Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Napoli - bad weather packing

It's a busy day laying ahead of me. Migraine treatment, blow dry for my hair, cooking dinner for my parents in law that are arriving from Geneva. Tomorrow we're off to Italy, a gift from my mans super sweet and generous parents. Napoli to be precise and I'm looking forward a lot to great coffee, Italian wine, food and a decent pizza. Unfortunately the weather forecast shows rain every day we're there and if packing wasn't already a complicated thing, now it feels almost impossible.
Napoli is a rough city, a little like Palermo in Sicily so you can't look "too much or too well off or stand out too much". My man says that's one of my biggest problems, that I always does and he fear the day we will cross the Atlantic and go to South America. My concern is that if I'm off to a vacation, I don't want to dress down and walk around in jeans and sport shoes, I want to dress nicely, especially on a romantic trip like this.
Well, well, not a big problem at all but I've been occupied planning what to wear and bring last night. Rain is always such a party poper and I really hope the weather God's will change their mind when we arrive.

Had it been sunny i might have chosen a different palette with lots of colours, but I have a feeling the boots and my sneakers will be worn the most if the streets are all wet ... of send me positive thoughts that it will be at least no rain! 

I might have time to show you my coordinated style planning on outfits, I have them all figured out so I know what to wear every day and every evening. It makes like easier when I am there and erases frustration on place.

Have any of you been to Napoli? I love Italy and have been to many different places, but not Napoli. Let me know what to see!

Talk soon!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lidingö brunch

Even though my family was not top notch, we went with my dear parents for a lovely bruch in a mansion in Lidingö. After we had a stroll in the sunlight and felt the first spirit of spring slightly showing itself. Both of my children loooovvveee their grandparents but Little Leon's absolute best friend in the world in Morfar (my father), they have the sweetest bond ... Really adorable. Like most siblings, they are like night and day. Alexis is super social, makes friends in a second, a little bit all over the place, can't entertain himself at all, strong minded, very loving and want to be around us all the time and love to learn things whilst Leon is very shy in the beginning, very cuddly, not at all all over the place, can entertain himself, not social at all and he rather be with few then many. It's so fascinating.

Have a wonderful Monday!


I darkened my hair one shade again this week, really like it and it makes me want to use a completely different palette then with blond hair. The light in Sweden is also changing, now we can have daylight until 5pm if we're lucky and spring feels more present then the opposite.

I feel so so, might have catched a cold but desperately looking forward to the end of the week when my parents in law are coming up and we're heading to Italy for a few days!

Friday, February 5, 2016

One way ...

... of doing it. I like the casual look of this with a white t-shirt.

Happy Friday to you all!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hermés scarf inspiration

With some internet 'googeling' and your tips and trixs, i took the liberty to present my own inspirational Hermés scarf ideas for a leisure, non lady-like way. I want my scarfs to sneak into my everyday wardrobe with leather pants and boots without feeling over dressed or worse, dressed out. These are all my favorite ways and I will try the turbane way already tonight since I love a turbane. It's über chic and fun from time to time.

Another favorite is the 45*45 one that Kelly is wearing, how chic in the most effortless way ever. Gorgeous, really. I hope you like my collage!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuseday wear

So this is what I wore today between leaving both kids in the morning, rushing to work, working, having the babysitter calling herself sick, finding a solution for 2h of fashion injection, rushing back home to kindergarden and school and then back home, straight into cosy clothes, cooking and to being a mother to my boys that i LOVE so much.

(knitted black sweater: IRO, leather pants: Isabel Marant, Fendi monster & bag and boots: Saint Laurent)

Fashion week Stockholm

Yes it's Stockholm Fashion Week again. If I would have been invited to the Paris FW I would have skipped work and gone to all the majestic and great shows where true fashion and style is shown, outrageous and beautiful, artistic and original. Swedish fashion can for me be a little to convenient, to secure. We have a few designers which I really admire, every year they produce something fresh, fun and always with a red thread in their design.
It's fact and I don't blame the designers, I blame the consumers who wants everything that everyone else have and for a low price preferably. Zara and H&M is amazing, but they also destroy for many true aesthetic designers out there when they mass copy most things in a blink of an eye and make almost the same garment 20 times cheaper.
Anyhow, today I'm having a babysitter a few hours and will join it for a short amount of time just to feel like one of the "cool" ... well, no, but many of my friends are there and It's always lovely to see some of the shows.
This picture is from one of the shows when Leon was just a year, some of you complained about my outfit that day, but if you would have known the circumstances and what i was planning to wear (an amazing outfit which was impossible with Leon since the babysitter backed out) - i did not pay that much attention, was just happy to be there in time!

