Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Collect your favorites

 I have a rule. If I really like something, I always make sure to own more of the product in different colors. I have my favorite wool cable knit sweater from Ralph Lauren in ten different colors, several of my darling's Diane von Furstenberg dresses, I have the exact same model established in different colors. And It's the same with bags, for example I have five model's of bags but with different colors and with shoes it's even more important. I find a model that fits and feel comfy and then i buy that model over and over again. Find a brand you like and that will last in style and stick to it. My Louboutins's anyone can buy to me wherever because I know which style that fits good in what size. My Chanel and Pretty Ballerinas ballerina's I have in several colors and my favorite scarves by Louis Vuitton, I have in five different shades. The same with the knitted favorite scarves by Missoni and Max Mara. I believe in finding garments, bags, shoes and accessories that you love timeless and to obtain them in all different shades/colors. Then you know that you always have something to suit them and that you like that particular model. My Burberrytrench's - that I have eight (!) of - both in the classic Burberry trench design in beige and black and in more winter practical padded one's though the favorites are the wonderful knitted wool in different blends with filament weaving just as extrodinary as art. During many years I purchase one or two every year because I know they always make me feel well dressed and comfortable.
With cheaper brands, I have also figured out what I like and dislike. H&M has a line with the finer material which I often find dresses that are favorites that stands up year after year. They are always a bit more expensive but still not worth rating for the quality upgrades you get. One of my favorite absolute dresses among all my billions is actually one from H&M that I feel as good in no matter what. It requires a perfect ironing, but after that it could equally well be a Stella McCartney. And skirts! they really make brilliant skirts!
And if you do not want to spend a fortune on shoes, Zara's shoes are for me as perfect as many times as expensive designer shoe. They are very good in quality, has really thought through the details and are comfortable. I would say that half of my shoes are designer shoes and the remainder is from Zara.
Something else I always try to be picky on is the materials. And that is why the cheaper chains often disappoint me and that's obviously not surprising since material choices is what you have to run down when the price is down. But for me it is important with materials that last long and has an elegant look and simplicity of the qualities. Like silk, cashmere and finer wool blends have. Cotton can also be excellent, especially if it is mixed with something that makes performance less pilling and cheaply looking.
My grandmother always said that you should buy stuff from the brands that produce the initial product. Like always buy a fancy watch from a old well settled watch house of distinguished heritage who always made watches - or wear perfumes from ancient perfume houseAnd I agree with it. For then you know you're getting quality for the same amount of money that newer modern house of brands where they manufacture watches, cosmetics, shoes and clothes at the same time are trying to charge you. But those will never be the pieces than you wear from year to year.  It can never give a perfect result.
Now I'll rest my eyes on a stunning Dries Van Noten coat I want with extend fur cuffs and a pair of silver heels from the same designer with gold toe.
Well. It was just my more uplifting thoughts this tuesday afternoon in the sick bed that never seems to end. Talk to you soon.


  1. hej stina!
    bara en liten hälsning fran Tyskland (det trodde du väl inte att du hade läsara t.o.m. fran Tyskland?!) Hoppas att du mar bättre inom snart... ta hand om dig! Din blogg är sa underbart och jättekult med de fina bilderna, allt very classy! Kram

  2. Bravo Stina, I finally find you back a little bit better if you can talk about fashion, but do not worry, you nevert bore us when your are sick and we do not absolutely need to be distract. We just worry about you. Anyway, O share your tastes and I have about all your ideas about all these things of fshion.Also I buy by several colours scarfs etc, when I love them, .and the white shirts at H&M are perfect.

  3. Hur lägger du till "fur cuffs", givetvis kan en skräddare sy och hjälpa en men vart får du tag på själva pälsen? Jag har en kvalitetskappa som jag vill lägga till päls på. Tacksam för svar :)

  4. Vissa saker är värda mer pengar än andra, men kvaliteten är i slutändan det viktigaste! Vissa plagg mer än andra.
    Fint skrivet, både detta inlägget och det förra! Jag hoppas så att smärtan ska avta för det där verkar vara något av det jävligaste. Stor kram till dig

  5. Anonym: 35 procent av mina läsare kommer från Europa eller ännu längre ifrån så det är inte helt förvånande. Det är mycket därför jag skriver på engelska då och då, så att de också ska känna sig välkomna!

    Tiny: Today is the first day I can finelly see the light in this tunnel though it is not over yet for many days. big hug!

    anonym: Pälsmuddarna sitter givetvis redan på kappan. Mycket elegant. Dessvärre är kappan inte så varm och dessutom är det givetvis svindyr. DÄrför tvekar jag. Men annars är det bara att du hittar en gammal vintage päls och ber en god sömmerska klippa sönder den och sy på passande muddar på den kappa du vill ha. Jag har en fantastisk sömmerska som jag använt i flera år och jag skojar inte om hon tillverkat ca: 10 plagg helt utifrån min design och därutöver ändrat 30 plagg så som jag vill ha dem. Hon är fantastisk och förstår alltid vad jag vill. Hennes ställe är inget märkvärdigt men hennes kunskaper och hennes kvalitet går att räkna med. Hon heter Faride och hennes lilla sömnadsverkstad ligger på Kungstensgatan. Hälsa att du fått henne via mig, Stina Auer så vet hon. Lycka till!

