Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's start with a Monday

These first five weeks have been cocooning-time for my family and little A. Not many people have been visiting us, simply because we needed time to adjust and get some routines in our own speed. And I have been f a a a a r too exhausted to even been able to be a hostess or even talk some days because the severe tiredness has just taken all the energy I have, and what's left is purely meant for my little son and M.
But since time flies and I have so many wonderful friends that are so eager to visit Alexis (and hopefully me) we have filled this week with lots of dear and lovely people. Today THIS superskilled girl is coming to visit and tomorrow we'll have THIS gorgeous lady and later on my work colleagues from the clinic will join us for coffee. We will also have THIS lovely friend and THIS hottie and lots of old girlfriends that I especially long to see. So I guess I will go from these five weeks of shyness and calmness to a more dynamic week, to say the least. I am very much looking forward to it!


  1. Oh, I remember this deep exhaustion caused by a huge lack of sleep after the birth of my first son. Do you have any home help?
    This week, I wish you a wonderful time with your friends. And take a lot of pictures - you are such a talented photographer!!! Some weeks ago, I discovered your beautiful blog and I love it very much!!! :-) Hugs, Beatrice

  2. Nu ser man vad lik han är sin pappa :-)

  3. Köper du bara kläder med "märken", verkar lite fixerad, eller?

  4. Oj, vad lika han är M i munnen:)

  5. Er lilla son har verkligen drag från bägge av er. Ögonen är ju helt och hållet dina och munnen måste ju vara M:s. Väldigt fin!!!!!!!!

  6. Ser fram emot fantastika och fina bilder på alla dina vänner, Alexis och händelserna. Samt smaskiga, roliga berättelser =)

    You will have a blast! =)

  7. Beatrice: Thank you for these kind words! I have help from my family of course and cleaning. M wants me to have a Nanny, but I don't feel like it. Not now anyhow.

    I will try to take pictures! Promise!

    Veronica: Ja, jag ser oss båda i honom mycket tydligt. men på bilden är han väldigt lik M.

    Anonym: Nej, jag köper det jag tycker om, som alltid. Fixerad? Absolut inte. Men Alexis har turen att ha många människor runt sig med bra smak och i de flesta fall skickas de paket från hela världen med fina små märkesplagg faktiskt. Som denna hakklapp från Armani. Directly from Switzerland.

    Hanna: Helt och fullkomligt pappas mun! Kopia!

    Anonym: Precis vad jag tycker! Ögonen mina, läppar och kropp M's.

    Anonym: Jag ska göra mitt bästa!

  8. Men GUUUD vilken liten sötnos! Avis!

  9. Been following this blog for a while, but never commented! Just to say congratulations! He is absolutely adorable, with such expressive eyes! You must be very, very proud.


  10. Vilken liten underbaring! Så söt han är:)

    Stor kram,


    - the many lives of line