Monday, January 17, 2011

How we met - his version

När M såg att jag skrivit något om hur vi träffades, beslöt hans sig för att skriva sin egen upplevelsehistoria av det hela, innan han valde att ta del av min. Så här är den manliga versionen om hur vi träffades. Förstå hur kul detta kommer bli att läsa för våra barn när de blir äldre ...
It was a guy’s weekend out, the first and only one of the kind in my experience. A nice bunch of friends from different European cities who hadn’t seen each other in a while: the perfect excuse to party.
On our second night out, we ate at an overrated restaurant and felt the urge to compensate for our disappointment by tasting the local pear liqueurs. By the time we had finished the meal, we were all very joyful and eager to go hit the clubs. Managing a dozen of happy fellows through an unknown town to an unknown club is not an easy task and our “instinct” brought the designed leader to a kind of bar/lounge with quite a line-up in front (always a good sign generally). A few of us made it in but others then called us back out, stating that this was not the place where we had a table reserved… but it was already too late, because on my way out I crossed this incredible tall elegant blond girl (a contrast to the locals) and couldn’t help an “Oh my God!” slip out of my mouth in my native language. The point is, we were heading out by then and some of us had actually already hauled taxis to take us to the place where we effectively had a reservation.
It took some convincing for the rest to stay and a little chat with the manager arranged a table with some bottles in the VIP… when my mind is set, it is quite a difficult task to change it as you will soon learn. Once the formalities of paying the cover (again) were settled, I headed straight off to the spot on the bar where I had last seen this unusual blond figure.
Now, if I may, I feel I should point out that I was in no search or hunt of any kind and that I had rather been avoiding such encounters until then, having in mind to spend time with friends, nothing else… but there are certain times when fighting against the obvious is futile; this certainly was the perfect example and I have to admit I hardly put a fight to restrain myself.
So, I headed straight for the bar, losing my friends on the way and started a totally improvised conversation with this woman, whom I soon found out to be from Sweden and bears the beautiful name “Stina”. I can’t pretend I remember our conversation, but I do recall the simple “no bullshit” in which it came, and my amazement in Stina’s english. At one point, my arm worked its way around her waist only to find a soft leopard dress, subtly hiding a firm body… before being pushed away with determination. But that didn’t stop me from trying again a little later…
The rest of the night was spent like teenagers discovering each other in a world of ours, not minding the surroundings the slightest. We parted after a wonderful time together with a lot of drinking, spinning and chatting ;-) Before heading to sleep, I sent Stina a kind SMS wishing she had come home safely and thanking her for the wonderful time. I was to learn a lot later that this simple and genuine gesture made all the difference.
The day after, I had to show myself quite insistent in my messages before she allowed me to pick her up. We spent a second great (but a lot less wild) night out.
The last day was spent strolling around town and for my part, I was already starting to sense that this was not a benign encounter (I am very thankful that this turned out to be correct, on the long run). Stina must have felt that something unusual could happen, because she decided to come to visit the next weekend, to my greatest surprise.
We have had wonderful times together since, but this it was not an easy road to where we stand now: the distance was definitely the most recurring difficulty. The multiple locations and long weekend adventures were certainly very pleasant, but they lack that day-to-day life feeling which is so important to experience if you want to give the relation some long term credit.
Our relation has been filled with passion from the start, which eventually transformed to a secure loving feeling. A spice of passion still remains in the most delicious form; I will make sure it never dies and that routine will always be punctuated by spontaneity.
(dress: Diane von Furstenberg & watch: Rolex)


  1. Du har hittat din jämlike min älskade vän, fantastiskt språk och känsla i det din man skriver!!
    LOVE finns för alla ngn stans där ute....

  2. Being loved by someone that defines love is these beautiful words must be totally and utterly blissful. I wish you and your future child all the best in the world!
    Stina din rackarns lyckans ost! Håll hårt i den här mannen ;) KRAM

  3. Kära Stina!
    Vilken man du hittat;)(å vilken kvinna han har funnit...) Ja, det är en fröjd att finna både kärlek och passion samt vänskap hos en annan människa.Ens egna person förlängs och man blir på något vis större. Grattis till er båda för det!

    (Jag tänkte att jag skulle ge dig min mailadress å berätta lite om min graviditet. Kan jag skicka den till dig via denna sida utan att den publiceras på bloggen?)

    / Nadia A. (numera Nadia F.)

  4. What a lovely read! How great of him to share his side of the story. He sounds like a dream, which he of course has to be to match you, Stina. All the best to you both & the little one on the way.

  5. I loved reading his version Stina. He sounds like a keeper and I am so happy our girl has found such a wonderful man.

    Next time I'm out I will raise a glas to your future.
    Dena xoxo

  6. I don't belive in luck, I think we make our own happiness, but if I did you would be one of the luckiest. This is just a proof that you are that amazing - and amazing things happens to amazing people.

    Best wishes to you both!

  7. Vilken Passion!

    Hur upptäckte du att du var gravid?
    Hur reagerade han när han fick veta?

  8. Åh herregud :-)Himla fint!

  9. Men herregud vad vackert! Det är inte ofta man får höra mannens version. Och det var extra kul efter att ha läst din. Ni är uppenbarligen menade för varandra! Åh, jag blir alldeles pirrig i själen av att läsa! :)

  10. He sounds like you!!!!!! :D Stina Stina Stina, Where have you got yourself involved in... ;)

  11. Åh vilken underbar man du har hittat Stina. Verkligen kul att få läsa båda era versioner om ert första fantastiska möte

  12. Be affraid of eachother!


  13. Amazing! Fantastic! Inspiring! May the good spirits be with you and protect you!

  14. Men herregud vilken man du har hittat! En sådan vill jag också ha! Det här ska ni absolut spara och visa för era barn, det är något de kommer uppskatta otroligt mycket när de blir äldre!
    Men tänk, aldrig har uttrycket "allting har en mening" varit mer sann, eller hur? :)

  15. Han er jo fantastisk.

    Jeg er selv forsynet med sådan et eksemplar og sætter pris på den kærlighed vi deler, hver dag. Nu på 14. år og forhåbentligt for evigt.

    Er det egentlig ok at jeg skriver på dansk eller foretrækker du engelsk?

  16. Nadia: min mail är kram

    Ditte: dansk är okej men jag förstår engelska bättre. ha ha