Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My little sister

Överjordligt vacker är hon. Och det är så underbart att ha fått följa henne från
det att hon var en liten pojkflicka till att utvecklas till en iögonfallande, vacker, vild kvinna.


  1. Is it possible that her mouth is naurally like this ? Or she also had an opeation ? That's right that she is beautiful. Like you Stina.

  2. Uta: She is only 21 years old so she is a total natural girl. She haven't done anything and she is not interested at all ...

  3. Hon är mkt naturligt vacker, härligt! :)

    Jag har ingen egen lillasyster men ibland finns det stunder där jag känner systerskap till ett fåtal yngre tjejer i min närhet. :)

  4. Hej! Kan du inte ha en frågestund snart igen, stina? Och kan du inte göra ett "gästspel" på kliniken nere i Göteborg nån gång?

  5. It means that you were alreay like this (handsome) also and really beautiful naturally. Maybe it has not changed a lot. We don't know we have not seen, I say that just because you talked about your operation made at 30 years old, once in the blog.
    I remember with nostalgy of my 21....
    My face was more full and ovale....

  6. Marta: Yngre tjejer är supermysiga!

    Sofe: Vi får se!

    Uta: Hm, ... i haven't done any operations at 30 years old or before that, exapt filled my lips when I was much much younger (age 24)? Do you mean Botox?
    Take care and so long!

  7. Well I was not aware of that because I began your blog late (about 1 year before) and I had understood you filled lips at 30. For the remaining we can absolutely see that you have nothing done anywhere else. Botox ok but you talk about it, it's a misunderstanding of my part. And your mother is still so beautiful, it's unfair for all the other women in this world, this family....
    As I told you also I am very often at home for the time being because an operation, it's why I am always reading you....and speaking to you....

  8. It's in the eyes.
    Your family has this thing, deep, meaningful and soulful eyes, most mesmerizing
    Highest compliments to everyone in the family
    She is like a portrait, she is a portrait.
    Wish I was a painter, would go mad painting her

  9. Har din lillasyster någon blogg?:)

  10. Uta: What kind of operation have you done? Hopefully not something for health or? Anyhow I wish that you feel well and healing in that way.

    The sage: Yes, many says that mum, me and siz have very special eyes. I don't really see it myself but mum and siz är both stunning. And you should see my mother when she was younger! Wow! Kim Basinger and Brigitte Bardot lookalike!

    Karin: Visst har hon det! www.labarfly.blogspot.com

  11. Ni är verkligen tre otroligt vackra kvinnor, din mamma, din syster och du.

  12. She is so beautiful... *sigh*

    Do you have any pre-operation pics of yourself? Have you changed a lot? I agree that all three of you are very beautiful. Your mom and sis look like strong confident women, you remind more of an artistic fragile type, but very fascinating... :)