Tuesday, July 26, 2016

just the two of us


My initial thought was to just stay at the domain after all guest had gone and take it as easy as possible. I love having people over but it is not really vacation to be honest since it's rooms that needs to be prepared, food that needs to be bought and cooked, drinks to make, children who still need everything they need, places that people wants to visit etc etc and my normal everyday life is very stressful and this time I just felt like i almost had enough. My soul, body and heart was crying for just calm, quietness and nothing else to do then just be. Breath, walk, think, meditate, get my thoughts back together and find that small inner voice for gudance about my life and future.
I truly need to do some big changes in our life, I'm working on it because I've become allergic to stress, my whole body is reacting and I've had much more migraine attacks then normal.

Anyhow, just when I started to get my inner peace back, had time to take those soul nursing morning walks in the breath taking nature around the house, he, my man surprised me with this romantic getaway. Just the two of us.
 How could I say no?

This little petite French island is just so adorable, perfect for some lovable catch up, excellent food and just mind blowing for the eye. Our hotel room was chosen for my taste and preferences and I found it really kind and sweet. The balcony was located just above the dynamic yet peaceful sea and depending on the day the ocean was less calm or sometimes violent. I found it so fascinating sitting there, just observing, taking every little level of energy back into my veins and I am stunned how much nature gives me. Nothing can heal me like a forest, a big sea or fields of something, not to mention the mountains. It'ss where I belong, i need it.
We came back to the children like new lovers.!

Will for sure come back next year.

Thank you baby. I love you.

Monday, July 25, 2016

A week


Family, endless lunches and long dinners, cocktails, fun, fun, fun ...