Thursday, October 23, 2014


Must be one of the greatest things in life to come home from work and be grated with love from two monkeys, one of them green as the Hulk. I had no idea that the Hulk gave the most amazing hugs and kisses by the way! I wish it was Halloween time more often!

(old red jacket, black knitted sweater: IRO, bag: Chanel & boots: Isabel Marant)

The iPhone

I hate these iphone pictures, but reality is like this sometimes and who can always carry a 2kg huge camera and have someone managing to take pictures with it? Well, not many. So these quickies is what I have to offer when time and people are running late.
1. Work wear with black Chanel ballets and those wonderful, super comfortable jeans from here.
2. Getting back home in a neon yellow wool sweater, ultra chic skirt from Moschino, combined with high suede boots and a matching Alma.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lindex dinner

Yes, I promised to show you some pictures from the bestbest friends party that Lindex hosted to present the Perfect Party line that is coming in November. Again, we were so spoiled and I was dressed in this picture perfect outfit of this crisp, black dress (very Stella McCartney or Prada) and a little black faux fur as a bolero and felt absolutely gorgeous. If there is a LBD (little black dress) it will be this one. Looks like Prada - cost like Lindex is my new standard line.
I painted my eyes completely black with the new creamy shadow from Chanel and wore these knee high boots to it since I came straight from work. I just can't believe how good Lindex has become and I truly find something every time I enter their stores now. Also for the kids and some nice wool sweaters for my picky man has been bought and he actually loves them!

We ate at this awesome place!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Marble and sparkle

How pretty? Melanie Auld has done it again, the green ones I have are still my loves, but these Art Deco earrings with marble details, sparks and gold just have this extra touch of everything in life we love! Right?

Can't wait for a dinner or party adventure so I can wear them!

Layers of purple

This season, I'm completely head over heel in love with big knitted wool sweaters. I collect them in every shade I find has something different and interesting to offer to a cold woman, addicted to autumn coats. I still love cashmere of course, but these bigger knitted jumpers looks less proper and less classic, which gives them more edge and an easy going look. At the moment, it's exactly the feeling I'm embracing. Today I combined this purple one with this stunning purple Chanel coat, the new metallic pants (which I need to get in another setup also since they are just incredibly soft) with the Isabel Marant wedges and a Chanel bag. I love how one can play with style just by playing around with different accessories!

Hope you had a good day!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mind and body

So life is slowely coming back to a much better everyday with our help at home. She is such a lovely young woman, really a wonderful person to have around in our family and we all enjoy her so much. Work is also a fresh environment to be in, where I feel like I'm reloading my batteries and completely absorb the feeling of just being Stina. I just wish I had the time (it's a priority of mine of course, I rather go home directly from work to be with the kids then being away even more) to do one more Pilates class per week. Now I mostly have time for a class before lunch on Saturdays.
Pilates is such a great form of exercise for the female body and where I do it, at Stockholm Pilates Center, well it just has a wonderful aura around it and I love being there and devoting myself to my mind and body. I've never looked so good in my body as when I was doing it two times peer week. But we can't have it all right. The relationship needs time, the children needs love and presence, the house needs time, I need to work, we need to have a cosy and warm hearted family time ... It feels like friends and exercise is where I lack and would truly benefit from more of both. But the young years of the children are so precious and they grow up so fast, I don't want to feel like i'm missing out!

Au naturel

Sorry Dear readers for being quite occupied but my man was away and even with our Lady C, life is always more intensive!
But this is from this afternoon, I look more wild then tame, but try walking without an umbrella in rain dazzling and super humid weather. Yes, this is how I look like when doing so. Completely red in my eyes from the wind and the hair as frizzy as can be. Anyhow, I wore this green dream, my new metallic pants, soft as tights from here and a old Prada bag! One has to try even if the face can't always keep up with the beautiful clothes! Blink

Saturday, October 18, 2014

stina's vintage store

Good evening folks!

A few new items in the Stina's Vintage Store. Killer Louboutins and Kenzo sweater anyone?

As always, first comes first served!

Friday, October 17, 2014


Oh I attended the most amazing bestbest friends, fashion dinner yesterday where we were completely dressed up by the hosts. It was such a pleasure, I hardly noticed the Champagne hangover I had this morning and the lack of sleep. Anyone who follows me at Instagram (stina_auer) has already witnessed the happy faces of the 15 of us, the rest will soon see them here!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Creative mind

Dear readers, i'm working with so many thrilling projects at the moment, one could only wish that the day had more hours. My work is a pure pleasure and it feels like holiday being there compared to being a stay at home mother. But getting back to business have made my whole spirit back to that sort of minded mood and the world is now again my playground. Nothing is unreachable when you work hard for it. I always want to achieve as top notch as possible and to be able to reach my realistic goals within the near future, so that I later can get into something new and exciting.

