Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Last time I wore this dress, I had the little one inside of me. And now I am standing here, with this adorable little boy in my arms.
I mean, going to the moon, building a large skyscraper, flying and developing an aircraft ... everything seems ridiculously simple when it comes to comparing them to the fact that a sperm meets an egg, fell in love inside my body, and 9 months later my own body has created this life I am now carrying in my arms. I mean, nothing beats that when it comes to creating magic and unexplained scientific equations. How the hell does that work? Not even now, having gone through everything myself, reading everything that came in my way about it, do I understand how unbelievably magical the whole process really is. Women's bodies are really something.

(dress: Wera, necklace: Marni - Alexis' body: Ralph Lauren)


  1. I agree women's bodies are incredible! And I can't wait till' it is my turn one day when I am ready :)
    It's gonna be such an experience.

    You three look adorable by the way. Super cute picture!

    xx Seph

  2. Jag håller med, visst är det fantastiskt! Även om jag vet hur biologin funkar, hur ett barn blir det, så undrar jag ändå hur människan i det barnet blir till?

  3. Vad stor han blivit! Ja, det är verkligen ett mirakel ... Kärlek kan göra(läs skapa) underverk! :-)

  4. Även om allting verkar så himla självklart det här med kroppen, graviditet och skaffa barn.. Så blir man ändå förundrad hur det går till :)

  5. Min son är 17 månader och jag kan fortfarande titta på honom helt förundrad över tanken på att han kommer ifrån mig och min man. Nu när jag väntar nummer två ter sig hela fenomenet lika magiskt.


  6. För er som blir gravida iaf.. :(

  7. Ha ha, spot on! :-) The first couple of months or so after having my little fella, I kept thinking someone is going to come and knock the door and ask to have him back, as if I was borrowing him! lol
    It was very overwhelming and the fact that he actually belonged to ME took quite some time to sink in..

    Luv from London

  8. Till anonym:


    Hoppas att det går vägen så småningom...!

  9. Ni är så fina!

    Jag vill också skicka en kram till anonym. Jag vet hur det känns. Kram!

  10. Oh, the door behind you looks very elegant. It seems you live in a beautiful home! And Tiger: Has he got a little bit more accustomed to the baby? :-)

  11. Anonym: Jag vet den känslan men kan jag så kan du.

    Catharina: I've had that feeling so many time. Like, ok, when will I wake up from this dream and when will his actuall parents come and take him back. Ha, ha, ha ...
    That he belongs to ME/US is really an amazing feeling.

    Beatrice: Thank you! Yes, we have a very nice home that I truly enjoy.
    Tiger has accustomed yes, He still think it was not a very smart idea bringing this new, screamning pack member home - but he's got used to it it seems.