Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love nest

M is always the one who books and prepares the trips when we have so many stops and different places to visit, because I would never have the patience to do so. Thank you Lord that he knows my taste by heart and always makes sure that we will have an amazing time together. He knows that I am a very esthetic person and that the living enviroment is just as important as the rest of the impressions from the trip all put together.
On our way from Zurich to Miami we missed our connecting flight to Trinidad. In situations like that, after 11 hours on a airplane, rebooking tickets and finding our way out of that crappy mess - he is just the best. Calm, patient and focused. We had to stay one night at Miami Sheraton before we could continue our trip to Trinidad and then after a while get on that mini plane to lovely, tropical Barbados - but when we arrived in the middle of the night to our Love Nest ... it was so worth it. A colonial little suite with a beautiful terrace, tasteful decorations and only six rooms. Very romantic and a perfect start to an unforgettable babymoon.


  1. What is the name in Barbados of this intimate hotel in Trinidad ?

  2. Vakkert hotell
    Vakre bilder
    Vakre mennesker

    : )

  3. Barbados är helt fantastiskt! Om ni är kvar så är det ett måste att besöka Animal Flower Cave! Riktigt coolt! Och andra öar som Aruba, Curacao, St Maarten och den gamla svenska kolonin Saint-Barthélemy!

    Trevlig resa!


  4. Vilka härliga bilder! Jag gillar de verkligen :)