Thursday, August 25, 2011


I am slowly but surely getting back to a more normal everyday lifestyle again. Well, as normal as it can be with an adorable little kangaroo kid that just wants be close to his Mum or be entertained. Me and little Alexis have started some going-to-bed routines that seem to be working, which means that his mother gets a couple of more hours of regular sleep every night. Now I have a little bit more energy to do things that before felt like a massive and impossible project. (Now it just feels massive, but with a little planning, like when he sleeps, not impossible anymore. It just takes much more time.)
Like making the apartment more ready: we moved in just when I was about to give birth and I was extremely tired. This beautiful cabinet for example is one of the small interior missions; I will start to fill it in beautifully bit by bit. Now it is a very temporary solution shown. Alexis' boy room is another lovely place were I will seriously put my hands when I have an energetic day. For now I tend to use his room as an extension of my own closet and a place for all the coats and shoes, while M is building our hallway.
When I have time, I will also put up the rest in Stinas Vintage Store and prepare the "Thank You" cards that will be sent out to all kind people who have sent gifts from all around the world.
What else? Well, cuddling with my son in bed and trying to get one of those rare smiles is what I love the most and what I usually end up doing though my ambitions start high every morning. We'll see what I manage to do today, if anything.

(skirt (new): Michael Kors & old blouse: Zara)


  1. Du är så vacker!
    Gillar du Falsterbo? =)

  2. Får man lov att fråga var ni köpt det vackra skåpet?

  3. Superfint skåp, var har du köpt det?

  4. Stina, You are just so "human" than it makes all your charm... with our all daily problems and saying them frankly. So rare.
    Your cabin is very nice and when it will be fullfiled with your good taste it will be beautiful.

  5. Snyggt skåp, var kommer det ifrån?

  6. What a beautiful young mother only a few weeks after the birth of her child! :-)

  7. Skönt att börja få ordning .
    Hur stor är lägenheten?? känns som den är enorm :)
    Ta hand om dig nu

  8. Anonym: Tack det var snällt sagt! Jag har aldirg varit i Falsterbo så jag vet inte.

    Anonym: Skåpet kommer från DIS på Östermalm men finne ej längre kvar sa de när min pappa ville köpa samma för några veckor sedan.

    Uta: I think we can support each other by telling the truth. It is such a blessing having a child, such a wonderful little miracle that I love from the bottom of my heart. But it is demanding and especially when I am by myself monday-thursday.

    Beatrice: Thank you very much for those kind words!

    Sanna: Slowly but shorly. Kramar

  9. Tack för svar angående skåpet! Skall nog ge mig ut på jakt efter något liknande!

  10. Åh!!! Falsterbo, Skanör är underbart... Längst ut i södra Sverige. Milslånga stränder med vit sand. Jättehärligt och växa upp i! Du måste åka dit, kanske Flasterbo horse show?

  11. Vilket tjat om falsterbo!!! Inget speciellt med det väl? Finns så många andra fina ställen att åka till. Nej skippa det är mitt råd!!

  12. Åh.
    Måste bara säga att du ser fruktansvärt vacker och välmående ut. Och har en utsökt smak när det kommer till mode/design/kläder. Brukar kolla in din blogg för att få lite inspiration emellanåt.
    Ha det gött.