Thursday, September 22, 2011


Alexis and I would like to reveal who the lucky winner of the Chanel polish is no less then R Tyskland! Congratulations! Please email me ( and you'll soon have it in your mail!

Thank you everyone for participating, I've read through all your comments and followed every link/date you've put next to it. I will keep on making the "Walking in the City" label for that simple fact that it is a lot of fun both for you and me - and everyone seems to appreciate it very much!

It is also a lot of fun realising that you readers enjoy competitions like this, and who knows, maybe I'll throw one out when I am in Switzerland because I'm planning to bring my computer over this time!

See you later!


  1. Vilken charmör, så kul med barn, de har alla sin personlighet så tidigt, från början antagligen:-), han ser så pigg och iakttagande ut på fotona, barn är väldigt intressanta tycker jag.