Thursday, June 2, 2011


The time is almost 01.00 am and because of my earlier evening nap, I feel awake and hungry. But that is one of the benefits with this mother leave that I've just started. A warm cheese melting ham toast with some juice or cold milk is just perfectly fine at anytime of the day - even this late - because there will be no alarm clock next morning.
Such a liberating thought ...


  1. Hey stina!
    I Love your Blog so much!
    I wish you would post more often:-), think i m addicted...

    Wish you all the Best for the Rest of your pregnancy and. The upcoming Events!

    Ps would you Show us some Pictures of your Flat and the New One?

    Kiss from Germane

  2. I love the glasses, where are they from?

    Thank you for a wonderful blog!

    Kisses, Elisabeth.

  3. Lisa: Merci! I will show some details from the new flat and yes, small photos here and there from the little one. Have a great day!

    Elisabth: They are form Orrefors and the line is called Steet. Have a nice day!