Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The nest

I know I promised that I would show you the bed we decided to get some weeks ago, so here is the post finally. We had been looking at many different beds: rocking beds, cradles (vaggor), cots (spjälsängar) ... etc and saw beautiful ones but not very functional according to our needs. At the beginning with a newborn, I know (because I am ten years older than my sister, in other words I saw what mum and dad needed for her) that the practicality of a bed is more important than the looks.

I wanted a bed that I could easily move from room to room in the condo during the day's different activities all while he is sleeping. And we have beautiful, dark wooden floors that are fragile and that I don't want to destroy with ugly stripes and scratches. So when I saw this bed and started to realise the multifunctionality of it, the choice was quite easy, although the looks didn't quite do it for me in the beginning. When M saw it he just laughed - but he is the fondest one in the end because it really has so many smart ideas behind it.
With this bed from STOKKE I can litterally drag it around in the apartment without damaging the floor because it is made of soft fabric. Rocking it is also possible which is important during night time when sleep doesn't come easy every time and the oval form of it makes it cosy and very nice to be in it seems. Alexis loves it and I have put lovely bed linen inside to make it prettier and nicer to look at.
We can easily fold it together again if we want to bring it on travels and it doesn't weigh much which makes me able to handle it all by myself without any help of a strong man.

So I am very happy with the choice and do highly recommend it to anyone that needs something functional, cosy and moveable for the first six months of their little love.
It actually comes with one of those baby chairs - but to be honest, the bed is the marvelous thing in this product although I use the chair almost everyday also.

(This is the brand (STOKKE) where you can read more about it, and I got mine, like everything else more or less for the baby - HERE.)


  1. So nice! I also love the Stokke chair, we still use it (my son is 7)...


  2. Hej Stina!

    This is totally out of topic but I just want to tell you how much I admire you! You seem the have such a good attitude towards life and I love reading your thoughts about life and all that comes with. Your texts really inspire me and I think you truly deserve all the happiness you have. I have a feeling I'm on my way of having the kind of attitude you have and I am becoming more positive every day. :)


    Eeva från Finland

  3. Alexis är jätte fin!! Grattis till er båda och hoppas ni mår bra!!! Kramizz från din arbetskamrat Marie

  4. Smälte lite när jag såg lille Alexis. Han måste nog vara den sötaste bebisen i världen!

  5. Hej Stina!
    Skriver du bara på engelska numera?


  6. Så fint! :) Naw va söt han är :D XO

  7. Hej, gick in på sidan men jag kunde ej hitta sängen. Vet du vad den heter? Så kan jag söka på det? Och vet du om man kan köpa den online? Härlig blogg :) der behövs mer positiva människor i världen! Kram

  8. anonym: klicka på den första länken där det står stokke. Bounce'n sleep.