Sunday, February 7, 2010


Photographer: Yvan Rodic
- owner of the two international photoblogs Yvan Rodic & Facehunter
My dear cousin found me in his personal blog (Yvan Rodic) and gave me the link.
I just love the picture. So dynamic! And my purple YSL bag is just smashing.


  1. Vad grymt..hitta sig själv på en bild på en internationell blogg bara sådär =)

  2. Du ser du syns överallt ;)
    Du var såå fin vännen, KRAMISAR

  3. Anorexic: Hi dear Anorexic, I'm so sorry but I can not longer accept your comments when you link to your blog. I have so many woman reading my blog - and Im trying to make women like their bodys and the ideal you stand for is not accepted to spread at my blog. I guess you are a sweet person but I think you need help with dealing with your sickness. For me - Anorexia Nervosa is very unhealty and you need profesional help to deal with it.

    I hope you understand.

    Take care, and hope I see you again her in better shape!


  4. Fan vad kul :) Love the dress, du ser så glamourös ut (som vanligt!)


  5. Hej Stina tack för en bra och inspirerande blogg.

    Din hy är så strålande vacker, skulle vara kul med lite tips på hur du får den där perfektionen.

    Ha en fin dag