Sunday, July 10, 2011


Me and my man decided to spend the Saturday afternoon at Fjäderholmarna and took the boat over in the warming sun. We had a nice lunch at Rökeriets Matsal and laid on one big rock afterwards with a blanket and enjoyed some coffe and one freshly made bluberry pie while we talked about everything that has happen during our short time together.
The enormous amount of countrys/places we've visited during this timeframe and the fact that we now own our home together and having our first child in less then a week shows that everything is possible in this life.
And in this Sunday morning, I can feel my body is preparing itself more and more for every hour - it is so indescribable exciting! Because we have the biggest, lifechanging, lifefulfilling adventure still infront of us ...

(jacket: YSL, skirt: H&M, shades: Ray Ban, bag: Jimmy Choo & flats: Chanel)


  1. Dearest Stina.. May that beautiful smile never be washed away from your face and may you always be able to distinguish the sun glowing on you and your loved ones even in our cosy dark Swedish winters.

  2. Dear Stina. I wish you all the best for the birth of your first child. Your beautiful picture reminds me of the last days before the birth of my first son... who is 19 years now! Time went on so fast, but you will never forget this amazing time. I am looking forward to the first photo of you and your little son. Greetings from Germany

  3. Helt rätt att ni hittar på roliga saker tillsammans så här innan lillkillen kommer. Ett litet tips: Gå på bio och hångla i mörkret. Det kommer dröja ett tag innan ni gör det igen:)

    Kram Sophie

  4. Sophie, jag & min man gick på bio innan min Julia kom och det är inget jag rekommenderar, jag hade ont i ryggen av att sitta så länge och var det tryckte på blåsan under hela filmen...=).

  5. Ja visst är det underbart hur livet kan förändras. Kram Linda

  6. You looks soo beautyfull <3

  7. Lykke til, Stina!Du er vanvittig nydelig og har utrolig mye spennende og fantastisk i vente. Jeg fikk mitt første barn for tre måneder siden, lille Sophia. Gled deg <3

  8. Vad mysigt ni verkar ha haft det! Fjäderholmarna är ju verkligen vackert!

    Ta hand om dig och pyret!

    Kram Daniela

  9. Hej Stina,
    har läst din blogg en tid nu och ville bara tacka för en så härlig och kvinnlig blogg som du skriver! Super spännande med lillen som är strax här! Lycka till och önskar er lilla familj allt det bästa i framtiden :)


  10. Hej Stina,

    Får jag fråga vart kjolen kommer ifrån? Verkligen jätte FIN!

    All lycka til er.


  11. Anonym: Jesus 19 years old! I can't even picture when A is that age, it must feel truly amazing to have a man as a soon at that age!

    Mari: Grattis!

    Astridur: H&M

    Alla: Tusen tack!

  12. Dear Stina, I didn´t know that Jesus was only 19 years old :-) My son passed recently passed his university entrance diploma and when he celebrated his celebration ceremony, my husband and I thought of the night of his birth. And you are right, he is a young man now, bigger than us and very handsome, and it´s an amazing feeling. Love Beatrice (from Germany)

  13. I think of you and wish you the very best! Love Beatrice