Sunday, June 5, 2011

The best of both worlds

Even if the days almost feel like they are floating away out here in the very calm countryside environment - there still is a couple of things to prepare for the civil life back in the city. I have the very exciting exhibition coming up on Saturday and there is loads of things that need to be worked out for that special occasion. Framing, perfectly fitted passe-partout in different sizes, printing and everything around such an event take time and precision.
But we also have the big condo move to getting closer. There is plenty of boxes to pack and furniture to be delivered, although we only move a few hundred meters away - so much needs to be coordinated and fixed for that wonderful truth. With only a couple of weeks to go in my pregnancy, I need to be able to take it easy even though there is so much going on at the same time.

So thank you Dad for being such a technical freak and making sure we always have the best tv, internet and other things that makes the modern everyday life so easy to combine with the more soul-relaxing country life that we so much live and breathe over here with the ocean just around the corner and the fresh air invigorating our inner system. For some reason I don't seem to notice how much there really is in front of us when nature is so peaceful and the atmosphere so mind blowing.


  1. GRATTIS till utställningen! Det kommer alldeles säkert att bli succé :) så synd att jag inte kommer att kunna titta på den.

    Ha det bäst fina Stina! XO

  2. So cute working in bikini to your exhibition.
    Nice picture.

  3. Nicky: Tusen tusen tack!

    Uta. Well, it was a very HOT day so what can you do? Blink.