Sunday, November 29, 2015

Family time

Prio now, myself and family.
Back soon!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Summer hope

Sorry for my lack of answers to your comments and updates but I've been by myself with the children this whole week and have had a lot to do at work. To not completely crash into the wall, I have to take aways something, and often it's you, here, at my blog who is suffering from boredom (of me not posting anything he, he ...)

So until everything is back to normal and I have rested for a year or so (not), I'll hopefully be back very, very soon. I'll give you some fresh look from this summer now when at least in Scandinavia the darkness and the greyness is just overwhelming. Don't we just love some fresh skin of sun and Pina Colada sort of?

Talk soon and I love to see how this blog just goes on without me with all of your comments to each other and interesting subjects! Keep it up girls!

(Thinking of getting darker in my hair by the way ...)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Another cold day, another step closer to Christmas. We have a big house and during work hours (when we're basically not at home) we lower the temperature down, but since I was at home today it took some time to get the house warm again and I wore double layers at home. It's 21.5° so nothing to complain about, but for a frozen soul like me, I prefer 23.5° and above, always. Down south they already have snow, I hope it will arrive in Stockholm about two weeks before Christmas and not earlier.

Have a great beginning of the week. The whole family here are so so, but hopefully It will not get worse.

(shawl: Hermés, boots: Isabel Marant & bag: Dolce & Gabbana)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Leon 2.3 years

Just love this picture of my happy little Leon. It's amazing, that even him, my small little baby, is actually getting older and becoming a little boy. Time really flies, when you get children that becomes more a reality then ever.

Please spend time with your love ones. That's the only thing you'll never forget doing.

(cashmere sweater: Rock the Goat, pants: Lindex)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Winter style

Yesterday evening we went out for a dinner at Hillenberg with some dear friends so I was quite tired this morning ... My parents even came and surprised us so it was really fun!

Now I've spent almost three hours with tripple layers in the park with the whole family. Freezing and cold. We're finally back inside, fresh as roses all of us an my man just lighted a fire, we're having hot chocolate and I just can't wait to snuggle in bed tonight with a film ... But first, many more hours to go before that will be reality ...

Hope you all had a lovely and preferably cosy weekend!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Minus degree

Winter is coming and today it was -5 degrees where we live. I wore a hat for the first time and gosh was it cold. We went in to the city for French lessons and after we bought some sweets at Karamellaffären like usual on a Saturday and then we had a forest walk.
After this intense day,  I can't wait to escape family life for a bit and dress up for a dinner with some lovely friends.

(coat: Massimo Dutti, hat & shawls: Stella McCartney, bag: Fendi & boots: Isabel Marant)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Getting ready

My boys, in their new cashmere sweaters, dressed exactly the same and ready to be dropped to kindergarden and school! One curly, blue eyed boy and one straight hair, brown/green eyed boy. Dunk, dadunk ...

(cashmere sweaters: Rock the Goat, dark blue manchester pants: Petit Bateau, dark blue Piké: Ralph Lauren (Alexis) and Mango (Leon))

Thursday, November 19, 2015


This is the third time I gather clothes for children and growns ups and now when I'm finished, I have three big sacks of things I will drive and leave directly to the refugee camp.

We live in a world of ABUNDANCE and we have to give to those who have less. Everyone can do something, small or big and at this moment the refugges camps in Sweden (and probably everywhere where you readers live) need warm clothes for children. Not just clothes in general, WARM clothes for winter. I went to H&M to buy some winter jackets, winter trousers, skii suits and boots for the children that needs it.

In Västberga I will go and drop of what I have collected and bought, please read more here!

You can read more HERE on what you can do, leave clothes etc.

@vigorvadvikan is an Instagram account that always need volunteers and if you don't know what to do or if you have less to give in money or garments, a helping hand is always appreciated. Google or ask the authors at VI GÖR VAD VI KAN to get help on what direction to chose. They don't need clothes at the moment, they need volunteers who can help sort what people have left and they need money!

