Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with Piaget

I just have to show you one of the really magnificent gifts I received. A beautiful ring
from the brand Piaget, in white gold and topped with a big, heavenly blue Topaz stone.
I must have done something good this year ...


  1. Nice ring Stina, I dont dare to say that I have it also... because you undertood, I think, that we have same taste for a lot of things. But I received it a long time ago by my husband...
    By the way you have very very pretty hands.
    You probably deserve a nice present this year.
    So many bad things happened with health.
    Tiger did not seem to have "make pipi" to the decoration which is not the case of mine!!!

  2. Fin ring, hur mycket kostar en sån? Fick du den av din kille?

  3. A beautiful ring for a beautiful woman :-D
    Wish all the best for Christmas !

  4. Uta: That is truly amazing but just like you say - we seems to have the same taste! But this is nothing I chosed myself, it was really a surprise gift but I love it!
    Merry Christmas to you!

    Anonym: Ingen aning.

    Elizabeth: Thank you very much!

  5. I did not choose it neither but my husband knows what I like and the person who had offered to you knows you also well. And for the scarfs,handbags etc. etc,. we buy often the same it's strange.... because not at all in the same country.

  6. Piaget! Underbart Stina!
    Gold and Blue Topaz - mycket vacker!
    Piaget, ett över hundra år gammalt företag som skapar exklusiva klockor och smycken - de skapar mästerverk av högsta kvalitet.
    Kramar från en smula avis Angela

  7. Uta: Very strange but funny!!!

    Angela: Tack fina! Ja den är mycket vacker. Och en sann överraskning ... Kramar till dig och din familj!