Wednesday, April 27, 2011

After the Mass

On Saturday morning around lunch time we went to the beautiful and welcoming mass, according to the Orthodox tradition. The stunning architectural church was filled with elegantly dressed people who came to celebrate Easter and be together with close ones. Lots of candles, a choir that sang the religious chants according to the rituals which filled us with peace and tranquility in this beautiful environment.

M and I took a walk in Geneva afterwards and we rediscovered great memories from that city where we now often find ourselves. Because it is M's home town, I guess this is where I, in the future, will feel just as comfortable as in Stockholm when it comes to finding my way around.

I was wearing my lovely Greta dress (a well renowned upcoming swedish designer who won the ELLE-designer price this year. A really good tip for all pregnant women out there: the dresses are not meant for big bellys at all, but the ones I have from that brand have all served me well during this growing experience) and my adorable Chanel bag for a perfect match.


  1. You look stunning as always :)


  2. Åh du är så vacker!

  3. Du ser fullkomligt fantastisk ut!

  4. Great outfit & you look absolutely amazing!


  5. vart kan man få tag på klänningar och plagg från greta? Kramkram

  6. Everyone: Merci, merci!

    Anonym: På NK i Stockholm och Skindeep på Östermalm.

  7. Du ser ut som en gravid fotomodell!

    Vad kostar Greta klänningarna?


  8. Diane: De kostar, om jag minns rätt, mellan 2500-3000kr.