I'm proud to say that Sweden has taken the highest refugees PER CAPITA in Europe. I feel so horrified how the rest of the countries except Germany who took 800.000 can just have their boundaries closed or take very, very few. It should be calculated by European Union and force every country to take a percentage that is balanced with the finance and the resources, but no one should be allowed to say NO!

Why should some do it all and the rest just not? We have to do what we can, even if it means a lot of trouble also.

Where is this world going, can't helping questioning things ...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Children cashmere

I've always used cashmere as a daily material for my boys. Earlier I always bought from one brand i use to love but they stopped produce for children at one point so I found another brand in Switzerland where I started to buy both sweaters and pants but Swiss prices were crazy expensive and we moved away so I had to find something else.
Cashmere is a great material in so many ways; it's warm, airs itself, handles humidity, do not scratch on the body and feel light and lovely to wear, not to mention that they look well dressed. So by accident I came a cross this brand Rock the Goat and was so happy to see that even if the cashmere and clothes are made in Italy, it's actually Swedish.

So I bought two set ups of the same two sweaters since the boys love dressing the same and I do think it's "to die for cute" when they do.
This grey/blue one is just gorgeous and I also got two striped ones in darker blue which they wore today and where so happy to look the same.

Check it out here, perfect to keep our smaller ones warm and cosy during the colder season!

I've put up some new Before and After pictures at my professional page - please check them out!

I also have a Instagram account for treatments - @improvementsbystinaauer - please follow!

För mina svenska läsare, glöm inte att vi har ett erbjudande nu som slutar sista November där man får tre områden av injektioner men betalar bara för två! Det blir som oftast 4500-5300SEK rabatt.

Välkommen att boka tid för konsultation eller behandling på:

Birger Jarlsgatan 26
114 34 Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0)8 410 718 30

Södermalm Walk-in-Clinic
Södermalmstorg 8
118 20 Stockholm
Tel: 08-410 537 30

Varmt välkommen!
Stina Auer


Another day, another Tuesday morning leaving the kids to school. Still morning puffy but beautiful and crisp weather. Wearing these Isabel Marant wedges with sheep fur inside and big rubber heel, hopefully they will keep my feet warm during the winter (in addition to my Bally and Uggs).

It's suppose to snow this week and even though I love this milder winters we tend to get more and more for every year - I can't stop thinking (and worrying) what's going to be left for my children and grand children when the climate is melting the ice like this and temperature just getting warmer and warmer. We will end up with the whole Africa and Australia, New Zeland here in Scandinavia as continents when it's starting to be 20° degrees warmers there in general ... Scary thought.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mum's little helper

My amazing, little caring and cuddly Leon. Such a sweetheart and so pleasant to be around. My mother always said that the best thing a mother has, she puts on a table, and yes, even though my man do not agree and thinks it's messy, thats where my kids are sitting watching me cook or help me if they can.


Getting the children to kindergarden and school and rushing off to work yesterday morning. I wore this mink jacket I really start falling in love with again (felt it too "ladylike" after I bought it two years back in Zürich and have kept it hanging lonely more or less) and my favorite dotted jeans from Stella McCartney and attended a nice dinner in the evening.

Hope you all had a great day! We sang Christmas carols all the way to school this morning, very cosy and can't wait to start decorating our house in a red, green and silver spirit!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday fun

Just another really lovely day. We spent the whole noon fixing our garden in proper clothes, making leaves go away and taking pots and flower rests and put them in our garden house. The weather was grey and humid but this sort of work really makes you feel alive and warm.

After we went to one of my dear friends son's birthday party with lots of children and a Pinjata in the end. So much fun and just lovely to meet other parents with children. We all looked exhausted and that's why we should never pretend that it's easy to have children. Totally worth it and we love them to death, but never tell me it's easy. I won't believe you. Not if you are someone like me, who wants to be most of my time with them and give them everything I can in presence and love.

