distractions to your brain and mind. It comes from silence and moments when you do absolutely nothing then realising how free and relaxed you feel from the world around you right there, right now. When your actions in life stand by the fundamental values you firmly know is correct.

This post probably wont come as an surprise for all of you who been around me some years. I hope you all know by now, that behind some photos of a woman and parts of her life, there's something more. With a greater depth and a need to observe, write, analyze, change, get better and develop. To sum it up, I would go as far to say it's the main core with me, the human being, living and a long journey of the body and soul. To stand up for the possibility to be you, not anyone else. And to always be sceptic to things that doesn't really feel absolutely accurate inside your belly.
Humans, our brain and the power of us has always fascinated me. I realised far earlier then many, the strong impact our thoughts had on our reality. The Law of Attraction was nailed inside of me before it even became a book so many read and started living by. I early wrote regular about the energies and the law of universe in a daily life and how to think to attract certain things in your path and i did so, because i had a urge to also spread some form of inspiration, a sense of meaning, rather then just posting a picture with unusable information.
When i started blogging, there was a few really good ones out there, built out of quality and the need to create something for readers in the cyber world to take part of. Not like today, where there's just so much of everything, one gets tired just trying to find the gold among all the rest.

Unfortunately today, most people are fine with being just observers, turning into copy cats and they don't understand the great advantage it is to be unique, free in mind, open minded where you strive to really find yourself and work hard not be a follower, more a leader of the life we all are blessed to own. Too many are just trying to be/dress/write/do thing in a way like so many others, originality is hard and unique to find. Anxiety might be the cause of this, we genuinely love ourselves too little to dare doing things the rest don't.
The things is, I often question this sorts of revealing it means, being an author of something exposed to the world as a blog is. Especially today when there's so much of everything. I'm a person with a strong integrity, that dislike people who just take after others and as a conclusion, doesn't think for themselves. I don't like mainstream or when people just become a reflection of someone else and this world is built on the belief of unreal safety or yet again, anxiety, the fear to not fit in or achieve what everyone else has. It feels like the humans are just cloned from a pack of people which dress/think/are/talk like everyone around. I mean, what's interesting with that? It's just so obvious and It gets me depressed feeling those vibrations to close. That's why I try not to confront me with more of that then I absolute have to in my everyday life. Because it makes me all confused and I start doubting the humanity and what we are here for. The world is narcissistic and very egoistic. Me, me, me and me. A complete need to be seen. Again, I know i'm a part of it but I'm also aware and doubt its greatness.

I don't like how sick this world has become with all these blogs and Instagrams, iPads and smartphones. It actually disguises me and I do feel I'm on a such important journey in my inner self and spirit and this is destroying us as humans. I see it everywhere, wide and clear. Nothing is new, everything is already shown and done. I mean how many outfits and females trying to pose like a model do we need? With no substance behind it. Just showing off something that is shown in more or less the same way by thousand others? It's such a brutal world of people who wants to be seen and witnessed, I find it has gone bananas and I reject it. Maybe not always in person (since I do write this blog), but in my quite mind I am in a war with myself and what I see and sometimes take part of.

So my thoughts are all messed up and yet I do it. Write this blog. Why? The question in my head is more present then the opposite I can assure you.
So why do I continue? I guess simply because I've done it for almost ten years, it became such a normal part of my life and there's still a small side of me who likes the process of it. When I feel like I'm doing it for the right cause. Many things in this world is too beautiful and too lovely not to capture in a photo. And what shall I do with all photos if no one can observe them? I also have a daily need to create, too write and express myself in some form. But the trouble of finding a balance, coming up the the answer to the question why I am part of something I often dislike, troubles me. I rather post nothing when I have to go through phases like this then post something just because of. Quality always goes before quaintity. Except for time with children. There quantity always goes before quality when we're talking about the general presence.

