Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On my way out ...

Om du vill ge dem du tycker om den största gåvan i livet, se och visualisera dem  
då som du vet att de själva vill vara så skänker du dem de bästa av energier och framtidsutsikter. 
Det är den påverkan du vill utöva. 

(cashmere cardigan: Marni, skirt: old Prada, bag: Prada & necklace: Monroe)


  1. At least you are still the same since the operation Stina not to slim... Good! and for remaining of what you said, I think it is easier for someone like you, who have many presents of life (parents, friends, beauty and mind, good job, travels, money enough I think to be positive even in the bad moments.... So sometimes we want to be positive and see life with joy in the future and thanking to be alive but it's not so easy that the Kabbale wants to show us.....

  2. Anonym: YHello. Yes absolutely. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, great friends and an opportunity to travel. But I have also had many horrible sorrows in my life that most 31 year olds not had to experience. Plus, I always struggle with a weak body and a lot of pain.

    The beauty of learning to think right is that it is completely free and anyone can learn it without spending anything. It is just about learning to think right and once you learned it, you can attract everything you want in your life. I do. Every day. Nothing comes for free. All I have in my life I have fought very hard for.

    Take car

  3. Du ser strålande vacker ut Stina, kjolen var underbar! Hoppas att du känner dig återställd efter allt ont! Vi ser fram emot att få träffa dig när du kommer hit! :)


  4. Someone is very jealous of you and what your represents Stina, take care, and stay the same for all of us whi love you,.

  5. Nathalie: Hej kära du, ja ... jag hör av mig via telefon så får du veta. Kram stina

    Anonym: Well. I don't know. Hope not.