I got a comment that I complain a lot that I'm tired, but I am! Truly! Most parents are that try to combine work with children's need and everything around a family and a household. I don't feel like pretending that I live in a perfect world, no one does and we struggle and do as best as we can, just like any other person out there. If I would just play along in the game like many other parents do, pretending that everything is perfectly fine and then one year later the parents get divorce or smash into a wall of depression, I mean, what's that? No i believe in talking and helping each other, share and try to make others understand that were all in the same boat. One feel less lonely and I think we get strength to do better with that sort of mind setting.

Anyhow, after this lovely gathering it was time for a Sunday dinner at my parents place. So cosy and the kids feel so at home there and they love their Mormor and Morfar to pieces. Can't wait for Christmas when we have us all, from different places together again.

Hope you all had a great weekend despise from the horrendous thing happening in Paris. Madonna talked about beautiful things in her concert yesterday, we had a silent moment with her and honestly, all that can save us is if we start to love ourself and others, no matter how different they are from what we are. Love is the only thing that can heal us and prevent things like this. Hate will never win over love just like one single little candle has the possibility to light up a whole room of darkness  Never forget te power that lyes in the small things of kindness, understanding and unconditional love to the human. 

(angora sweater: Acne, jeans: Superjeans of Sweden, boots and bag: Saint Laurent)

Lovely Saturday

Such a wonderful whole day filled with love yesterday. Just what we needed after the most terrible terror that happened in in Paris. All my thoughts to those people and their family. Hate is so devastating, it kills us slowly.

But we celebrated one of my bestiebestie (the gorgeous woman in the middle) and had such a cosy lunch at Bocceterian and after went to Teatergrillen and meet up some other dear friends and ended it with dinner among friends and then the concert of Madonna!

Love days like this, they give me energy back! I truly am so blessed with amazing people around me!

Saturday, November 14, 2015


My man is back home, we're both tired parents from work and everyday tasks, not to mention the renovation. This morning I spent three hours choosing the best pieces for our master bathroom, one package by one (44 boxes of stone in total), neglecting half of them and only handpicked the best ones with the most outrageous veins and dynamic patterns. I know it's crazy but the aesthetic feeling of each one of them is so important and need to be eclectic together and these hours were hopefully well spent to get an excellent result in the end.

Now' i'm leaving all my boys for a whole day and starting it with birthday brunch for my bestie and thereafter having dinner in town and ending the night with a concert by the queen, Madonna! Can't wait for some me and my girl time!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Stina, how are you doing?
- So my Herpes is slowely but surely moving its virus away from my body but still have a nasty crust on my lip. This really took the best out of me and I lost tons of hair weirdly enough. I truly believe this was hard on my body whith this strong reaction.

Where is this picture from?
- This spring in Marrakech, drinking our favourite Zacapa rum. It feels far back in time!

What do you think about?
- That I haven't exercised or moved (not even a power walk) since last spring. Life is so hectic and there's literally no time for much else then work and kids. If any of you out there has teenagers, send them to me for a few days, it will be he best birth control pill (reality) they've ever had. They wont have kids for years! Ha, ha, ha ... No but seriously. It's intense like crazy. You have to experience the same to ever understand.

What do you listen to in your car?
- Ohh, t h i s. Love the vibe. As high as possible.

What do you look forward to?
- Travelling more in general. Maybe next winter the children are so big we can bring them and be able to truly enjoy even a dinner at a restaurant in the evening. As it is now, forget it.
I also look forward to our master bathroom which should be finished in 2-3 weeks and to next weekend when I'm going on the Madonna concert and having a full girl day before.

What should you get better at?
- Organising trips in for the next year.

What do you sincerely lack?
- Spiritual time and Stina-time.

What shall you cook tonight?
- A classic swedish dish, Kålpudding, I absolutely LOVE it! Served with almond potatoes and lingonberry jam. Hope the kids do too (sceptic though) ...

Would you like to have three children?
- Oh yes in my mind I do, I can see myself with three boys easily (I'm sure now that I would never get a little girl) but we also have to stay alive. Me, M, our relationship, the children need to have us present as much as possible. For every child you get, the children you already have will have less of YOU as a parent. That's clear now.
Both M and me are personalities who have great ambitions with our life and want to do much more things and explore, preferably with our children - something which naturally is far more complicated with many children, not to mention expensive. Good schools for three children, travelling, nanny help to pick up three different ones at three different places when they are older ... My gosh. Cooking for three young men and all cleaning ... It's a full time job, I would not be working or just work little if we got a third one. Else I could not see it working without everyone going absolutely insane.
We haven't decided yet, M was sure before he wanted three but as he see how much work it is with two, I think he has got another opinion.