It's a bitter sweet fact when I post a small corner of my new Walk in Closet in Instagram and there's some Hermés boxes and it gets insanely many likes, while when I write something small of actual value, it gets maybe 150 likes. That conclusion is - what in life do we value? Someone show a close up of a designer bag and the world of likes goes bananas.
Why are we seeking so much approval and confirmation of other people? To the extend that we live parts of our lives reading about someones else's. That many scroll on Instagram accounts for probably a couple of hours (I don't and haven't been doing so for almost a year) per day when putting it together. I'm taught that the we are greater as individuals then getting stuck in patterns and routines that doesn't bring us anything of great, strong value. Because we are here and should analyse everything, specially when it's so adapted by so many so fast. It's scary how easily we get used to new ways of just giving our time and ourselves away.
And what does all of these pictures really bring us? It's just another way of distracting us from who we really are in ourselves which in a way is impossible to find out if all you do is looking at other peoples life. Everyone is just trying to look like someone else, taking inspiration and putting it directly into their own life even though the original idea is stolen from another person. Honestly, what's cool with that? And do you feel better when you've been inspired by all of this? Probably not, it most certainly just makes you feel like you want more of the materialistic and luxurious world and that everyone else is living a greater life then you are.
If we would get more then just artificial things, maybe I would get it, but it really just distract us. How many outfits, selfies, pouting with the lips, Birkins, Chanel shoes, outfits, Svensk Tenn Dagg vase, Celine bags, stileben of expensive details can we see before it's enough? Is it really that amazing? No it's not. It's just copies of everything, over and over again. Same things in multiple versions. 
Haven't anyone seen or taking advantage of anything more real? Things that bring you something worth living for, that will challenge you, progress you and change your mind to something more fascinating or interesting? Inspiration that will take you on another journey, one no Instagram accounts or blogs can ever generate? That comes out of the true interaction of people and meetings, of energies and atmospheres?

You see, I am very honest and frank with myself as a person and I don't take bullshit from anyone, least not from myself. I analyze my own way of acting and my behavior to the inch of my toes. So I question why I do it strongly.
If I get criticism, I might stand up for my own mind and feelings, but yet I take it all in and try to see the situation as objective as I can and every time I learn something by it and feel I'm humble for learning more about myself and my flaws, so I can do better when I know better. So naturally I hate when it feels like I'm in a conflict in my own head, when what I do doesn't reflect what I think because I don't approve of the attention seeking society I see so much around us. Therefor I sometimes come into these phases, where It all feels like a circus and I feel like I'm more intelligent (most of us are) that just accepting it and know too much then being a part of it all myself. At times I want to shut my public life down, if not for a clear and relevant reason, but to be a role model for something I believe in. To show that even If have many benefits from it and love it in a way, it's not who I am and what I stand for. I think it is crazy in many ways and I can't help myself feeling sometimes ashamed. Life though has taught me to always dig deep into myself before I even open my mouth about others and think greater of my intellectual then to judge something strong and verbal when I have a foot inside it myself. That's the problem in all of this, and that's why i need to write this post. To tell you all that I'm aware of the fact that I'm a big part of this myself, either I like it or not, but it hunts me.

For me blogging has always been about captivating beauty and life in one way or another. To give out something of greatness. It's the clear reason why I love to blog when I travel, lived abroad or when the weather and environment is tempting and gives you something out of ordinary. I could't be more bored of everyday life and take very little pleasure of seeing it in millions of blogs and Instagram accounts with no respect for the picture, the art it should be publishing things to be exposed for so many. I truly think and fear we get stupid by all of the unreal fragments of impressions we, without a though behind, let the mind and brain take part of. Very few of us uses a sharp and sceptic filter, we just feed the mind with whatever crap there is in front of us. We have and give us no time for boredom and flows, the natural energies that comes out of nothing when the thoughts runs without distraction or continues breaks. All we see is things and things.

I know many likes it, they say they do it when they haven't anything else to do. But why do we need to have something to do all the time? I have to question it. I can't get it? Do we feel alone if we don't? Like everyone is part of something we aren't? Is our own reward system so use to daily positive feedback from what could be said as quite meaningless smilies and symbols with a short comment of some nice word which often actually has no pureness behind it, isn't that rather sick that we seek it so much?
I try to take part of all of this as little as possible and it's a choice I did a time back. It's the reason why i hardly read any blogs (except my friends) and those few I give a couple of times per month to read through properly, they are always something unique with an artistic influence that I demand. Like a good book and you stop reading it with a wonderful feeling inside of you. Like you want to concur the world and do great things.

