Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Finelly I really start to feel better! Two weeks after the birth I can more or less sit again, walk a little bit better and longer for sure.  Bit by bit I am starting to use my body normally again which feels like a blessing. So for all of you becoming or new mothers out there, I know It feels hard to believe, but the body has this miracuously way of healing itself. Just don't force it. I have hardly left the condo during this time and all focus has been on our family, food, love, sleep and getting all the rest that my body needed without any stress or forcement. And the results has showed up, little by little.
So hang in there and enjoy just being in bed, cosy up and get to know the little one during your healing. That's exactly what I did. And loved every minute of it. With our without pain.

(body: Tiger, skirt: Prada, flats: Chanel & babybag: Miu Miu)


  1. Thanks for the "Mummy" tips Stina, I discovered your blog about a month ago and must say I'm truly enjoying every post of yours, I don't have children yet but sooner than later it will happen.
    Congratulations on your new addition to the family, you look fantastic!

  2. Du ser alldeles fabulös ut Stina! Själv väntar jag på att mina tvillingar skall komma om två månader och är mitt uppe i köpdjungeln och undrara därför var du köpt "mobilen" till vagnen jag ser på bilden? Må så gott och all lycka till dig och familjen! /Ellinor

  3. Luxe: So nice that you can enjoy it anyhow! I am not only a mother though it has been a lot of motherhood things the last month.

    Elinor: Tack, vad spännande för dig! Den är köpt i barnbutiken på Dalagatan.

  4. SÅ skönt att höra att du känner dig bättre! Tänk vad härligt när ni kan ta långa fina promenade utan någon smärta :) Och hur är det med lilla Tiger förresten? Gillar han familjelivet bättre nu?

    Stor kram

  5. Elin: Han vänjer sig sakta men säkert.