Friday, July 10, 2009

About Stina Auer

Writing has always been a passion of mine and so has style and fashion. Since nine years back, I've been writing a blog, in different shapes for the natural reason we all grow and develop. Today I'm the owner and writer of this lifestyle blog with the main focus on my true pleasure's in life: my family, style and dressing, cooking and eating, traveling and documenting that through capturing photography that is another big interest of mine.

I'm also the founder and expert of Improvements by Stina Auer - an online source of everything you need to find out before you improve something in your face in a medical aesthetic way. Today I work in my practice at Akademikliniken - one of the most well known medical aesthetic clinics and daily take care of the interest of my patients.

I'm a typical Aquarius with the strong Wind as element, change is in my veins and whenever you think you get me, I have moved on. I love trying out new things and find it intellectual inspiring to always move forward, have high goals and strive for the absolute best in life when it comes to all things surrounding you. We can't have it all, now, but we can dream, reach and take steps toward that direction of ours, even if they're sometimes small.

Traveling has always been a natural part of my life and I have my parents, especially my enthusiastic father, to be grateful toward for building up that thrilling need of vivid culture, a colourful nature, mind blowing places, inspiring people, different food and impressions that has stayed as present memories all through my life and for always made me who I am.
Growing up, I continued these journey's and I was so happy to find our that the man that became the father of my children, was brought up the same way and had, just like me, never stopped exploring the world. Us together, in those three years we've been together (!) have probably travelled more than 30 times together. I hope to bring that gift forward to our children. But having relatives and friends all around the planet, speaking three different languages at home - it will probably come natural.

Being a mother of a two energetic little son's plus a old dog and a man - there's not always time to full fill all my own dreams at the moment. But they are my biggest cause on this earth and being a mother is my greatest motivation in life, it teaches you so much about yourself and the human being itself, nothing can be a bigger lesson in life. I truly believe the greatest gift you can give your children is love, presence and time, especially when they are this small.

Here I will share small and chosen parts of my life and all different areas mentioned above. I dream of a neoclassical house with a big garden in a sunny and warm place with palm trees outside my window and a great view. All of our children happy and healthy, my man and me continuing to be passionately in love and a team in life.
You will always find me thinking and planning for the next journey, both abroad on this planet as well as in my soul and mind and I love the creative process of this blog. It gives me a sense of meaning and a lot of pleasure in my everyday life.

Hope you'll enjoy the blog and please make yourself heard!

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  1. Fantastiskt snyggt mönster!
    Och väldigt snygg mamma!

  2. Så fint skrivet Stina. Det är så kul att själv se tillbaka på vad som har hänt i mitt liv under den tid som jag följt din resa. Jag var egenföretagare, bodde i en stor central etagevåning och närheten till bio, restauranger och uteliv var prio ett, sen gifte jag mig, blev gravid, köpte ett parhus och sitter nu ute på landet med ett stall som närmsta granne :). Jag utbildade mig och jobbar nu i kommunen med Habiliteringspersonal. Summa summarum- våra liv har drastiskt förändrats under samma tid men lyckan och kärleken till det vi har nu är så stark!

    Jag fortsätter att följa dig och förändras med dig.

    Kram Miriam