When the children are put to bed I have about one and a half, sometimes two hours normally stuck in front of my computer, creating, planning, and making sure everything happens the way I have in mind before slowing down for bed, which means neither of above, just calm, planning what to wear the other day, picking up toys, talking to M, reading a book etc.
When being such a creative person, entrepreneur in spirit and always on new projects with thousands of things to fulfil ... It's hard not to get too excited and surrender to this magnificent flow of creation. But with two children who needs complete focusing and which I want to give myself 100 percent to when finally get back from work, i need to be very structured. With my whole day actually, I'm completely living it like on a planned clock, it needs to, to work.
Organisation, schedule and to do lists is what saves my day in the end. And patience. One thing at a time and the mature knowledge that everything doesn't need to be ready tomorrow. Later is better then never.

Soon I'll release one of the really great things I've worked with for a while! 

Talk soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tear Trough - trötta ögon

You are many who email me what small changes one can do to look better. It's also one of the most common question I'll get at the clinic, what one can do to just look fresher! Most people wants to achieve a very natural look, yet with visible and clear improvements.
One of my favorite injections to do is to put filler in the hollowness under the eyes, a treatment called Tear Trough. It's complicated for the medical treater, so you need to be careful and chose a very experienced one, but the results are magnificent when they're done correctly.

That clear shadow line, very often dark gives a very tired, old and sad look to a face and it takes so little effort to have them gone! It can occur when you are 25 years old or 45 years (after that age, almost all women and men have them), no matter what it's so easy to take them away and to give a more natural looking impression.
Look at your face and try to picture that the area under your yes is flat, moist, fresh and without any dark shade or lack of tissue, it makes ALL the difference and it's also what eye concealer is trying to get, but even with the best of brand, you can disguise loss of tissue. It's just impossible.

Most patients that end up doing this Tear Trough treatment (see pictures and read more about it, here), always comes back three weeks later and say "my God, why haven't I done this before, my life has litterally changed from going to constant dark, tired and almost sick look to stunning and healthy". Which makes me super happy of course because we all deserve to look our absolute best we can!

I decided to post some links to interesting articles or information I've written and done over the years. If you're interested, check them out! In most places it says that I work at my old clinic, so now you all now that I'm at Akademikliniken, right?! Unfortunately they're mostly in swedish, but mostly the pictures talks for themselves!

1. A natural looking tired looking face with a lot of enhancement with correct medical skin products, recommended by me and BOTOX - HERE.

2. Getting hollowness on a young girl improved with Tear Trough HERE and on a older person HERE.

3. Getting a full face improvment on a older woman, going from sad and tired looking 63 years old to absolutely stunning HERE, see the smaller pictures "before and after pictures"  in the article, done with Botox, medical products and Fillers.

4. Getting the jaw line more visible or enhanced, HERE.

5. Read a very normal comment from a 55 year old lady and what she can do to clearly get improvement without surgery, HERE.

Akademikliniken - Medical Skin Products

So, Ive promised you all to test and write about the result of Akademikliniken's own line of medical skin products.  You can read about each and every product in Swedish here and English here. They ship all around the world.

A couple of years back, I tried them and wern't that impacted to be honest, but they've got a new very eager chemist and product developer and since some years back, most products has been redone and improved.
I started to use them in May and have been going through each one of them since then. It's extremely important to me that I can stand for products that I recommend and therefor I need to use them myself for a long time to see and feel what they do.
As you know since before, if you've been a long time reader of this blog and especially since the time when I was a busy career women (before my children), measurable results is all i'm looking for when it comes to medical products. I want as perfect skin as I can on me and the patients interested, since the texture and the look of the skin is so important for a overall look.

They need to be safe of course, but they also need to improve the skin on a patient to the extend where we can both feel it but also see it. But with that in mind, it's very important to understand what a product can do for you, or rather, what it wont. It's also important to take into consideration each patient as different and realise that a different age needs different ingredients to function optimal.

