Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pale pink dinner wear


So do i need to tell you that it was still summer in Geneva? 33 degrees when we arrived which is of course slightly too warm for my taste but it ended it with pleasant 26, except for two days where it rained.
The city is growing on me for sure! Any Geneva readers? What id good and bad about the city? How is autumn/ winter etc?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Randoms Geneva

What a good week this has been, full of exploring, meeting friends and seeing much more of Geneva then I ever have. Can't wait to be back very soon!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Geneva for a week

So a week in Geneva is slowly coming to an end, some time left though. It's been amazing to really explore this city and all areas around this time, also the parts next to the border, the nice French areas, something i really haven't done before here.
Normally we come for something; a party, a wedding, someones birthday and I stay at M's parents house in Geneva and are going by car to a certain destination or property and enjoy it there but don't really understand where I am in reality, so I wanted more this time, to not come for something else then really getting to know as much as possible here. And boy have I! We've been almost everywhere, on both coasts, many residential areas around the city, in the French part, country side, city life etc etc. I'm so happy with this trip and will come back very soon, I've come to really like Geneva and everything it has to offer.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

worth everything

// BESTIE //

So we went out to my best friends summer house and spent the weekend there with the kids that are so close that we call them cousins since we are each other oldest child's God mother. It's so relaxing, so much fun, no rules that can not be broken, impeccable nature and mind blowing view from the house over the sea.
Honestly, what would my life be without this woman by my side? We even showed up dressed more or less exactly the same. I love her and her family like real family.
Hanging all of us gives me strength, I laugh constantly and everything is real and pure, nothing superficial, nothing problematic, just natural and a lot of fun. They served crayfish so after all four children was put to bed, we finally started the crayfish party and like every year, me and my besties husband won the "who eats most crayfish" contest. Very proud of that title.

Have a great weekend, now we're off too Geneva all family!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Black'n leo

//GRRR ... //

The warm weather has really not been playing our way here being back in Sweden, but what can you do? Wear those great medium clothes that i love so much as a matter of fact. It's so much going on again in our life right now so I've been busy in all of thise raking care of myself, my body and the family. Hope you all enjoy it wherever you are in life. Remember, the days that pass, that is life.

(shirt: Stella McCartney, pants: Isabel Marant , flats: old Chanel & bag: Saint Laurent)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Body talk


So i've had some questions about exercise and body weight lately, or how to loose weight and if I've lost weight since I had my children? So I thought i'll write something about that topic.
Concerning my weight i have maybe dropped a kg or two, i weigh normally something around 56-58kg, (i am 170cm tall)  55kg if I don't feel well or have no time to rest which was the case when I got Leon, that full first year I think i weight around 54kg, not because I was on a diet of any form, I'm actually never on a diet, but mainly because it was SO intensive with two small ones, feeding them and you know, just everyday that I hardly had time to eat and whatever I ate was burnet straight away. My breast got completely flat and my body was very thin and all the bones was visible on my decollate, not so flattering after all.

I would love to have skinnier and not to mention longer legs, but I love to enjoy life too much and have no time to do so much exercise at this stage of life so it is what it is. I eat something about every third hour, mainly to control my insulin since it impacts my migraine and attacks strongly. My last meal (normally a bowl of cereals or a glas of milk with a toast) is around 9-10pm since I can't fall asleep if I am the slight hungry.

I try to do simple activities when I am home and have some spare minutes, I try to always chose the escalator when I can and in my work I stand a lot. But taking care of two small boys means very little of sitting down, it's always a lot to do.

My original body typs is one that can loose weight quite simple and easy, if I just eat slightly less then what I do or avoid my weekly sweets and chocolate, I'll lose a kg easy. With age I've realized that it will be harder and I try to see my body as a temple, I want it strong and healthy.
To keep the body not to loose and saggy I do Pilates. When I had time to do it two times per week my body was absolutely amazing, athletic, firm - everything I like but at the moment it's impossible so I do it one time per week.

If I would chose I'd probably be at 56kg all the time, that's when I like it the most but Ive learnt not to complain, the body is amazing as long as it works and since I often have a lot of pain, I'm happy everyday it's well and kind towards me.

But overall I'm satisfied, we have to be else it would take up too much time of my day. I truly think that if you're unhappy with your body you should really try to find a realistic and balanced path of exercise and food intake that makes you achieve something you are proud of.

The body represents us, who you are, your lifestyle choices and I'f you are not happy with it - then you really should do something about it. Not diets, or starvations but a healthy life way where you change forever and maybe eat less of the bad things but realize that you can eat a lot of the ingrediens that are good in the long run for you. Myself I can't do gym and things that binds me up, I need my freedom since I don't want the same things week by week, thats why power walks, Pilates and things I can do at home suits me best. Then I can do it when I feel like it and have motivation and if I don't, I remind myself how much positive energy I get back from it. We have a responsibility towards ourselves and I believe in that strongly. I know know I want to look at and feel in 20 years and also know that it won't come completely for free.

