Friday, February 18, 2011

Early morning in Miami

Here in Miami I woke up early in the morning alone while M were still sleeping in the bed. I enjoyed a good breakfast by myself on the 20th floor in a huge and architectually beautiful condo of M's cousin, while the city slowly comes to life just like my own senses. I love the contrast of all the oceans, pools, the endless sky and the artificial reconstruction of a country that really has no culture as we know it in Europe - but as in so many other ways have so much to offer.


  1. Is it "confiture Bonne Maman" sitting on this table ?

  2. Which hotel is it Stina ? You look beautiful pregnant with your M very very happy next to you in love.....
    Have you left for sailing with your friends now ?
    Strange that they give a French marmelade the morning in Miami, normally it's in several portions and not in the pot!

  3. Hej Stina, gud vad härligt ni ser ut att ha det, enjoy! Får man fråga var ni bor i Miami vilket hotell? Du skrev condo? tack å kram Tua

  4. Luc: Oui, il est vrai!

    Uta: It is M's cousins condo. Amazing decoration, view and esthetic touch.

    Tua: I Miami bodde vi i M's kusins enorma våning som var smashing på alla sätt och vis!