Friday, October 21, 2016



How beautiful can an autumn day be? 

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Thank you for all comments last month, finally 
i've found time to answer many of them! 
Go ahead and read and please do't hesitate to ask!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


// HIPPIE //

Today was one of these really good days. I started it in the very cold morning, dropping the children off and went to the soul healing forest and went in one of the tracks. For me it's just so empowering what the nature can do. I don't use my phone, i try to affirmate positive vibes while using my physical body to have it in a god shape. I try to do it at least two times per week which honestly, often doesn't happen.

After I had soooo many errands to do and after a meeting I got home really late with easy food heated by my man enjoyed with the children. I felt strong and in good health which always help! Hope you had a great day!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A dash of ...

// ORANGE //

Today is a day of mixed feelings. We lost a young friend this weekend in horrible cancer and once again we're reminded about the vulnerability of life and how precious it is to live. Just that. The pain in our heart is so strong.

I will also start a new heavy medicine daily for my migraine that just gets worse and I've been standing on similar some years ago and had to stop it because of the side effects but now I have to try it again, something has to be done. So even if the autumn colours are so pretty, it's many thoughts going through us today. We have one life, no idea how long it's going to last or what conditions we will have it it. Please make sure to make the most at it while you can.

Sunday, October 2, 2016



I am all again into cooking and baking, for a long time now both things have just felt like yet another burden and I've done it, but not with feeling nor passion. But our garden is a treasure in apples, herbs, plums and rasberries so I've used apples in most things. Apple cake, apple jam, apple in autumn stewes with red wine, as they are, apple juice ....

First real autumn look


My all time favorite season is so here and Stockholm, just like last year, delivers it to perfection. We're talking about almost every day with sun, the most colourful trees and leaves in red/yellow/orange/brown/green which gives me a calming feeling wherever I look due to it's remarkable perfection in aesthetic combination.
The days are spent as much as possible outside and it's about 15 degrees, so warm but still to the extend that we can wear are new lovely autumn coats with boots if we want or barefoot if so prefer. I love autumn!
Thanks for all beauty you provide!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


So knee high boots are my all time autumn favorite look. Both for skirts and trousers they just add something impeccable and daring. Today it was another mild autumn day and all my favorite colours are coming to life. This period goes so quickly, it's important to be outside and enjoy it to the fullest before the never ending grey season takes over!

I wish you all a lovely Sunday! 

Saturday, September 24, 2016



Lack of post has to do with everything happening around. Fun things for sure now when it's getting serious which it is now. From one thing to another, i am completely hooked on knee high boots again and got them in blue suede and dark grey from Stuart Weitzman, here paired with a blue coat in the same shade from Sandro and a wool cardigan from Celine. I love when style is easy and boots like this makes it just that.

Have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016



Yes it would be ungrateful to not mention all the positive vibes I've gathered the last couple of weeks. As mentioned before I understand now the fruit that grows from all my struggle, confusing and frustration the past month. I asked for answers, I visualized them and now they slowly but surely are arriving. Thank you!
I connected with nature strongly the last part of our stay in our SOF house, went to the ocean with my lost feelings and tried to hear what my inner voice had to say. Nature has a funny way of bringing so much of true value to us.
It's powerful, almost like being high, to experience the power of energies. I smile, people smile back. Good things really comes to those who knows how to work for it.
Change is also often needed for bad energy to turn into more flowing one, we can't be stuck in a path that doesn't generate what we want and are happy with without making something different. Chage is good, change makes things move, energies likes that, the soul too, it nurtures from it and opens up other things on the way.

Have a great day everyone, so grateful for all comments and feedback here even in periods where I blog very little. It's amazing. Thank you. Now I'm off to meet a childhood friend, pick up the kids of mine but first I'll kiss my man properly!

