Saturday, March 5, 2011

a perfect way of doing things

a perfect start of the day - is to wake up next to M and feeling little A kicking
a perfect feeling - is the feeling of balance and harmony
a perfect breakfast - is something with coffee and egg
the perfect company - is with my love and great friends or family
a perfect look - is naked heels, a beautiful but simple dress, a feminine coat in the best material and a bag that stands for a memory/city/feeling
a perfect makeup - is simple. Mascara, some cheek color and discrete painted lips
a perfect environment - is in the sun
a perfect kiss - is passionate, yet tender and loving
a perfect thought is - "On the journey through life, how much good have I done?"
a perfect insight is - knowledge that there will be a trip to beautiful Monaco in may
a perfect adventure is - knowing there's a little boy inside of me
a perfect project is - soon start looking for a bigger, lovely apartment for our new little family
a perfect hobby is - having this blog, inspiring people and creating new ideas through living life and documenting it
a perfect way to spread the love - is to smile to people on the streets, be kind and understanding as much as you can, and never expect anything from anyone before you have given it yourself

Have a great day!
 ♥ stina


  1. Mötte dig på Odengatan igår när jag hämtat min dotter på dagis. Tänkte säga hej men kände mig lite som en stalker :) Ha en bra helg!

  2. Yes bella Stina we feel you are really happy to be so wise.
    You know that of course in the life we have sometimes, important bad things (like health not going well) and it's difficult to be so optimistic...
    But we try the best and your blog helps to keep good moral. And also nice pictures of you. XXX

  3. Fint skrivet! Tack för det!

  4. Mia: Gjorde du. Då mötte du en sjukligt trött kvinna som knappt hittade hem av just den anledningen. Säg hej nästa gång! Varm hälsning stina

    Uta: I know. My mum has MS and I have my horrible migraine. But as long as we try, hope and never lose faith - It can only get better.

    Mi: Tack för att du läser.

  5. Hej Stina,
    Har nyss hittat hit av en slump, last i nagra dagar nu,
    Du ar verkligen en inspirationskalla! Du ar bade vacker och klok, har sa bra insikt i allt som du skriver om.
    Du ar en forebild.
    Var bara tvungen att skriva,
    Kram Marielle.

  6. ''is to smile to people on the streets, be kind and understanding as much as you can, and never expect anything from anyone before you have given it yourself''

    Det behövdes höras idag när vänner sviker! Att aldrig döma och inte förvänta sig något. Jag vill inte döma dem även ifall det gör ont...


  7. du borde flytta till hus, så kan du växa i den,,jag själv bott i stan väldigt länge och flyttat till hus nu...är helt underbart.

  8. Underbart varm och energivande text !
    Så ni kommer bo i Sverige i alla fall ;)

  9. Stina what is MS of your mother ???
    I will not complain and try to keep strong as you suggest and everyone suggest also.......
    50% of the chance to be cured. XXX

  10. Hittade din blogg igår och har läst allt du skrivit om The Secret och Kabbala med största intresse. Nu undrar jag om du kan rekommendera nån bra bok om Kabbala? Jag kommer att fortsätta läsa din blogg, du skriver så bra! Ha ett trevligt veckoslut!

  11. Oh du vakre kvinne! Takk for at du er du! <3

  12. uta: Multiple scleros. What kind of disease do you have? kind hugs stina