Life and what we nurture it with should not just be accepted, improvised - it should be chosen, we should go through everything that exist and never settle for random things to just follow and watch. It's maniac. It should only take of our time and thoughts because we think its really worth it. Maybe you do think is pleasant at the time, but does it give you anything long term? If it do give you great things, then please continue, if it doesn't, then honestly, think about what you could get from life if you didn't give all your precious time it demands watching over something with no relevance.
The filter need to be stronger. Because cultural things, and blogs and Instagrams could be seen as being part of a cultural phenomenon of the 20-th century, are meant to enhance us in one way and wider our mind, not make us feel like we're just taking part of the mass. The exclusivity is for me no longer what you do show, rather everything that you don't show. Just like exclusivity is for me rather to not always be available, but to communicate when you will settle time for being present. Time is more precious then that. We need to be selective. We need to use our intelligence and question everything that is a mass-behaivior. Very much for the simple fact that everything nowadays is overexposed, overused, nothing is secret or exciting when it's everywhere. Neither places, clothes, things or quotes. We have to judge ourselves and see how sick the world are in a way.
I often wonder what will happen with all of those young people growing up in this era of life. That grow through likes in a internet/phone world that isn't real. When you are so use to feedback, how will your life be impacted a day when you no longer get it? Will you feel like you've fallen? That you are no longer anyone?

I questions all of this so much, you ave no idea. Every time I post something that in my mind has no direct value, I feel like I'm too good for this. That i'm eating a huge bag of candy even if I know it's doing me no good at all. That I've taken part of something that's for many got out of hand. Because even If I am part of it also, it is so stupid, we can't just accept what has become. We have become observers of others life instead of voyagers of a life in reality.

I hope you understand my lack of precence sometimes and my absent better? I wish I wasn't this complicated and could go on doing this without any thoughts behind it like most do, but that's not who I am unfortunatly.
I won't stop blogging, I wish I could do it much better though where focus is even more in the artistic work and beauty with constant reminders of the true meaning of life. One day perhaps, when I have more time again.

We're all in this, but at least we need to stand by the awareness that this is not sane, it will never fulfill us or make us better as humans or finding the things in life that will bring us love, happiness, balance and time - most things that we need to be in peace with ourselves. It will never teach you how to love yourself or strengthen the realization of the capacity we all have inside of us when we listen to our own small inner voice that whisper so quietly it can only be heard in silence from everything else distracting us from being our true spirit.
I will do my best to stay outside of this yet with a foot inside like always. We can't neglect the reality in our society but we can't just do what everyone else is doing just because they do it. You understand what I mean? Often I feel like many would sell their soul, just to be exposed and seen wherever and in whatever. That' can never be healthy.

Have a wonderful day and please reflect over your own behavior, good things comes out of changing. I don't expect us all to stop using things in media, but if you're grown up enough you need to keep this in mind. For your own life and the life you're reflecting to your children.

/yours stina

Sunday, January 18, 2015


So the last week was a less easy one. Both kids took turn in sickness and I always get a hint of whatever they're having. Yet I worked on and it goes very well and truly have such a great and pleasant, yet demanding job. I love the mix of creativity with the medical, the interaction with all patients and the strive to really make people happier and fulfil their best way of looking. Some might think its just on the outside, but mostly it brings just as much on the inside.
Between all of this I'm part of a little TV production that's been filming and I will of course tell you when and how you all can see it this spring. I'm also hosting these events (26th full, 5th almost full and a few places only left in Gothenburg) and have to plan them and if that wasn't enough i'm turning 35 (!!!) on Thursday and will have a wonderful (hopefully) birthday party this Saturday. So a lot. Leon is in a difficult and grumpy phase and sleeps quite bad again, let's just say that there's a lot going on. To say the least.
My mind is also hunting me, I trying to find an answer to why this blog haven't been updated for almost a week. I need to get my thoughts down in writing and I will explain tomorrow. I'm too much of a thinker, I need answers to my questions else I can't move on.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Snow land