Talk soon,

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Art Sunday

// ARTY //

This Sunday we took our little family to visit the extra ordinary show by Yaoyi Kusama who have had an art instillation and exhibition for some month here in Stockholm that I just wanted to see. Last time I saw something from her was in Paris when she had done the collaboration with Louis Vuitton and the whole LV store was covered in dots, her signum.
I thought all the playful dots and real art rooms could be something for the boys and they did behave very well and was intrigued by this crazy woman and her creations.
After we ended the day with my parents and sister for a lunch at Grand Hotel.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Party for ...

// DADDY //

So we were so happy arriving to celebrate my fathers birthday and it was great until I, one hour in to it, got a migraine attack and sat mostly in a the corner in a sofa trying to escape the pain until we could go home. So my Saturday was spent in the bed until the evening. I hate migraine so much, it's NOT headache, if you haven't had it you will never understand.

Sunday, September 11, 2016



It was about 28-30 degrees when we arrived to Geneva this time, not much time for pleasure and the schedule was insane. I had a second change but actually ended up wearing the same clothes for two days in a row, which sort of never happens.
I fell in love with this Stella McCartney dress before it even arrived to the store this autumn, a comfortable, fun dress perfect for everything in my life!

Paired at one time with the Joshua Sanders sneakers (as when I am sitting) and most of the time with these Marni shoes that I can walk a whole day in.

Saturday, September 10, 2016



I can't say that it's much of tranquility in my life last couple of month, but I can tell you that huge changes are about to happen that needs me to be focused, in balance and in touch with my inner voice which often is very silent but clear if you let calm and reflection be part of your everyday life.
I believe in the power of Universe, i believe in energies, I believe in what you send out you'll attract, good or bad, I believe in myself and the power I have to change things and make them more preferable to my own life and family. I feel so strong at this moment and I have managed to get answer to many large questions that spring brought up and that I felt deep frustration to not have an answer to. This summer was incredible difficult at times, not because of circumstances (we where most of the time in beautiful south of France) but because of my physical body and inner journey that had to take place. I've been on so many soul and future roller coasters before and the comfort lies in the fact that I know that when you are in a enormous developing phase, it will be difficult, you will suffer but on the other hand miracles and the flow that its meant to be with you and eventually help you through it all - will come and it will be great, not to mention amazing int he end.

So that's where I am. I have to sometimes distance myself to get connected.

(Picture was taken this weeks short trip back to Geneva in family matters)

Talk soon!

Sunday, August 28, 2016


// BLUE //

So as you can see, summer came back last week to Stockholm. Unfortunately I had so much migraine I could hardly enjoy it and on Friday i woke up with a "knife" in my eyes and neck, with three different migraine medicines I sang happy birthday to him in the morning and tried to just sit up without passing away.
I tried to take my first patient at 9.15am but had to cancel all the rest that day and my man came and fetch me. I was alive again at 4.30pm and missed my youngest birthday celebration. I tried to make it up in the evening with an home made ice cream train and cuddle but I was still so sore and exhausted after all pain. Hate migraine, it's such a horrible disease.

Anyhow, after rain comes sunshine and Alexis was back to School this week. It felt liberating being back in normal everyday in one way. Really think both boys missed all their friends and stimulation.  Yesterday my oldest started football school early in the morning and I took him there, watching my oldest doing so well (sometimes he can have a hard time concentrate for so long and listen to a teacher) I did Pilates with my sister after that and had a lovely BBQ that ended very late in some good friends house in Djursholm. I wore this combo to it and loved that nothing is tight, just practical with all children plus cool.

I adore knee high boots in all kinds of way, I have one amazing pair from Phillip Limm in black leather to sell at Stina's Vintage Store (click it) and I wonder who the lucky owner will be. They make tight jeans or skirts go from normal to WOW in a blink of an eye.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pale pink dinner wear


So do i need to tell you that it was still summer in Geneva? 33 degrees when we arrived which is of course slightly too warm for my taste but it ended it with pleasant 26, except for two days where it rained.
The city is growing on me for sure! Any Geneva readers? What id good and bad about the city? How is autumn/ winter etc?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Randoms Geneva

What a good week this has been, full of exploring, meeting friends and seeing much more of Geneva then I ever have. Can't wait to be back very soon!