Saturday, July 30, 2011

Handy man

I've already told you that M is a very handy man. And let's just say that our way of "cocooning" tends to be very different from one another. He builds a new 110kg big dining table from the scratch, with the most beautiful oak wood, bulding my closet, the hall way and things like that from the very start - while I take care of Alexis, (which is a full time job let me tell you as newborns are very cute but they are also very demanding) and making sure it is tidy around here ( plus trying to get a nap here and there because sleep during night is very much nonexistent). We're having visits from Switzerland/South of France during the weekend so it is wonderful that this amazingly big dining table for 10-12 people is ready just in time.


  1. Wow! Önskar att min make var så där händig! Men, men man kan ju inte få allt!;)


  2. Vilket vackert bord! Tallrikarna var lika vackra, går de att köpa någonstans?

  3. Tallrikarna kommer från serien Corona från Rörstrand designade av Jonas Bohlin. Jag har köpt mina från Cervera. MVH Louise

  4. Sophie: ... och då ska du se garderoben min han bygger ...

    Kristina och Louise: Exactamento! Rörstrands Corona.

  5. Vad har hänt med Ms arm?