Sunday, February 20, 2011


If not now - then when?


  1. Beautiful picture, absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Is your M also interested by photos like you ? It does not seem it is your camera.
    Enjoy your time

  3. what a gorgeous couple. I mean it. Warms my heart. Be happy Stina, be truly happy because you deserve it.

    Dena x

  4. You are really pretty! What do you do to stay in shape? :)

  5. Fråga: dina vintagekläder, är de uppdaterade?
    Vad finns kvar?
    Vad finns inte kvar?
    Går det att göra någon slags sortering sp man endast kan se det du fortfarande har till salu?
    Kommer du att sälja mer saker nu när du inte kommer att kunna ha det på ett tag?

  6. Uta: Yes he is, but we shoot different things. He has a Nikon and I use a Canon. But I love that we share this interest!

    Dena: Thank you very much dear!

    Anonym: Well thank you! Right at the moment ... nothing. I try to eat every 2´3 hour to keep the metabolism in good shape and walk whenever I can and have energy for it.

    Anonym: Jag vet det är lite rörigt. På onsdag ska jag försöka lägga upp massa nytt, bland annat klänningar från Isabel Marant, Dries van Noten och massa annat!

  7. Just have to answer for my dearest friend Stina! She has got a BEAUTIFUL body that many women would do anything to get. Yes, she takes care of it, but mostly its just something that she has!!!
    // Cissi

  8. Cissi min älskling. Det var så gulligt skrivet!