It's a difficult decision and a privilege to even think if we do want or doesn't want more. I love my boys passionately but they are a handful for sure when there's so few years between them. When they are angels, I want four because it's so amazing the love and happiness they give - but when they are small monsters and just fight and whine, I want to close my factory forever so to speak!

Have great day!

Monday, November 9, 2015


So this weekends fun thing was the Stellaween at the Stella McCartney store. That they dare inviting all of these kids with amazing bags and clothes hanging around? I salute them!
This is the second time we attend and it's always so well put together and well organized. Emilia de Poret were hosting this time just like my friend Frida Fahrman did last year.
The kids are in heaven, just crazy high on all sugary delicacies and getting their face painted and get blown away by ballons and a magician.

Stella McCartney might as you've all known, became one of my favorite brands. They feel unique, fun, easy to combine yet pop up an outfit with. The Stella Kids collection is also to die for, I gave a dress to my Goddaughter at one point and on the picture you see Alexis is wearing a muscle sweater from Stella Kids.

Both of the kids arrived as Samurais, with a eye bandana, but you know how kids are. Alexis turned out with a new face painting, half in samurai pants and half in the muscle sweater.

I had a hard time just getting myself ready and it was raining outside so I'm in a funny combo ... Sometimes you're just happy to be outside the door with clothes!

(coat and cap: stella McCartney, sweater: IRO, bag: Saint Laurent & wedges: Isabel Marant)


I hope you instead of looking at my lip rather enjoy these diamonds sparkling stars that are very original and fun. One is just a little star and the other one is a star falling down from Ole Lynggaard's beautiful and playful collection. Those and my Fendi SS16 sunglasses hopefully will take the focus elsewhere!
So this is what I wore, half dead last Friday. I had to cancel one of our dinners because my body just cried for rest and calm - which I ended up getting very little of in the end but anyhow. I think I look like and old tired woman here but the clothes are pretty!

Have a great Monday!

(coat: Stella McCartney, sweater: IRO, jeans: H&M, flats: Heelow, diamond earrings: Ole Lynggaard & bag: Saint Laurent)

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Yes I may look all smiley on these pictures (what don't you do in front of a camera), but this weekend has not been the most glory. I don't know if it is this "Herpes mouth thing" that have gotten my immunsystem so down but I feel week, low on energy and like if I'm sick but still not. It's also very unpleasant to have this big thing in my face that has been hurting, leaking and just been a pain. I have been feeling dirty and just disgusting and mostly not even put makeup on. Should not complain when so much horrible things is going around in the world, but anyhow, sometimes you just want to escape somewhere by yourself.

The kids have been to different fun places, like Stella McCartneys yearly Stellaween, French classes and an indoor playground today, but evens so, when it's dark at 4pm the afternoon inside is soooo long. My boys is literally climbing into my uterus again it feels like, all I hear is Mama, mama, mama ...

Not i the best of moods as you can see. This is what I wore this Sunday on my way to the indoor playground to get rid of some energy. Half asleep. I would need some vacation or just to take care of myself, myself, myself for a whole week!

(coat: MaxMara, boots: Ugg & bag: Saint Laurent)

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Pardon my lip but what can you do? The surrounding went from autumn-ish and beautiful to grey and depressing. Can't help feeling a little sad about that but life is positive in so many other ways so I feel joy inside which is great and not always the fact.

Yesterday evening me and my little sister was celebrating my parents out on a lovely restaurant to congratulate them on their 36th wedding anniversary and this evening my man and I had a couple massage and ended it at one of our favourite italian restaurant. Very cosy indeed!

