Sunday, September 4, 2011

Getting back

I just l o v e the fact that I am slowly but surely being able to wear more or less everything in my closet again, without going on a diet or exercising more than a couple of walks. How I've longed for this skirt for instance! And this weekend I could finally button it. Thank you for that! It feels like I have one million pieces of clothing just waiting to uplift my everyday life again. It truly is a beautiful and very satisfying feeling.
I think my hips and my belly will never go back to what they originally were, but I actually couldn't care less, as long as what's in my closet is wearable.

(skirt: Balenciaga)


  1. can i ask you which brand these wonderful boots are?

  2. Hej Stina, undrar ifall du kan tipsa om någon dermatolog? Har pga av stress och många miljöombyten fått dålig hy på väldigt kort tid, har annars aldrig haft några problem... Du kanske även kan tipsa om en viss behandling?
    Stort tack på förhand!

  3. Whaou we find back the same beautiful Stina!
    And also I love skirt and boots.

  4. Fantastisk blogg som jeg gleder meg til å følge!!