Friday, May 27, 2011

Bakery and Profylax

Tonight I am waiting for my man to arrive directly from Switzerland. I am indulging myself with pastry gifts from my dear friend Stellan who brought me these Ladurée macrarons directly from Paris the other day, and those pretty and delicious pink muffins that my sister's best friend Tiff surprised me with today.
Tomorrow morning is all about putting the alarm clock on early to participate to the Profylax course for a couple of hours. Both Saturday and Sunday morning will be filled with very interesting information on how to breathe correctly and find calm in what I expect to be a crazy birth situation in all kind of ways.

(Hopefully back massage and foot massage given by the men to us pregnant women is an obligation on the course!)


  1. Älskar dina bilder! Ha en fin dag! :) Kram

  2. If you still have time I highly recommend to start training with Epi-No to avoid tearing injury in delivery...

    It also gives confidence for the delivery as you have a slight idea what your body is capable of, how it possibly will feel, how to use your muscles, which position is best for you etc.

    I only used that for two-three weeks before delivery and I survived tear free as all other mothers who I know have used it.

    Good luck!!!!!

  3. Hej Stina.
    Tittade på Uppdrag granskning och såg att du var med. Jag funderar på att fylla i min överläpp och undrar vad skillnaden är mellan Teosyal och Restylane? Vilket håller längst? Vilket brukas mest?

  4. Åhh det ser mumsigt ut ! Haha ! :)

  5. Nicky: Och jag älskar din inredningssmak!

    Anonym: Thank you dearest for that, I'll check it out!

    Jonna: Jag skulle aldrig injicera Teolysal i mina egna läppar, det är inte en tillräckligt befintlig filler såsom Restylane är vilket innebär att det inte finns lika mycket forskning. Om du ska vylla din läpp rekommenderar jag Restylane eller om inte det, så Juvaderm. Lycka till!

    Isabell: Och det var det!

  6. they look so delicious, great pictures as well!