This year i'm choosing a much more thought through wear which was also appropriate for my day of work just before, I'll see if I have time to snap some pictures!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The 70cm*70cm Hermés scarf

Dear readers, are you into the Hermés scarfs?

You know I'm a sucker for beauty of all kind and I tend to always be amazed by the perfection of the handcraft and the exclusive patterns and buy them from time to time but they tend to stay in their boxes since I always feel it's too much to add one. Honestly, they give me too much of a "lady-like" touch - something I really don't enjoy at all. Elegance in a way I don't feel comfortable with, like if I was overdressed or tried to hard.

Not that I care about trends that much but could not help to see on many fashion shows lately, the little 45cm and 70cm (the classical is the 90cm*90cm) being worn very casually, to a t-shirt or just under shirt, but very effortless and I decided to give it a try again. I mean, just look at this one, "The Savana dance" it's called, so chic. I will really try to make small scarfs more into my everyday style. The 90*90 could be to big for this purpose but 45cm or 70cm, might just be what I need and this one luckily is just that size (70cm).

The 70cm is also better for the summer in my hair, but when we still have winter here I prefer using it around my neck in one way or another. I posted a picture yesterday at my Instagram (stina_auer) where I matched it with a pair of edgy Givenchy boots, jeans and a black knitted sweater, but honestly, it felt a little odd.

How do you wear it or do you wear it?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Master suite bathroom

One of all renovations we've been doing this autumn and winter is finally almost ready. I don't like to show my home too much but bits and pieces here and there is alright.
And how i love the tranquility when I enter this master suite bathroom only accessible through our master bedroom. Much prettier in reality if I may. It's a place for relaxation, long, calm bath (or with my two little friends) and just beauty. Big double shower with tropical for him and normal for me. Really happy!

Friday, January 29, 2016


Mothers, how do you do with sweets? My boys are ALL into godis and sweets unfortunately so we're quite strict. Friday a little chips and maybe chocolate in the evening and Saturday, Lördagsgodis, (Saturday candy) preferably at Karamellaffären in Stockholm city since they have this old fashioned sweet store feeling and my boys love it (M and me too, hard not too).

But I heard about Ec-Go which has ecological and more healthy sweets which you can subscribe on. The first bag arrived yesterday as a try out, if I should continue i want it to arrive on Friday but the kids loved it and fount it so funny that that they fetched in our post box. I'm very happy that this is a more eco friendly not to mention healthier alternativ for the small ones.

I think the pictures speak for themselves!

Happy friday everyone!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stella girl

I am trying to stay positive in this grey darkness - but believe me it's hard. I've had so much migraine and I love my boys but they are a proper handful to say the least. One has to find something fun and amusing in everyday life, so to survive I'm planning my style for the spring/summer and doing nice shopping to make sure I have it all in order and nothing is sold out. Before kids I always searched for beautiful little dresses and high heels, I still fall for such things but mostly I search the stores in Stockholm (and online, gosh I love the online express deliveries) for stylish, something different but yet practical for my life as a mother. Really, it's too present and too much a reality to obey, I need it to be functional with a working life and with two little adorable monsters constantly around me in one way or another.
I find that the SS16 is really my cup of tea and I have to stop myself to not go  comepletely bananas.

One designer that I always come back to, just for the topics mentioned above; children/practical/fashionable/with a twist - is Stella McCartney. Some things are far too edgy for my style and you need a models body and length of the legs to carry it well, but the rest seems to be made for me. But hey then Stella has a bunch of children herself so she might have understood what you actually need for real in this fantastic but ever so hectic and sometimes frustrating life as a mother.

I took Leon with me to the store in Stockholm the other day, they know me very well by now and they helped me find some amazing shirts (the blue one had a very special and funky back side, and the white, ohh the white ... lace and loose fit, what more can you ask for a spring day?). I also got those perfectly fitted cigarette pants in black with zippers on the side and like a cosy pants style in the waist, hard to explain but I'll show them as soon as the weather approves. Thy are so comfy!

Anyhow, that's what's in my mind today.
Sleep well beauties!

Zacapa tuxedo dinner!

The story of Zacapa ...

So dear readers, I would like to introduce you to a world of warmth, happy times and passion - everything I admire, preferably together with the exclusive and timeless Zacapa rum which will without a doubt, deliver one of the mentioned if you need ...

