Friday, November 19, 2010

Early morning thoughts in the dark silence

In the end.
We only regret the chances we didn't take,
the relationships we were afraid to have
and the decisions we waited too long to make.


  1. So undeniably true...

    Wish you a wonderful friday!

  2. My be it should be like this and don't regret because you will find a better "choice" for your life. When too difficult, it means that not possible..... Things have to run with a certain peace of heart and mind!

  3. Stina the translation of you name is changed in French to Rebecca.... it's very strange why ? Bas tranlation I thing.

  4. Did you leave Stockholm for a nice week end to better recuperate?. We do not hear from you neither in the answers. May be not there....
    But we hope that not anymore ill. Kindest regards.

  5. Where are you pretty Stina, don't see any news since a long time.....

  6. Åhhh Stina, vad glad jag är att du mår bättre. Du är en enormt fin människa och så otroligt vacker och snäll och inspirerande. i I LOVE YOUR SOUL and SPIRIT. Sveriges coolaste kvinna i mina ögon.

    Önskar dig en underbart glittrig & mysig helg i höstens alla varma och kalla nyanser.

    Stor Kram från en mycket nöjd patient.

  7. Sara: It is!

    Uta: I Think so tooo!!!!!

    Anonym: I've just been at the clinic and working very much since I've been gone for a longer time. And then my sister visited friday evening and today I was so tired. But here I am living and kicking! I will go to Swizz next weekend but tonight it is dinner with friends. Take care and talk to u soon!

    L.R: Alltså, vilka ord?! Tusen tack. Jag suger åt mig och tackar a la ödmjukast. Varm hälsning stina

  8. I am already looking forward to watching nice pictures tomorrow of your dinner with your friends tonight.....
    Hope you were not too tired and have tasted a good wine, at least running well in the throat, maybe still a little bit hurting.
    It's also what I have done tonight in good company. Good night.
    Good might pretty girl.