Sunday, July 3, 2011

Housewife trick

When you're this far into the pregnancy as I am now, you start to realise how the biological theory of the body works. Until now, carrying this beautiful belly I've been blessed to have has been something joyful and cosy - wonderful in all kinds of ways. Even with the horrible SPD (foglossning), vomiting, sickness, draining tiredness, migraine and other complications, it is a remarkable feeling of never being alone, always sharing your minutes with another little spirit inside of you.
But in nature's ways of working, there always is a reason for everything, and now, within 14 days left to birth, I really want to get him out. Sleep is for example non existing and the pain in my legs, hips, back and the heavy feeling with all the contractions every ten minutes is something quite disturbing. I really think it is the human body's natural way of letting go of the cosy feeling and formatting us women to disconnect from this cosy belly feeling we've been having for almost 10 months. It is the last run and now I want him out.
That is just the fact and even though I love this super duper unique and lovely feeling of sharing everything with my little boy inside of me and embrace this tremendous female experience in all ways - it must be 1000 times better to have him in full flesh in my arms without these extra pounds in my body and the combination of all hormones - the cause of all of these physical problems.
So, that is one of the reasons why I started to eat a half pineapple per day! An old housewife trick says that something in this sweet fruit can impact the prostaglands in a good way for the uterus to get more tender and ready to give birth. Just like raspberry leaves tea and sex. The sperm also contains this magical substance that releases the prostaglands in a very strong way and speed up the body in its preparation to start birth. And let me tell you, if I had my man here ,I would use that physical and pleasant artifact also (as much as possible with a big belly in the way, I should say), but he isn't right now, so it seems like I am stuck with pineapple and raspberry leaves tea for now.
The fortune for some I guess ...


  1. Vad härlig du är! Tänker på dig och skickar starka, positiva tankar inför förlossningen!

  2. In France, they say that a glass of champagne does the trick...

  3. Åh, nu är det så nära! Hoppas att huskurerna hjälper något ; )

  4. Hoppas ananasen gör tricket :-) Jag testade allt sex, stark mat, annanas, hallon (ej teet dock :-) men bägge mina barn valde att komma 14 dagar (första) och 1 vecka (andra) efter BF.

    Du menar midwife trick va? För mistress är väl älskarinna? :-)

    Håller tummarna att lilla A snart är här! Är avundsjuk på dig, du har en fantastisk erfarenhet framför dig!

    // Jessica E

  5. Åh ananas måste jag testa på tack för tipset!

  6. Ååh, jag vet hur du känner det. Jag är i vecka 40+4. Hela graviditeten har känts mysig och smidig, trots en del illamående och sådant. Ända in i slutet har jag varit rörlig och haft mycket ork och sådär. Men nu känns det helt plötsligt jättejättejobbigt. Trötthet, ont överallt, uttråkad, jag känner mej grinig och kan knappt röra mej. Och alla toalettbesök nattetid, suck... Men men, snart så....... :o)
    Lycka till med allt!

  7. Ska genast åka och inhandla ananas :D Håller tummarna för att det fungerar.
    Vad vacker du är förresten och lycka till!!