(coat: Massimo Dutti, sweater: Zara, pants: Stella McCartney, boots: Footlight, bag: Fendi & shades: Max&Co)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


My mouth Herpes is still going strong and there is no way i'll put make up on today either, but since I had some interesting meetings I just had to dress up a little and go out in public anyhow.

My adorable (yet quite grumpy) Monster friend from Fendi brightened my day for sure and I love that little extra touch of humour he brings into a yet very stylish and sophisticated look!
Hope you have a great day so far! Talk soon!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I have mouth Herpes (from hell) so I decided not to wear any makeup at all today since half of my lower face part was just disgusting and swollen anyhow. How do you like my new Croco friend? I love her! So practical yet chic and different. the weather was not much to brag about today but since I felt so so with my Herpes, I really didn't mind. Just ahppy I have no big party or important dinner to attend the upcoming days!

(coat: Burberry, heels: Alexander Wang & croco bag: Saint Laurent)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Few days back ...

Sorry for my lack of updates but it gets DARK by 4pm in Sweden. This period is hard, not only for the part of living a complete darkness most of the days - but also for my outfit pictures who then needs to be taken in the early morning when the light is still there ...

Stay tuned, just received a lovely, lovely new friend or two ...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

stina's vintage store

While I'm preparing some new posts for you, please 
check the last (and some new) items in Stina's Vintage Store. 

Some things with lowered prices. Have fun girls!

Friday, October 30, 2015


I've had the best time with Alexis the last couple of days. Only him and me during the days, playing, shopping, having lunch and doing things he loves. Autumn break in his school is two weeks (!!!) and we've taken Leon to kindergarden so that we could focus on our oldest.
This week my man has been away and truly ... I'm so blessed. Even though I complain that it is hard (because it is really hard very often) it's also so wonderful with my boys. And this week they have even played well together again.

(coat: byMalene Birger, trousers: Stella McCartney, bag: Cèline & boots: Acne)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Säker Stil

Hanged with these lovely women and talked about how to get the perfect everyday wardrobe working for a long term cause. We had a cosy dinner at the fun and dynamic place Urban Deli at Sveavägen and while chatting we also had the opportunity to check out a lot of great clothes from Second female, Style Butler and flats from Heelow - plus try some great hair products from Sachajuan etc

Please don't forget to check out Emilia & Ebbas book about long term style (Säker Still) here.

Thank you Mildh Press for hosting such great time!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quality time

Enjoyed some cosy time with my bestie at Grand Hotel. Really not often we have the time to talk without being interrupted by our children or men. Honestly, what would we do without our girlfriends? They are like the cherry on top in life. The older I get, the more I realise what a gift it is to have a few but very close girlfriends who pretty much know me for a very long time, some more then half of my life. A blessing for sure.

Monday, October 26, 2015


This week our master bathroom is finally starting its complete make over/renovation. Nothing is left in that room exempt wood and pipes.
It will take at least a month before it's ready, but Lord will it be amazing (hopefully). Can't wait. Our "spa area" is also getting some new floor and shower which will hopefully make us use the sauna and that area more then we do now.

Thank you for the comments on the post below, please add more information if you can! Always so interesting to hear advice and experience from you readers!

Talk soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ups and downs

Except a PMS from hell that started this weekend and some family chaos (with the kids) ... these days have been lovely. My boys are in a phase where they fight much more again plus my oldest has gone from super safe and secure to some separation phase which makes him worried as soon as I am literally two meter away from him. Anyone experienced the same? It's nuts, very frustrating and I can't even leave a room whiteout him getting upset or getting panicked. His never been like this before. Tips and experience anyone? Would really appreciate it. He is 4.4 years old.

The beauty of Autumn

This Saturday felt like a Sunday. The kids had so much energy (I had not) but apart from that the nature really gave it best in beauty and freedom. They picked leaves outside our house and we played football for hours. In the evening I cooked a lovely dinner and soon we're putting the last one to bed (the oldest) and I will probably fall asleep in the sofa.

Hope you take advantage of the nature now before winter is here!

(new padded coat from: byMalene Birger, trousers: Super jeans of Sweden, boots: Chloé & shades: Dior)