Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I really could not get Grands outstanding Skagen toast away from my brain yesterday. I just had to have one.
There is such a delicious combination of creaminess and acidity from 
the squeezed lemon that always has to be topped with dill for the best result. 
Tomorrow I am leaving again for a couple of days. It's gonna be lovely.


  1. But Stina we still dont know what's happened yesterday and today that you leave fo some days ? Did you operate something or join a love or vacation or retreat? do not leave us without knowing something....

  2. Grand's skagenröra is definitely at the top of my list when eating out in Stockholm... thanks for this discovery. I can't wait to have some myself again soon ;-)


  3. Uta: Read my comment in the last post.

  4. Well it's normal to keep a personal life Stina but why say to all tha'ts its a special day and stay mysterious after.....
    No we all here in this country are not agree with that.
    Anyway we wish you a fantastic travel and full of joy.

  5. Yes Stina it was an error to make us expectig good news where you go or whatever and after to answer that it's your private life..... We just feel like we are only readig what you want but we are very close to you and your blog. Also when you are sick or not well.
    We habe understand it's a travel and we hope the best for you and full joy.

  6. Uta: I love that you readers are so kind and nice - and I know that you understand what I mean so let's drop this know. Take care and see you after the weekend.

  7. Hej fina Stina!
    Jag har läst din blogg länge och jag ÄLSKAR den, tack för att du delar med dig av allt! Jag måste bara säga att jag också ÄLSKAR skagentoast, finns så många namn för det, men ibland kan jag bara bli sugen på det så då går jag till en restaurang och bara beställer in en toastskagen och om jag är riktigt hungrig så beställer jag en till och bara njuuuuuter! :) Önskar dig en härlig resa! Kram E