You who've followed this blog over the years has seen this bottle from Guatemalas hights next to our side in more or less every trip my man and I have taken together. It's a sign of life and passion for us actually and we always have a few bottles of the 23 years one at home and will inevitably serve it to those we love and care for. We call it the secret ingredient. And really, it is! The smooth and rich taste will fill your taste buds and it's a perfect match to a Friday evening in front of a fire. It doesn't at all makes you sleepy (which a glass of nice red wine tends to do), it just brings you to a happy place where you feel more sensual and simply relaxed. I'm telling you it can be dangerous ... Use protection everyone!
A few months ago, I was contacted by no else then Diageo, the company behind Ron Zacapa, who shared the unimaginable news that they wanted me and Susanne Histrup (her blog here) to be the faces of their high-end rum brand in Scandinavia. Susanne had (at the time) never even had a drop of this rum... but let's say it played an important role in the creation of both my children, so for me it was only too good to be true. We were delighted, not to mention humbled and feeling very privileged, to be able to say yes to such an honour.
They asked us to invite a few very select people and after a lot of careful planning and major help from Pricsilla, we celebrated all of the above last Friday in the Napolyon restaurant in Östermalm. Food, rum and lovely people, what else can one ask for?
Zacapa is all about having the best in life. We therefore sent out invitations for this tuxedo dinner and had one of the world's best bartenders to make us some amazing Zacapa cocktails which tasted like heaven! This was a true rum dinner which meant that the three different kinds of rum were served to the four course dinner (no wine!). The star chef Daniel Engellaeu had created and matched a special meal exclusively for this evening. We were also accompanied by Diageo's Zacapa expert Michael Lundén to guide us through the pleasant and interesting combination of an excellent menu together with the different kinds of rum.

Here we are shortly before the guests start arriving.

Here we are with Mathilda, the brilliant PR woman behind everything successful with Lindex and Nicklas, working for TV4 and Metro Mode in Sweden, which is a huge fashion portal.
Everyone looked impeccable and I love tuxedo dinners; a slight hint of timeless glamour, femininity and men as gentlemen, what else? 
All in all we had two tables and together we had 23 guests. Many sadly called in sick but with January, it's nearly to be expected in Stockholm.
Did I mention it brings out passion? I swear on my children, it's dangerous! It makes the blood so wonderful and warm one needs to be cautious not got get too many of those little bambinos ... Here drop dead gorgeous Sara Biderman, a celebrity stylist with her man Danjiel.
Me talking to beautiful Petra who runs Metro Mode for women. So ohhh! what a night, we did of course not end it here at 1am... no, we went out in the night to celebrate life as it should!

Thank you dearly Susanne for doing this together with me and being such a fun partner in crime and thank you our lovely husbands for the support and everyone for coming: Annika, Johan, Linnea, Yang, Petra, Marcus, Sara, Danjiel, William, Sofia, Andreas, Corinne, Stina, Ph, Mathilda, Gustav, Caroline, Niklas och Emanuel.

Foto credit: Julia Asgård

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sus and Stina - Zacapa dinner

So I'll promise to make a nice post about the dinner Sus (her blog here) and me held on Friday evening. It was NOT my birthday dinner, we just happened to use that date since our master chief was busy other days. A very few selected were invited and we offered a wonderful Rum dinner with the most exclusive ones from our favorite Rum brand - Zacapa. But more about all of this soon!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


What a magnificent evening yesterday, it was sooo successful! We had a photographer taking all pictures and I just can't wait to show you!

This morning also had a perfect start! Breakfast in bed and being spoiled! Can't get any better!

Tonight it's time to dress up again and go out for a birthday dinner!

Talk soon!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Birthday girl

Yes boys and girls, today is my birthday. I love this day and It started amazingly cute with my oldest waking me up about 20 times, starting at 5.30am and singing "Happy Birthday lilla mamma".

 It so happens that a girlfriend and me is hosting a very exclusive and intimate tuxedo dinner today together with my favorite rum, Zacapa and a small crowd of twenty something people. A restaurant in the city is all ours for the whole night. Will be an evening to remember for sure.
I had a feeling today would be very busy since I also work today. I will get my hair fixed and everything but took a picture to give you a sneak peek on what I will wear.

Hope you all have a great start of the weekend!

Talk soon!

Thursday, January 21, 2016


I haven't been able to upload any picture at my blog the last couple of days and have to let my man check what's wrong when he is back in Stockholm. Anyhow, tomorrow is a big day for two different reasons, soon back with happy news!

(coat: MaxMara & bag: saint Laurent)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ready for snow

It's extremely pretty outside with crispy white snow and minus 13 degrees today, but this really is not my cup of tea. Gosh please winter, go away. I want to wear my lovely coats, boots and feel light and lovely again.

Hope you all have a great Sunday where ever you are (hopefully where there's palm trees and sunny)!