For me a woman who feels comfortable in her body is beautiful but I do feel like being severe over weight and abusing the main thing that keeps you alive is less good and I often wonder what it takes to make some humans just let go and stop caring.If it's because of medical conditions then of course but else it must be that you've just let go of the spirit and therefor the responsibility for what you are.
I need my body to function with me, to help me along the way of life, to be a true partner and so I need to give it what I can in soul food (forest walks, meditation, mindfulness, positive soul talk, listing to my intuition and signs along the way), real food and movements to give it all necessary ingredients to do so.
Lately stress is what I've become allergic too and my body is physically showing me that it had enough so obviously, with these clear signals I need to respect it and make a change. No one else will, I have to claim it for something of difference to take place.

We have a strong responsibility towards ourselves. To feel and listen to what we need in our heart and flesh, whats lacking and whats too much of. No one will ever come and rescue us, only you can be the controller of what's going on for your own wellbeing. And only you can decide how you want to look like with a realistic eye of course where you can eat and move in a healthy way without being to harsh and forget to live and enjoy life.

I'd like to end this little information post to say that obviously I chose the best pictures for this blog and my insta (stina_auer). Trust me there are som horrible pictures also where I hate my legs for example and pictures that are less flattering, we're all humans.

Please feel free to ask any questions or if something is unclear!

Stina's Vintage Store

Monday, August 1, 2016

Jump suit

// IN BLACK //

This is how I actually looked like when I was traveling home by myself with the kids. They where, let's say a handful and I was very grateful for this black, comfy and convenient jump suit with loose fit. The new brown Oasis from Hermes was waiting for me back home and they are my new lovers at the moment. Yesterday day I wore this combo and paired it with my leo Saint Laurent and brown Celine shades.
I thought I would be tired of my brown hair by now but I just love it more and more to be honest.

Sunday, July 31, 2016



You know when you receive a dress so pretty you just have to find a party to attend, just to be able to wear the dress ... Well this is the case with this creation, made from the same Turkish designer Gul Hurgel who made the white dress I've been wearing this summer. They are handmade and just so incredible, I always feel like such a woman wearing her design.

I wore this dress on Saturday night attending my cousins birthday party with my man. Here paired with a Chanel bag and Chloé pumps.

Friday, July 29, 2016


// BACK //

Yes, so we're back home in Sweden. Always lovely to come home to our house, all rooms, my closet, kitchen, you know just things that we come to love and feel home with.
Less nice to see that the whole garden need severe help and I have nor energy nor will to take care of that. Let's just say it stresses my man completely.

I had hoped to spend the last days of holiday on the sea out in the Swedish archipelago but something came up and we will not. I really find it hard being back with the ids so bored at home, having our pool and the wonderful nature around the house there.

My goal is to keep focusing on my well being, nurture the soul, work less, be more organized with the kids since they are the hardest when are just "at home with no directions". That stresses me and I'm tired of nagging and fights between the brothers even though they play very well together also the energy level, screaming etc is soooo high constantly.

Anyhow, this was us today when we did a little excursion. Hope you all have a lovely day!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A last cocktail

// Au Revoir //
Saying goodbye for now to our lovely heaven on earth. I already miss the flavours, the nature, my strolls with the kids, the pool, my parents in law and all the amazing colours around us.

(dress: Zara, bag: Fendi & shoes: Saint Laurent)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

just the two of us


My initial thought was to just stay at the domain after all guest had gone and take it as easy as possible. I love having people over but it is not really vacation to be honest since it's rooms that needs to be prepared, food that needs to be bought and cooked, drinks to make, children who still need everything they need, places that people wants to visit etc etc and my normal everyday life is very stressful and this time I just felt like i almost had enough. My soul, body and heart was crying for just calm, quietness and nothing else to do then just be. Breath, walk, think, meditate, get my thoughts back together and find that small inner voice for gudance about my life and future.
I truly need to do some big changes in our life, I'm working on it because I've become allergic to stress, my whole body is reacting and I've had much more migraine attacks then normal.

Anyhow, just when I started to get my inner peace back, had time to take those soul nursing morning walks in the breath taking nature around the house, he, my man surprised me with this romantic getaway. Just the two of us.
 How could I say no?

This little petite French island is just so adorable, perfect for some lovable catch up, excellent food and just mind blowing for the eye. Our hotel room was chosen for my taste and preferences and I found it really kind and sweet. The balcony was located just above the dynamic yet peaceful sea and depending on the day the ocean was less calm or sometimes violent. I found it so fascinating sitting there, just observing, taking every little level of energy back into my veins and I am stunned how much nature gives me. Nothing can heal me like a forest, a big sea or fields of something, not to mention the mountains. It'ss where I belong, i need it.
We came back to the children like new lovers.!

Will for sure come back next year.

Thank you baby. I love you.