No products in this world will take a way wrinkles for example, no matter how much they promise it it's physically impossible. What a really good product can do and should do, is improve the structure of the skin, take away dead skin cells that tends to lay like a layer on the surface and make the impression and the apperance of the skin less attractive and full with a more thick layer. They should keep pimps and reactions away and they should also impact the cellular cycles to the extent that the metabolism under the skin activates and start reproducing new cells much faster which gives the result of a fresher, younger skin.
We're using different strong vitamins, like Retinol and acids, like Glycolic acid, Peptids and Lipids to stimulate and give you the absolute best results in the end. But as with all efficient things in life, all of these stronger products are meant to be used under strict controll and should not be abused. To use them too much will only dehydrate and irritate the skin and then you will not look the absolute best there is for sure. They should also be combined with other, calmer but also powerful creams during the days and some nights to repair and calm the skin after the stronger ones. The Recovery cream is my all time favorite in the morning when I've used stronger products like Repair and Active during the nights. Please respect them and have a medical professions advice on how you should use them for your personal skin type, most people shouldn't use them every night and they are best combined with each other.
These three products (in the picture above) should be the base in every humans bathroom cuborn. They have most ingrediense to really work with your skin in a severe way all week through. They will give you results you can see and feel and after eight weeks of using, I can assure you it will be a change, probably even before that.
But do everyone need to by all products in the Akademikliniken skin product line? Absolutely not. Some products are of course good and nice to have if you can afford them too, but they will not be the main cause if you skip them.

Moisturising products for example is one thing that a young girl or boy surely can use cheaper and not as advanced brands and they will still have good results because of the fact that their skin still function quite well on its own. But the older you get, the more stress (emotional, physical, cellular) you have in your life and the less well you take care of yourself with healthy food, excercise or if you just have bad genes - well, then you need to take a step up in the jungle and get products that gives you an extra hand.

Always remember: Medical products are sold mostly at medical clinics for a reason. Even if some of our line also are sold in luxurious departments stores and online, the strongest ones should always be purchased with a specialist at our clinics.
The Pro-Lipid mask is wonderful as an intense mask when you need moist and perfect after a chemical peeling just as Recovery cream is. The Beauty Through Science (BTS) cream is another pride of the skin line and it's an increasingly amount of peptides and Hyaluronic acid in it to give a clear result of a more well taken cared of skin products form anyone after 30 years old that need something with more visible results.
I use the body cream every day and it's a wonderful body lotion with loots of goodies in the containing, but nothing that gives more or less result then most good pharmaceutical products in general. But for me with dry legs it's just perfect and smells lovely.
My conclusion is: If you should invest your money somewhere, it's in the facial creams!

For the picture underneath i love the cleanser but I also love Jan Marinis with glycol acid to be honest. Problem is that the J.M cleanser is almost to hard to use now when I use the Repair and Active cream so often and then the Pure Radiance cleanser form AK is a better match for my skin type. The eye cream and Lift serum is also very nice, but nothing that everyone needs. A eye cream or serum is perfect when you are very dry or sensitive underneath the eyes which can be a pain when you apply makeup, what it does is to reassure that the skin feels good and is well taken cared of, in the best of cases, relief some of the morning puffiness. But the eye cream will not take away wrinkles or hollowness, for those problems you come to me and I'll fill them with Restylane (Tear Trough) or do some Botox in the muscles causing them, but for the skin structure they can help.
The sun protection though is amazing and I truly recommend it to ANYONE. No pimps, no fat or greasy feeling on the skin and it's 50SPF, which is what we all need!
If you have further questions about products or any sort of medical aesthetic treatments, call Akademikliniken and book an appointment with me or at the web booking system, here.

Talk soon!

7.58am Monday

Before enjoying the small walk to the bus ...

By the way: Stina's Vintage Store now also exist on Instagram! Get the first updates so you don't miss out newly put out designer items - go to @stinasvintagestore and start following it today! Any day now I have new things coming up!

(red sweater: Jean Paul Gaultier for Lindex, skirt: Zara, stockings: Pierre Robert, bag: Balenciaga & boots: Rodebjer)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Early morning

Saturday morning, tired but excited to attend the education. Wearing this blend of purple and black with an easy white t-shirt, suede boots and a necklace. I suited the day perfectly and soon the time when I can be barefoot in boots are all over. It's getting chillier for sure out there!

Soon twenty years!

So this was the beautiful birthday girl, one of my bestiebesties, cannotlivewithout friends. We've been besties for almost 20 years now and there's not much about me she doesn't know - or vice versa. This night was spent with 19 friends at restaurant Pontus in Stockholm and we had such a nice time. L is also pregnant again and expecting her second little baby in December and still so ravishing! You might recognise her from here!