From warm and springish in the air to complete white, beautifully perfect winter landscape in the blink of an eye. Mother nature really must be confused, switching like this from one day to another.
I truly enjoy this sort of breath taking landscape a week or two, then I want the milder, less complicated weather back.
Nevertheless, this was what I wore coming back to two sick children yesterday. Tiger runs like a new born puppy and barks at the whole atmosphere like some crazy creature. It's very funny. If the children wouldn't be feeling so so and me either, I would take them up in the hill do go sledging directly!

Monday, January 12, 2015


Varmt välkommen är DU/NI som önskar en informationskväll med all typ av tydlig kunskap om VILKA och VAD för typ av förbättringar man kan göra i ansiktet med fokus på injektioner och hudbehandlingar (läs mer HÄR). 

Jag och Akademikliniken har nöjet att samla en liten grupp av kvinnor och män (ca: 30 personer per Event) som under fyra kvällar med start i Stockholm (26:e Januari och den 5:e Februari) och vår nyöppnade Walk in Clinic på S:t Eriksplan Odengatan 106, 1tr, kommer stå för en varm och personlig kväll med fokus på FÖRBÄTTRINGAR i ansiktet.
Därefter åker jag en kväll ner till Göteborg och vår klinik där den 11:e Februari och Malmö's datum är inte satt ännu men kommer inom kort.

Under kvällen hålls en föreläsning av mig och en mycket duktig hudterapeut (som informerar om alla våra hudbehandlingar och Akademiklinikens medicinska produkter) där jag noggrant går igenom vad det är som händer när man åldras, gått igenom graviditeter och amning eller bara känner sig ful, trött och glåmig. Jag kommer berätta vad man kan göra om man önskar något som man inte föddes med i sitt ansikte eller om man irriterar sig på något som man vill förbättra inom filler, Botox och hudbehandlingar. Man kan åstadkomma så mycket mer av en vacker, snygg och naturlig förbättring än de flesta anar och detta är målet med eventet. Att dela med oss av vår kunskap. Titta gärna på Före och Efter bilder HÄR.

Det ska finnas tid för en kort konsultation för er alla, behöver man en längre därefter får man boka in sig på en vanlig dagskonsultation hos oss på kliniken. Tanken är inte att dela ut goodie bags och bjuda på Champagne eller locka med presenter som på många event. Tanken är att ge av vår expertis och tid till DIG för vi vet att det betyder så mycket att få kunskapen att se ut som sitt absolut bästa jag. 

Utseendet är viktigt. På ett personligt plan. Det är viktigt att få chansen att känna sig vacker/snygg och se ut som sitt bästa jag så gott det går oavsett om man är ung eller gammal, man eller kvinna. Man blir lite lyckligare av det.

Det är begränsat antal platser till alla fyra Eventen så var snabb att OSA om du är intresserad.


Maila fullständigt NAMN/ADRESS/DATUM du vill närvara till

Endast seriöst intresserade önskas. Vi kommer ge allt för att du ska känna dig sedd och hjälpa dig med all kunskap, tid och värme vi kan.

Stina Auer och Akademikliniken

New life

This weekend has been so wonderful, again. My man can back home from Geneva and we had a super fun, dressed up dinner that lasted until 03am on Saturday for two intelligent and interesting men and then on Sunday, Alexis and me were invited to the premiere of Paddington (thank you Starstudio) and ended up with my bestie and her second new born after. I meet the new little one when he was just three days but I love children and it's so cool to have us all gathered with all of our kids. Complete chaos, yet so lovely.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Sorry Dear readers, 

The blog is going to change its look so during the upcoming day there might be some weird looks and layouts in the progress to something better ... Bare with me!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Car life

