Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In my own little world

I've spent most of my recent days at home in peace and quiet. The migraine has been giving me even more trouble and it is obvious that my body struggles with the last weeks before the birth. So instead of fighting it, I try to give it whatever it needs in terms of food, rest, love, soul things and positive little elements that keep my mood up. If I had my man here, everything would feel even better, but I have started to get used to this now, and with all my lovely friends and my dear family visiting I am not lacking very much, even though having him around is something different.
The new condo certainly helps and then all the captivating series I am feeding my my mind with do the same. I also make sure to take a long and wellbeing bath in the morning which clears my head in an amazing way. No feeling is as fresh and light as a relaxing bath with hand selected fragrances and aromas. Thoughts fly freely and things that tend to be hard to figure out appear simple and intellectually interesting as new and exciting solutions take shape.
So it certainly is a new way of cocooning in my own solitude, but do you know what? I don't mind it at all. I actually enjoy this little own world of mine. Maybe because I know it will be something completely different and re-elected that is going to occupy my life in a v e r y little while. Better just try to enjoy this peace and quite while I can.


  1. You have such an amazing and beautiful appartment! Your blog gives me so much inspiration and joy! Thank you very much!

  2. Å, kära Stina- I wish I could do the same: "nesting" in peace and centering my soul before the arrival of our miracle in August.
    We have a tiny house where I must share with my sister in law (long story) for God knows when.
    So- just keep on shining in your own magnificent world.
    Best wishes to you, adorable A and your beloved M.

  3. Your appartment looks so good! Enjoy the last quiet days! I would be interested in your opinion regarding holistic/alternative medicine (especially when it comes to treating your migraine).


  4. anonym and info: Thank you! Yes, I love it!

    Polly: I am willing to try whatever there is that works. I've done most of everything alternative on the market, but holistic medicine I have not tried so maybe I should.

    Sheyda: Det blir bra det också ska du se! Du är i "the meantime" nu och där behöver du vara av någon speciell anledning som du kommer förstå senare. Se det som en gåva att få ha din mans syster så nära, också till hjälp! (om du tycker om henne vill säga).

    Lycka till i din egen graviditet, gå in i dig själv och din lille när det känns tungt! Kram stina

  5. Have you tried an american chiropractic? (Of course they are not easy to find everywhere). I think it could be helpful for you!


  6. :) Underbara människa.. Tack! Dina vackra ord har nått fram.
    Kram och tack för ananastipset från dagens inlägg!