    Lotta: Verkligen. tusen tack för dina alltid lika varma kommentarer kära Lotta!

  6. Hej bästa Stina,
    måste börja med att säga krya på dig, fast jag tror att det värsta är över...
    Gick in på ngr H&M i veckan för att hitta tröjan men den vara verkar slut, såg nu i efterhand att du hittade den =) Snyyygg =)

    ta hand om dig
    Maria och Lilla E

  7. Louis Vuitton has a new scarf in cashmere colour panthere but more like it is turned around itself. Not bad for the coats. It changes the style a little bit, more expenseive than the one il silk !

  8. 8 burberry-trenchar, oj då!

  9. Maria och E: Hej fina. Ja jag fann den. Puss på er

    Anonym: Really: I need to cheek it out then ...

    Dani: Ja. Visst är det härligt!

  10. Ok tack för tipset, jag hoppas att jag hittar päls som passar till min cashmerekappa. En bra skräddare är guldvärd.

  11. Love your blog!

    Quick question: You seem to have mastered the art that so many of us women dream of - Collecting beautiful, high-quality and timeless pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes!

    How do you do it? How do you make your 'investment' decision and do you have any good tips for those of us who aspire to one day own a stunning collection, just like yours?

    lots of love
    P.S. I hope you'll get better soon x

  12. anonym: When most people buy something expensive, they often think of boring and square orbits. But classic doesn't need not be boring. It becomes a greater priority in a garment if it is of classical design, but perhaps with an unusual pattern or a color that not many would venture into.
    If I buy a bag, for example, I rather buy it in an exciting color that I know that most people would not buy than the black that most people have or would buy. For then your bag is unique and can lift an outfit as a bag of the same model which a more boring color can't. I mean if you have, let's say three black bags already then go for other colours.
    I trust myself, I know how my body looks like and I know what I feel comfortable in and what fits my body the best. To buy a pair of tight jeans is no reason for me because I do not look good in the model but in the same time I know that bootcut or wide wool trousers usually get my legs to look longer and more well-dressed. So it is very often about knowing what fits you and what doesn't
    I've learned to just buy things I know I will love for many years. In this way, it doesn't feel wrong to spend a larger chunk of money on one item because I know I take good care of them and will use them year after year. I have Kenzo cardigans that I bought when I was 17 years old that are still as good-looking design for it is timeless and with beautiful color selection to brighten up any kind of boring black pants any time.
    With dresses I prefer to take risks when it comes to colours and drapings because I love how a dress can be so much alone. Personally I am not fond of too much cleavage on myself or too short versions because I think it's much nicer when you sense more than show. But I know which models I like and although I sometimes stand with models that look great on the other, I try to be critical of myself and realize that there are models they look good in and then there's models I look good in.
    Then there are brands that I always love and always find creations that I want. Find designers that is your style and follow their collections.
    For shoes and bags, I like to be a little tougher because I want them to be accessories that stand out. Same taste in jewelry. Rather a big beautiful bracelet and no more - than one meaningless little bracelet with boring necklace and earrings. It is often too much and become doll.
    Otherwise, of course there are classics like most women dream of having in his closet and it has always been like that I guess. I guess with me it has never just been a dream, I have had that goal since childhood - to build a fabulous wardrobe full of delicious classics and exciting newcomers with my favorite material choices and colors. And I'd rather take a burgundy or koral blue or mustard yellow Chanel Jumbo if I only had one of them than a black as any other probably would have. It becomes much more personal with a exiting colour and that's probably what I think of all the time when I shop. To follow my own taste and not be afraid to take an orange bag even though the black/brown may be more practical in the long run. Dare to stand out, dare to have your own taste and mix the classic garments with your own more daring ideas, it becomes fun, stylish and personal.
    And mix different materials, wool with silk and cotton with chiffong or leather

    That's just a little of what I would say and recommend but we are all different and to follow your intuition and your own persona is always best. Love/s tina

  13. My goodness what a lovely, well-thought out reply! Thank you so much for your amazing advice!

    I will definitely be braver in the future!
    Love and hope your recovery is going well


  14. Hello Stina! I do the exact same thing! All my friends and boyfriend wonder why I buy so many Dolce&Gabbana Miss Sicily bags and Gucci New Bamboo bags. I think it's only wise to find the items you like and suit your lifestyle then proceed on buying them in as many colours as you like.

    I started reading your blog yesterday and I've got to admit that I'm completely addicted now :D XOXO