Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That Irish coffee ... and that lovely rum

When I am saunter around here at home like a penguin waiting to give birth, it is very easy to immerse myself into memories. These pictures were taken more or less exactly ten months ago. To be more specific about why I chose to show these snowy pictures now, let me explain ...
They are taken the day little A was conceived.
It may sound funny now - but this child was not planned, he is the result of a very romantic and ice cold weekend spent in Zermatt - a popular ski-resort in Switzerland, one of M's favorite places on earth - and a marvelous good, 23 year old Rum and Irish coffee symphony.
M loves snow, winter, cold and skiing. I hate snow, winter, cold and skiing - so I guess he tried to convince me of the opposite by showing me this ski-paradise a pure, white period like it was that October weekend. He made me climb a half mountain down in the coldest of the cold weather and because of that very demanding experience (and when he thereafter saw my shivering cold body and my frozen lips) I guess he wanted to compensate for that and took me to a bar to get some warming alcohol into my body. I ordered a 18th-century classic, an Irish coffee (or maybe four). And then we went back to our cosy chalet down in the village.
The purpose was to get ready, switch into some more elegant evening clothes and have that dinner at the nice restaurant he always appreciated. But then there was this extraordinary, good tasting rum that we both love and always bring wherever we are, that we started to sip on in the chalet like a pre-dinner cocktail. One thing lead to another like it always does when you are newly in love - and let's just say we arrived to the restaurant at 1 am in the morning and had to beg the master chief to let us have whatever was left in the kitchen. I remember being so beautifully tipsy that all I did was laugh my way through that dinner, and honestly, I don't even remember what we had.
Six weeks after that weekend, and also after my horrible tonsil surgery that I managed to live through, I was noticing that something in the female month was missing and after a couple more days we had the test done and let me tell you the shock that came out from that stick. One single miss, one single time and here we were.

So this is the story little A will be told when he is old enough to understand what love, a good bottle of rum, warm Irish coffee and a little tipsyness can do to an otherwise so sensible couple. It is the best thing happened in my life so far and I just love the story behind it.
(That is by the way one of the first things I am going to do when little A have arrived; have a little, tiny sip of that rum again to recreate those memories! Talk about being worth it!)


  1. Underbar historia, det var verkligen menat att du skulle blir gravid!!

  2. Då vill jag gärna skåla med dig...blivande morfar

  3. Hey stina!

    It is so nice that you share these memories and all the other intimite details with us. I just love reading your Blog and hope every day that you have posted something new. As you might know, these intimate details are always the most interesting ones because I kind of feel that Im really getting to know you better and better. Please keep posting,, I find everything interesting and exciting!

    Kiss from Germany

  4. hej! tycker om att läsa din blogg lätte mycket! undrar vad färgerna heter du använder på läppglansen från chanel?

  5. What a wonderful story.

  6. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing. Good luck with everything!!!/Helén

  7. Jag älskar att höra den där historien. Kan höra den om och om och om igen!

  8. Vilken helt underbar historia du delar med dig av. Som vanligt när du skriver på just det här sättet får jag tårar i ögonen.

  9. what a lovely story!!!! and i also love the pictures... good luck with the childbirth!
    Greetings from germany

  10. Love your blog.

    Love the way you write.

    Hope you have a nice birth.


  11. Wonderful story!

    I hope I am not too curious and not too impolite asking such a very personal question ('though I know I am and for sure you don't have to answer):
    Are the two of you going to marry now that you'll have a little boy?

  12. Tänk vad lite Irish Coffee kan ställa till med:) Underbar historia och jag önskar jag en dag också träffar på min drömman...

  13. Vilken fantastisk historia att berätta för A när han blir större.

  14. Vilken underbar historia, tack för att du delar med dig av den till oss.

    Lycka till med lilla A!

  15. What a beautiful story Stina! You and M are obviously meant to be.

    You look very beautiful in this photo, by the way.