Sunday, August 7, 2011


Friday evening. Pizza again. Never had this much crap-food like these passed few days. But cooking with a little one clear and awake in the evening seems like an impossible task currently. And so what. I've been cooking more or less every day my whole life as a grown up, so it feels ok anyhow.
Luckily M is really skilled in the kitchen but even so, sometimes you are just exhausted and fast-food is the better solution. So this is me and little A, on our way back home from the pizzeria (again) with a happy father taking the picture, documenting this tired and pale mother who usually always cooked the food from scratch and truly enjoyed it.

It feels like everything is a small project when you have an adorable little kid hanging on your shoulder, so wonderful of course, but things that were so simple and easy before now feel like the biggest mission.
Like all the beautiful clothes I need to put up in Stina's Vintage Store. I have no idea when I will have the energy to do so, but hopefully soon. Every spare little minute (often when he sleeps) goes to one power nap possibility or to wash some clothess or just to visit the internet for a couple of minutes.

Life is so different, but even so, lovely and better then ever.


  1. What a beautiful picture of you and baby. Spendlid.

  2. Jaaa!
    Jag har längtat flera månader efter kläder där och hoppas att du får energi och ork att göra det snart.

    Ta hand om dig!

  3. Åh, blir alltid så glad av att se bilder på dig! Du har en så vänlig och varm framtoning! Vilken fin liten bebis ni fått! Grattis ännu en gång! :-)

  4. So...this means to be a mother? I learn for you what to expect at!
    Congratulations for A!

  5. Grattis grattis! Har försökt läsa ikapp efter en lång frånvaro från internet! DU ser ju underbar ut och bebisen likaså!!! Kramkram!

  6. Åh vad fin han är! Kommer ihåg hur det var när vår dotter var alldeles ny (även om hon fortfarande egentligen är en plutt). Man trodde att man aldrig mer skulle få äta en middag tillsammans i lugn och ro eller någonsin vara riktigt utvilad igen, men det fick vi ;-) Tack för att du delar med dig, alla bilderna är magiska :-)