Friday, August 26, 2011

My BIG little love

Five weeks old and Alexis has already changed so much in the way he looks. His darker hair is gone, and he is now left with ... nothing ... He's becomes more and more a copy of me when I was his age.
They called me Uncle Fester (from the Adams Family) because of the fact that I had no hair and had not very much colour in my face, except for big, dark blue eyes that my mother says were "extremely awake all the time". Just like my little love then.
For the moment, so much is happening with him. He can very much control his neck, he can also stand up on his legs for at least 10 seconds and he is starting to have some smiling going on (which obviously makes me die of happiness). Duktig kille!

(Clothing: Burberry)


  1. Bravo Stina your little love is already so nice and beautiful and it's not always the case when very little. And fashionable already like mama!
    M must be very proud of his son and of you of course.

  2. You got the cutest baby I have EVER seen! He's spectacular! Naaaw!

  3. oh he is so cute :-) i am a tiny bit jelous!
    congratulations to you and m :-))))

  4. Duktig mamma
    Puss från morfar

  5. Uncle Fester, hhhahhahahahhahaha! That was hilarious, but most babies look like him. :D

    It would be great to see some old pictures of you too. I'm curious to see what you've looked like.

  6. Vilka goa armar & så sött skjortan spänner över "grodmagen" :-). Han är verkligen jättesöt!

  7. Vilken liten herre. =)
    Att läsa dina ord får även mig att längta lite efter en egen bebis.

  8. Vilken gullig pojke !!

  9. You have the cutest baby ever <3 Love your style and love your blog!!
    -Reader from Finland-