Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another kind of evening ...

Yesterday we spent the whole day out walking around in the city of Zürich. The sun was preheating the atmopsphere in a late summer kind of way and yet the colours of the trees tells that the crispy autumn is waiting around the corner also in this city. Zürich is very much influenced by the German culture and architecture (which is not always as pretty as Geneva I would say), but there is really beautiful buildings and older areas even here. Our condo is on the same side (but unfortunatly not in that area ...) as the "Gold coast" where all the big residential houses/villas lies and the coast got the name from the fact that they have sun all day and all evening long, decpite from the ones who lives on the other side of the lake.
We had a lovely lunch up on one of the best roof terrace - the Griederbar which is actually a hidden place for many, above a luxery concept store. To find it you have to enter the store and take the store elevator up to this fancy place and enjoy a lakeview in the middle of the financial district. I can highly recommend it if you want to sit in a sober and peaceful enviroment with good service while looking at welldressed ladies who stoped for a break while shopping, or financial guyes trying to make even more money.

When we took the lake walk back to our place, the sun was just about to go down and it coloured the skyline in the most perfect combination of the pastel shades of purple and pink with this warm hint of orange. And I thought for myself how lucky I was in that precise moment, walking with little A in my arms all bubbly and joyfull looking at me with those big, darkblue eyes taking in just as much impressions as me. Back home M cooked and I put our son to bed, and we had an easy evening at home with the gleaming lamps from the houses and apartments on the other side of the lake just outside our window making warm reflections in the water.
Life changes so remarkable when you have kids. One year ago we would probably have been at a nice restaurant at that time of the evening, but here we were, home made pasta with Coca Cola in a wine glass and doing the "Standarmodellen" with Alexis. I mean. Could it be bigger contrasts then that? And yet, I wouldn't like to have it any other way. There truly is a time for everything ...


  1. Beautiful day really, also with the nice weather and nice shops and baby at lakeside but it's a pity that you drank a coca cola the night with your good meal ! XXX

  2. Åh, det är så vackert i Zürich! Hoppas ni får en trevlig vistelse tillsammans.

    MVH Emma och Alma

  3. Tänk så fantastiskt livet och alla dess steg är!