Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still in bed

Now I have experienced how it feels in my throat when I did not have drugs in the body. I will not have that experience again thank you very much. I woke up 4am this morning and was really sore and swallowing my own saliva seemed like an impossible feat. But after I had some really strong medicine I went back to sleep and slept like a baby until now more or less. So as long as the morfin is in my system ... I am just fiiiine.
Just as the doctor said, healing makes more pain after a few days and that is exactly how it feels. Now I am used to migraine attacks, and as I told my dad yesterday, migraine attacks is still considerably worse than convalescence after surgery but it does not mean I do not have a sore throat. It probably just means that I'm used to pain.


  1. I wish you Stina the smoothest healing. Hope you will soon get rid of the pain. <3

  2. Krya på dig Stina! När är du tillbaka på jobbet? Har en del reportageidéer som jag tänkte ta med dig :)

    Kram Elina

  3. Vilken underbar blogg, råkade snubbla in här och innan jag gick igenom alla dina bilder var jag bitter och irriterad men efter alla dina fina bilder så känner jag mig så inspirerad.

    I love it :)

  4. For sure it is with Tiger that you feel the best in your bed right now! Healing will not be too long beautifl girl, be a little patient and take care very much of you as long as you can at home.