Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ok. So now it's Sunday, the expected birth date is actually tomorrow so even if I long and want him here NOW - there really is no need to be impatient even though I swing back and forth between being calm and being eager.
But if we knew with certainty that he will not be here today, we could easily follow Mum and Dad out with the boat or visit some friend's big country house two hours away. But what's the fun when labours can start all of a sudden?
Anyhow, when they do, this is the page M will be stuck to. It is very good when it comes to counting how many minutes there is between each contraction. And if you are a becoming mother and feel uncertain about the whole delivery part, contractions and how it all is - I would suggest you read this and this to get more information. They have turned out to be the most specific and interesting websites with the most appropriate information according to me.
Another fantastic information source has of course been my own mother to whom I speak to a couple of times per day usually if we don't see each other in person. My dear girlfriends/mother has also been amazing when it comes to giving advice and sharing their stories about pregnancy and birth and not to forget, the first three months after birth that seem to be very demanding before you find the routines and the balance in your life again with this new little family member.

And when all of that doesn't work - following you heart and intuition is always what works out the best whatever the subject is. Have a nice Sunday!

 (mum and me in Athens sep 2010)


  1. Tack för de rekommenderade sidorna!
    Vilka vackra ögon Du har, kära Stina!

  2. Värktimern finns som app om ni har smartphones, väldigt praktiskt att ta med sig statistiken till BB!
    Rekommenderar också, mycket kortfattad och snabb info tycker vi!

  3. Sheyda: Anytime! Tack!

    Oslo: Vi har båda Blackberry men jag vet att tex Iphone har smarta apar, men de funkar inte för BB. Growingpeople tycker jag också om, dessa rekommenderar jag just för hur man vet att en förlossning startar. Varm hälsning stina

  4. Stina, I have been checking each day to see if your and M's baby has arrived. I am more than 6000 km away and "I" am excited! Best wishes. :)

  5. Også fra Oslo :)

    Det blir veldig spennende å lese bloggen din fremover nå. Masse lykke til og nyt tiden som kommer. Å være mor er det beste som skjer i livet, så len deg tilbake og gled deg til han kommer :)

  6. Har lilla A kommit nu?
    Varma hälsningar från Anna i Göteborg