Her dress (since I know you will ask) is from DVF and no, not from this year!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Birthday party for my bestie

The whole Saturday was spent in the fascinating and educating world of beauty through science, a huge convent for us in the medical aesthetic filed with superb doctors, pioneers in the field from all around the world, hosted by Galderma. It's a gift to have the opportunity to attend things like that and dig deeper into the anatomy, the facial structure and see how small changes makes unique improvements in a face. I love my job and being given even more trix to follow, I can't wait to Monday when I have a full practice again.

Only problem was that I was home at six o'clock and the kids needed love and I also needed to change clothes for my besties birthday party. I would have loved to wear a dress but since I hate black stockings in heels, I chose something simple yet a litre bit dressed up. We had a lovely time, but gosh was I tired! More pics soon.

Apologise for bad iphone photos.

(blazer: Isabel Marant, no sleves silk blouse: Equipment, leather pants, bag: Louis Vuitton & pink suede heels: J.Crew)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Friday mood!

So this coat is now a long and faithful friend of mine. It's so perfect, every time I wear it, like today when attending a meeting - someone can't resist to walk up to me and compliment it. I understand the feeling of adornment, it just has something impeccable about it and that's how I felt when I fell in love, no matter the price tag, it needed to be mine in Las Vegas.

Yesterday I combined it with those ultra chic new shades from Hydes and my Celiné! If you think I look a little bit more messy in my hair then normal, it's well spotted and the reason being that one of the sweet skin therapists managed to do a chemical peeling (ENG: Almond peel, SWE: Mandel peel) on me at my work Akademikliniken before I got back home, so the hair was covered in a very fancy (not) medical basket and I have no makeup at all!
That peel is so amazing for the surface of the skin and since we're attending my best friends big birthday party tomorrow and I have day full of education before - I need all help I can to look top notch in the Saturday evening!

Thinking of wearing a pair f new pink heels, we'll see ...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Eutope palette

Colour palette of today from Burberry, Celiné & those Riviera chic shades from Hydes Spectacles, my Dear friends' company where she does all the designing herself in the best of material. Yes, i'm pretty proud and just got some new ones! She said she thought of me when these arrived finished. And of course, i'm absolutely and passionately hooked!

Reva Bomber jacket

I was so delighted when this original bomber jacket from Carin Wester (here) finally arrived to our door. Not only is it warm as a dow jacket, it's also a little rough but still with some sort of undefined chicness. The material feels like suede, but still not. I thought a long time if I should get the black one, but since we always tend to wear so much black as base wear, the Whiskey one just makes it more interesting.
Here combined with leather pants, suede boots, black shades and the Birkin, which i love to wear to anything not too classic!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Inside slippers

I'm continuing my collection of emerald green items and these inside slippers in suede/sheep skin is just another beautiful gift to the comfortable life at home. I bought these in black to me last year (completely worn out now) and pink to our guest room and every one loved them!

You can find them here.

Emerald and black

There was a VIP event going on at the by Malene Birger store in Stockholm Tuesday evening, but since I could not attend they hosted a private little event for me, just before going home to the children, hanging with them and turning from working mother to the russian ice princess in the post below.
The staff at MB is always so kind and I always find something I like. They had prepared a lot of things that they thought suited me, but since I'm more practical nowadays then a "silk blouse" kind of gal, I looked for warm and lovely, knitted wool garments and immediately fell in love with this emerald green beauty with a d e e p cleavage for that whisper of femininity.

Yesterday i started early with the umbrella and this cashmere coat from Greta, leather pants, Isabel Marant suede boots and the Hermès Birkin and swore to the rain which made my hair all frizzy and the bus snail its way to work, but during afternoon the mind-blowing sunny and warm weather came out agin and I was like always embracing all beauty that this season is showing us!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The continuing ...

So I absolutely loved what I was wearing to this private, two couple dinner with the Louis Vuitton Stockholm, as hosts. Unfortunately that day it was pouring down rain like a sky fall and the lovely mild temperatures we've experienced was cold, moist and harsh. My day at work was also absolutely crazy busy with patients, which I love of course, but that ended up in me looking super skinny in my face, with hollow eyes and just a tired looking general look. But after a glass of Champagne (or maybe three) I had forgot about the tired look and average feeling and just did the most of this marvellous evening, accompanied of such lovely and interesting people and feeling so appreciated and spoiled! Thank you again!

Did you by the way now that LV has a designer collaboration with Christian Louboutin for some special (studded and fur red) details a la the french designer himself and if that was not a surprise enough ... For everyone who saw the sympathetic, ultra original, liberating fashion show of Chanel recently and know how empowering it was for women (to dare to go your own way, embrace your personal style etc) Karl Lagerfeld himself actually designed a boxing set up with ultra stylish details (a la 1.2milj SEK!, but anyhow).