Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Housewife things

With yesterday's anguishing hours - I decided that I won't let it harm me anymore today. So what is better than focusing on practical things that occupy the brain and relax the body?
We're waiting for our little baby-bed from STOKKE that should arrive anytime soon. The bed linen I will be using is such a wonderful kit that I just washed and ironed it with patience and love. It is actually a mix from my mothers when she was a baby, my own baby linen and M's when he was a baby boy.
With a little risk of sounding like a crazy mother to be (who spends all of her time choosing things like this) - but can you imagine all the lovely memories and feelings that are captured in those cotton materials with hand embroidered details? It must be fantastic karma and good energies from all the happiness that has lived through those sheets. I just love it and the bed will look absolutely to die for.

Now I am going to live up to the housewife look even more and actually start baking yammie cinnamon rolls with lots of butter - so I have the whole freezer full of them for the time to come. There is nothing as liberating as using your hands in the kitchen and composing things with your bare hands. Time flies, thoughts run smoothly, heart and soul are nourished and people will love you even more when you can offer warm and delicious home baked rolls ... for me, served with a glass of very cold milk.


  1. Hoppas på ett litet recept då!

  2. wow, i absolutely love the idea of using this beautiful old linen for a wonderful new born baby! Great idea and i totally agree with you - it will most likely bring very good energies for your little baby boy.

    All the best for you, have a lovely day!

  3. Sounds great:) And bed linen are looking adorable! I assume that fabric of them is also really soft because of earlier use<3

  4. Linen bed things are absolutely the best and very posh. Only so difficult to iron....
    Good luck beautiful....

  5. Kanelbullar och mjölk är ju grejen! Hoppas baket gick bra. Gällande "yammie". Jag tror att du menar yummy (stavas ibland yummie)? För engelsktalande har yammie en helt annan (inte helt trevlig) betydelse. Ett litet tips bara. Må så gott och tack för alla fina och inspirerande glimtar från ditt liv!

  6. Stina, I can totally relate to what you write (also it is a bit cryptic). I also went through some hard times emotionally when I was pregnant...if I could turn back time...I would now do a lot of things differently, worry less & enjoy more! Don´t waste your time worrying about things you can not change at the moment, make enjoying your life top priority! I wish you all the best!


  7. Polly: Uppfattat! Då ska jag skriva rätt från och med nu!