Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tuesday dinner

A couple of days ago I had a spontaneous, cosy dinner with two really nice amigos, the lovely Corinne and one of my best friends Andreas, who is a blessing around children. Wining and dining always leave the best emotions, especially when they are simple and easy on a Tuesday. It was the first time I had people over in the evening, but Alexis' going-to-bed routines worked very good anyhow. I just went away for 45mins and left them talking. I gave him a bath, put his pyjama on and then gave him food and put him to bed like every other night. It worked well. Very pleasant!
Slowly, with small steps, I am introducing the "normal life" back to this new life. I truly love the mix of family and friends, two of my strongest passions in life! And it felt better then ever when he woke up for his 00:30 meal. Having that little warm body next to mine in the dark night, I mean, he truly is my love-heroine.

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