Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Closet love

One of lifes wonderful things, is to be away with an easy vacation closet and returning to a whole room full with clothes, bag, shoes and other fun accessories i almost forgot that I have!

(dress: Rodebjer, from here, snake bag: Balenciaga, shoes: Jennie-Ellen and shades: Prada. Pram: Stokke sibling Crusi)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer mode

While the very intensive (and sometimes frustrating) everyday life goes on here in Sweden again (by myself with the two children, today I was almost loosing it) I still have so many inspirational and beautiful pictures to show from our place in South of France. Stay tuned for more or those vibes soon!


Just a little reminder for you who liked this blouse or something else,
the neon pink piece and other items are on mega SALE now here.

From one destination to another

Will miss my daily dose of the creamy coconut yoghurt and this lovely body lotion I always use when down there.
So me and the kids left South of France, my happy place and returned to our house in Stockholm. Thank you beloved T and S for everything! The trip was of course v e r y intensive with these small fellows and all luggage by myself, but it went fine. M was already at home in our house since he went earlier and it was also very comforting coming back to our home. All the space, some new furnitures that arrived and just feeling the family house in bloom. Most of our flowers has already bloomed so it's a lot to do now in the garden, not to mention the maintenance of the fruit trees. Next year we need to find a good gardener to help with all bushes, trees and flowers - have no idea how to deal with them!
But just one day after we came home, our oldest turned three years old! This beautiful, first born boy of mine who I love so indescribable much it's insane. Mormor and morfar came of course and gave a big parcel. We had Tofu icecream cake (he is milk protein allergic and perhaps egg allergic) and just had a cosy day until I sent M away to the airport again.
Talk soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oysters paradise

In this little petite village along the South of France cost line is where most of the very delicious oysters are breaded and captured. In the top picture you can actually see the metal pines that goes down in the water, on which they grows on.
Living very close to this treasure, we always have them super fresh ordered or served at the local restaurants but they are sent all over the world and are very appreciated. The water is neither salt nor sweet but a combination, so they taste as they should which means, not too much sea.
My man took me here yesterday and of course we had fresh fish and oysters. With Pastis, another classic in this south part of the world, slightly stronger then the recommended 1/5 (one Pastis, five parts water) but who's counting? It was the celebration of the French National day so since we had the cutest balcony seating on the second floor of the small place, we could see everything from there, all over to Seté. It was magical.

(coat: byMalene Birger, leo top: here, skirt: H&M & bag: Louis Vuitton)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

With my man


Bon appetite!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Power of nature

I truly embrace the nature we have around here. The garden is just beyond pretty and all the wine yards with hidden tracking paths just outside our gate is like heaven for the soul. Here, nothing feels like a problem and if they occur anyhow, I just dive into the pool to refresh my thought and get a new view of whatever my mind is blocked with. Since I will start working this autumn again from being a stay at home mother for three years, I try to just feel the freedom I've been blessed with during these years. It's been hard, for sure, sometimes harder then I could ever imagine but in the same way I've loved it so truthfully much and I have double feelings of letting go of this litre world I'm living in with my boys and me. I think it will be good in the end, but even so, can't help being afraid of being to captured in a everyday cycle and miss the precious time with my children. I hope this change will be better then I can imagine and that a lot of things in our mutual life will just fall into place, one after one.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


This years South of France bags happened to be:

  • Neon yellow Alma from Louis Vuitton
  • Purple/Eutope Lady Dior from Christian Dior
  • Leopard chain bag from Dolce & Gabbana
  • Blue/Turquoise BB Alma from Louis Vuitton
It was a perfect collection of pretty bags in fun colours that also served their purposed to be useful and practical! Even though i loved them all, the bags I truly use during summer and that I am madly in love with though, is the colourful baskets. I am so happy for all the emails I've got of lucky owners which just adore them just as much as me! Next summer I might just do it again!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Côtè Mas (round two)

This is not the first time we've visited the land around Côtè Mas and the top gourmet chief Paul Mas property. They make their own wine (going there this late afternoon by the way for some aperitif and wine tasting), thier own olive oil and also offer one of the best restaurants in the region. The house is located in the most beautiful of land and every time we enjoy a three course dinner there I am breath taken by the view from the big panorama windows, looking over the horizon.

Click here for a picture cavalcade one year ago!

Friday, July 11, 2014


We've been following these little sparrow babies from the egg state to newly born without any feathers at all, to this state - very soon ready to try their wings.
The mother and father is so eager to feed them and they flies out and in with food to these, always very hungry, little creatures. The nest is always at the same spot, year after year, on the top floor's balcony in my mother in laws master bedroom.
It's such a beautiful little world up there and I love how they come back year after year after the winter excursion to warmer climate.

UPDATE - I just went and looked at them, five minutes after this post, and they were ALL gone! We were so lucky to take a photo of them just a couple of hours before their new life, flying in the air.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New in

So the lovely mr: S so arrived to our house and we are of course very happy! 


I might have been s l i g h t l y proud when my 2.11 year old Alexis was able to do the very scary tree track yesterday (one hour long) with only some small helps from his father. The track is from 3-7 years old and I have to say he was one of the bravest. No wonder with M and me as parents maybe, we were both hyperactive/ants in our pants when we were smaller. Climbing trees was one of my favourites doing and no adventure was to big.

Today it's our turn. M and me are going to swing our bodies 15m above the ground in a amazing adventure forest and have to get from point A to point B in a two hour (!!!) long tracking path in the trees. Looking sooooo much forward!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I hope you all know by now that I have a much easier, shorter and cooler blog name since four years back ... This little short text is all you need to write when you want to enter a glimpse of my world.

Family, friends and fiesta

Amazing days here. It feels like all I do is repeating myself, but life's pretty good here ... I think about it everyday, at least 30 times. How blessed I am, how blessed we are and how grateful I am to know what in life that really matters. Without those basic structures, nothing works or has a meaning. It's a complicated mathematic to sometimes get correct, but life's all about trying to develop yourself and making the most of it. And to always appreciate what you already have before you long for more or other things.

It's been truly such a great time to hang with our family that came all the way from Miami to see us. Last time we went to visit them (click), I was five month pregnant and had just been on that crazy sailing in the Caribbean where we experienced the worst storm ever out on empty sea, me strapped down in the cockpit while the rest three people tried to get us in the middle of the dark night from one island to another.  Even the head captain and my man was worried and that didn't really make it better for my thoughts. 18 hours of praying to higher forces later, we came safety in land to S: Lucia and, yes it was one hell of a experience.

Anyhow, C, the wife of M's cousin feels like my own cousin and their little A is such a happy little being. They are a very complete, harmonic, balanced family which I love and we're already planning when to visit them next time, sooner then later there is!