Living in a house very often means transportaion with a car. In many cases I really enjoy it becasue we don't need to dress all crazy which you do when one needs to walk everywhere in this cold environment to get around. We jump into the car, drive and do our errands. Spring coats are therefor an excellent companion and can be used all year around!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday stroll

Family time at its best. So proud of my small boys and how they slowly grow together as friends and brothers. (Which haven't always been the case ...ehuummpphh...). But Alexis' getting into the role as a older brother with the sort of responsibility and a feeling of protection that is in our genes if we come from a loving background and I can't get enough to see the interaction between them, the small times per day where they actually play together in a loud laughter and how Alexis stands up for his younger brother when necessary. Boys, they are so cool. Every day in this life is an adventure with them around!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Improvements by Stina Auer

So what project have I been working on the last month? Well this! A personal source and informative page for all sorts of medical aesthetic injections based on my experience and work through those soon ten years I've been a part of this industry. It's written in Swedish since most of my patients are Swedish and since i work in Sweden. But as soon as I have time it will also have a possibility to read it all in English.
The page is not 100 percent finished or perfect yet, but I've come a long way and since I wanted to launch it before Christmas but didn't find it good enough, I just have to let it fly now and will improve it along the way and update it with many, many more Before and After pictures and more information necessary.

Well, please read it you Swedish readers and followers and PLEASE share it anywhere possible!

Talk soon!

Click your way to to take part of a super interesting source in the medical field of Improvements!

You can also find the page on Instagram under the name: ImprovementsByStinaAuer  - make sure to follow it for regular updates!

Please let me now what you think!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


New Year has passed, my bestie's second little baby boy Leo is so finally here and I'm launching a project tomorrow morning I've been working on for quite some time. Life is good. It's not perfect, far from it but we're learning by doing and things are meant to be like that. Unpredictable.
I'm sitting in front of the computer, having a sip of some Canadian maple syrup Whiskey (Sortilège) which is too good to be true and going through some of the pictures in my hard disk.
What an adventure I've had the last five years. So much has happen, so many changes, it's hard to keep track. From getting a divorce 2010 to being completely swept away by a man from Switzerland just a couple of month after and getting pregnant just a couple of month after that, to having our first child and moving to Zürich and becoming unpredictable pregnant again. Being a home mother ot two small boys in a new country and after a while buying a house in Sweden out of the blue when we were more heading to Asia in our thoughts. Starting to work again and understanding what a privilege it is to LOVE the job your doing. Plus experience how it is to combining motherhood with a career. It's truly a roller coster and no one has in mind what the future can bring.
We've had soooo many ups, but also sooo many downs which I can not speak about here in this blog, but life is like that, it goes in flows of positive and negative and one has to learn what good the negative eventually brings. In Kabbalah, which I was practising so much many years before and still do when I have the time, we say that it's the meaning of life, to be able to realise and see the light in the darkest of rooms and not let it take out your inner fire.

During the morning after New Year I decided to sum up some thoughts I should have in mind for the 2015, some resolutions if you want to call them that. It's important to stay focused and be in control of whatever you can in life.

