Friday, August 1, 2014


Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


It's been a while since the last Wednesday list, so I thought it was time to answer some questions we've all been waiting to get the answers on, right?

First of all, Stina, how are you? - I'm ok. Thank you for caring. Life is v e r y intense at the moment with these little two monkeys, ehh, sorry, boys. Alexis comes in and out of different emotional and developing phases and trying to find himself as a bigger brother, a task he does not always like or appreciate. And Leon is just all over the place, touching things, moving around, cries often when we leave him alone in a room or put him down on the floor. We have a lot of cosy time together, but's hard work and constant work. No time for rest at all.
We haven't got our nanny yet, she is stuck in Russia and the progress is so slow, it drives me nuts. I need help for sure. M works a lot and some days I go insane. Others I'm trying to remind me that this is such a short and precious period of my life, one of the best probably and I really try to live here and now, nurture them with my love and constant presence and just take one hour at the time.
I find the hardest part to find out what to do every day? With the age difference, something that is not too complicated to get to, pack all things etc but that Alexis likes but Leon can be amused by also.

Describe Alexis and Leon? - Alexis completely and fully understands English, French and Swedish and talks a lot, mostly English and Swedish but the French is coming. He is normally a sweetheart but tries and test us many times per day. He has loads of energy, normal for small boys I've heard and even though you've played with him like crazy, he comes home and literally climbs on the walls, sofa, tables ... He loves cars and films and sleeps half of the night in my bed. He is sensitive, strong minded, loving, wants to help an be a part of everything we do.
Leon is a chubby little sunshine normally and crawl around the whole house, stairs and loves being next to Alexis who doesn't appreciate that very much, yet. So a couple of punches and fights every day is common. Leon want to be part of everything and cries if we leave him by himself. In South of France he was totally different and played a lot by himself, but since we got back home he changed.

How is the house coming up? - Well it's a big house so it takes time. We go room by room but a lot have happened since we bought it even though it's just as much left to do. We're waiting for our hallway to be ready with a glass stair coming up. I'm mostly focusing on the interior part and M does all things around. It's coming around nicely and I love it! Truly! My closet is the next project I'm waiting to be ready but it will probably take another 1-2 month until it's really there for all my things to live. Our kitchen chairs from Italy I also wait for, they've taken forever to arrive. We ordered and payed them in October last year ... I mean, don't even ask. Hate that company.
We want to build a pool eventually when the boys are not too small, if we still live here by then that is. Something tells me not.

When will you start working again? - I will tell you all about it soon! So excited for that change, it will be something I've never done before, combining motherhood with working! Can't wait but also feel sad to not have my complete freedom and all the time with the boys. Double emotions which I'm working on. I'm sure though it will feel like holiday working after being a stay at home mother for three and a half year!
I start in the mid September and as I said, will tell you more soon!

What do you want to get for this autumn, fashion wise? - Black wedges from Isabel Marant, new boots with a twist, the perfect boyfriend jeans, an awesome new cashmere coat, some lovely sweater ... But before, I have to rinse even more. I have too much of everything already. Don't like that feeling.

What is a promise you just did to yourself? - Taking at least 40 min for myself without the kids per day. starting today. Haven't done that ... ever I think. Also giving my spiritual averseness more time. Taking time for things that really matters, that I need for my inner wellness. Life is so hectic right know and there's so many things going on at the same time, I need to be fit in my body, mind and heart to cope with it all and stay strong and focused in it. I long for easy going evenings where I can just read a book or watch a film. Not happening right now.

What do you don't like with your life right now? - That I have literally no time, energy for my dearest friends. Even a phone call seems almost impossible. I long for dinners, cosy talks and a everyday life full with friends.

Talk soon!
(pic from last wknd's country side lunch)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Red details

The attention to details! 
Lace, red and studs!

(dress: H&M, bag: Lempi, here & heels: Valentino)



I just received this parcel this morning, I ordered it on Thursday and every day have felt so l o n g with me waiting impatiently. They have so many craving colours - light blue and light pink just as an example, but red felt so feminine! So practical, useful, unexpected and ... perfect for late summer, autumn and to pop up a winter coat to perfection! 
I love how they come with a matching wallet/make up bag and a longer chest band so I also can hang it directly on the pram or on my shoulder. The model is so classic and the leather, ohh yes the leather ... soft as a baby bump! So happy I decided to get his one!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

stina's vintage store

Some new things here by the way
 - like always it's first comes first served! 

Summer evening

So these warm summer evenings are just as the archipelago, balsam for the human bodies all senses. I hope the autumn stays like this until October, like it did last year in Sweden, when we we're still living in Zürich but I spent almost three months in the country house with the children outside Stockholm. It was like a fairy tale. I purely and deeply loved it.

(linen top: Isabel Marant, jeans: Gina Tricot, shoes: Zara, shades: Tom Ford & bag: Hermés)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Archipelago ice cream

A quick stop at one of the islands for a refreshing ice cream! 
(Half eaten up by my youngest!)

Swedish archipelago - part I

I I mean, what's not to like? The Swedish archipelago is known all around the world for its enchanting and magical islands and nature, filled with lushy green trees, birds, perfects spots to put a spontaneous anchor or just take a dip, preferably in the evening, naked when no one is watching.
This nature that we have, that come alive like nothing else during summer time, well it's just breath taking and free for everyone to take parts of and enjoy.
I had been eager for years to show M how I spent my summers, on the sea, in a boat, going from island to island, eating lunch at some lovely restaurant, mostly unknown for those not familiar with the sea or the areas, bathing when were we felt as there and then and cruise around, slowly having coffee in the boat or speeding, just to feel the strong wind in our hair.
The liberty and the soul-cleaning that happens when you sit in front of the boat, looking out on the waves clapping against the boat, creating these perfectly made slashes and fractions on the surface only known through these circumstances - well it's like food for the soul.

I was also thrilled to take our two boys to this experience and sure it's a lot of work with two small children on a boat, going off and on the boat with life west and all packing necessary when moving around with them, but oh was it worth it!