Thursday, October 7, 2010

With someone else's eye

This came today via email from a very dear person in my life - FAR to big words of course - but I thought it was so insightful beautifully written and when someone takes the time to reflect on the beautiful and a little less beautiful personality traits and sides of a person - it goes right into the heart. It did to me anyhow. This was written in the text.

" If you have a brief conversation, you will soon find out that she seems to be a typical Aquarius. Full of creativity, Stina is a fundamentally free spirit that needs to express herself in many ways. Amateur photographer, her eye will make her pictures rival against the best know names in the industry. This is certainly closely linked to her observant nature. Her style is mostly classical and elegant, but this doesn't mean it lacks originality, quite on the contrary.
At first sight, Stina is without a doubt a gorgeous blond woman, with class and beautifully crafted features. No individual will not be interpellated by her stunning looks. Attracted by fashion and superficiality, she describes herself as 30% super superficial and 70% deep. The superficiality is most obviously the first impression she will leave, but you will soon be proved wrong… for the better. And if you are lucky enough to share her company a little more, you will soon find out that she has that natural charming Libra personality: a bit of a social butterfly. Nevertheless, that same aspect is often the source of a certain difficulty to take a real decision and clearly define what is is that she really wants, rather than what the others would recommend. Stina will be compelled to find a clear course of action, feeling uncomfortable with this butterfly attitude, which might (but often doesn't) translate into an impulsive and radical resolution.
Yet Stina's very strong and determined personality are clear drivers in her life, which make others look up to her and see her as a role model. And if ever she opens up and lets all barriers down, you find a truly beautiful soul, caring, tender, loving and very engaged with the one's that lie close to her. Best of hosts, Stina will truly cherish her soulmates and indulge them with unconditional love. "

Thanks for this thoughtful and beautiful description dear, I am humbled over the fine writing and hope I can ever live up to every word ... I will do my best. stina


  1. ....utan att känna dig alls känns det igen mycket som jag uppfattar dig. du är personlig här men har ändå mycket integritet. Vackert skrivet. MVH Nina

  2. WOW! Det var minsann inga dålig ord. Så vackert skrivet, så underbart det måste vara att få detta. KRAM

  3. Lotta: Jag vet. Alldeles för stora ord givetvis men vem fasiken blir inte glad av att någon skriver ner något så vackert? Kram stina

  4. Wow, wow, wow. Very nice!

  5. Men jag som känner dig "lite" iallafall kan inte göra annat än hålla med !!!
    Du är en fantastisk människa
    Ta åt dig!!

  6. Vilken fantastisk vän, som lagt ner så mycket kärlek, eftertanke och omtanke på att formulera detta om dig. Förstår att du känner dig mycket lyckligt lottad!!!

    Ska ta det som inspiration och skriva något liknande till mina bästa, närmaste vänner. Men på svenska blir det för mig då de också är från Sverige.

    Det är härligt att inspireras av andra människor. Det får mig att växa, att få energi, att nå nya höjder som människa. Du är en människa som inspirerar mig via din blogg. Det är inte dåligt det, inte många som inspirerar så mycket som du!

    kram Mary

  7. so beautiful and so true! And that's why I start my day everyday by visiting you blog. You're an inspiration.