  1. Continue as often as I can to do Pilates and eat good food.
  2. Let my hair grow a little and maybe dye it slightly darker if I don't get to bored during the time being.
  3. Have something to look forward to every month.
  4. Do the best out of the everyday life which so very easily sneaks into be only a family life.
  5. Give more of myself as a woman to my man and not just be a mother. 
  6. Travel. Sometimes with the kids even if they still are very small.
  7. Continue to grow as a human being and demand just as much from myself as I sometimes do from others.
  8. Trying to accept that we live in Sweden. At least for this time being. Sweden has so much to offer but I do have a hard time living here and can't stand the cold, the darkness and the greyness during at least six month. I'm in love with our house though which is good since I'm most often at home.
  9. Stay and grow in my positivism.
  10. Give more of myself to those who I really like and enjoy. Give less of myself to the rest.
  11. Continue to be very abstract to everything technical such as computers, smartphones, stupid television programs etc. This last year I've hardly watch real TV, only chosen interesting films during nights. I try to not answer emails, sms etc during the day, but for decided certain time during night. I don't want to be distracted from life itself and the natural flow of thoughts and visions that comes when you're not constantly abrupt by vibrations from your phone. I find that so many are completely obsessed with their phones and internet and I strongly despite that. Life is what you have in the reality, what you can touch and taste, the people you have in real and the other more "pretentious" world that goes on in all of these technicalities destroys us as grown ups not to talk about our children, their imagination and possibility to play and just be children with a natural boredom from time to time. I find that I'm much more creative and do much more in real life when I'm not occupied by constant impressions from other people posting just pictures after pictures from things that most often lacks meaning or bring something developing into my life. I do look at it too, but try to control it as much as I can and chose those who actually bring me something. My children have no iPads and do not watch television. Alexis watch a nice film after dinner for an hour or so. Again, information and education have lead me to this conclusion for my own life, my family's life and my children's life and it's normally only laziness or lack of energy to be with our young one which makes us put them be in front of an iPad hour after hour during daytime. I've been chocked many times, children with iPads or phones when they are six month old and toddlers in a pram? They don't need that sort of constant "going on". What about taking in the surrounding and the environment we're living in? What about having a constant interaction and talk to your children? I think it's sick and sad. We have so much to teach our children and all the necessary use of all technical stuff will come into their life anyhow by school, kindergarden etc. We've decided to make our home another type of zone even if it demands much more of us as parents just just dropping them of with something that just feeds them with something from a Mac store. A long post short. Be very selective and when top bosses and people who work in the inner sight of computers and smartphones wont let it into their own home nor children, it must be for a very clear reason. Do your research. 
  12. Give. Give. Give. Love, compassion, understanding, your time or whatever in life you can be generous with. But step down your foot when necessary. Never take shit from anyone.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


This New Year was one of the cosiest in many years. Since my bestie (look how stunning she look) is expecting their second child any day now we all thought "it" would be out by this night and my God daughter would then be with us at New Year with her parents so they could just relax with the new born and we could have a party with the kids but in a very calm and cosy home environment. But no, this little boy/girl is still in the belly and we just had to improvise with two small toddlers all crazily happy, running around until 9pm. After we cooked three course and had such an lovely evening in the end. We enjoyed the fire crackers with a Vintage DP and my man whispered in my ears that this year will be the best in our life ever since there's actually no big thing we have this year. No huge move from one country to another, we already have the house, I will not be pregnant/breastfeeding/having a new born, we have two healthy beautiful boys and life is unpredictable for sure, but wonderful when we learn how to appreciate here and now.

If you think my man and me look horrendous and tired, it's because we've had guest (staying over also) and dinners at our place almost every day since the 22th of December. And January wont exactly be less ...

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

L I S S I E 25 YEARS!!!!

Words can not describe the love I have for my ten years younger sister. Words can not describe how inspiring, passionate and fascinating she is. I tried to hold a speech yesterday to explain. How great she is. So did everyone else. Shared the admiration and love for her. This incredible woman.
We had a surprise party for her to celebrate her 25'th birthday yesterday evening since her real birthday is today, at New Year. Only the closest of the closets. To keep it real and intimate. she was so surprised. She thought she was going to have a cosy dinner with me and my mother. But no.
She really is a fire cracker and no one fits better to be delivered at this sparkling day. Because she sparkle, and makes an impact wherever she goes. She has developed from a very strong minded and sometimes complicated young girl to just as strong minded, but sophisticated, elegant, passionate and intellectual woman with clear goals and the world as her playground. She got back from living in Barcelona some time back and now she is probably heading to Rio de Janeiro for a year. I don't want to let go of her, but yet she needs these sort of experiences and adventures to be alive. I would do the same. Can't wait to visit her where ever in the world she ends up. No one understands me like she does and no one lives the life with the heart and mind as similar to me as she. We are realistic, verbal, honest and stand up for what we think and believe and clearly, we are soul mates. Our common tattoo at the same place stands for our sister love. Made when she turned 20 and when I turned 30. Thank you for being you my beautiful creature.

I love you Mi hermana.