Friday, October 14, 2011

Angela Gotborn presents the winner

Since many of Stinas readers are English speaking, I thought that the announcement of the winner should be communicated in English.

First of all I must say that both Stina and me are overwhelmed by the interest in this competition and all positive feedback. It is truly appreciated to hear such encouraging words and positive feedback from all of you, especially for me as a jewellery designer.

Many of you has really put all your heart and soul in to this competition and to all of you, Stina and I want to send to all of you a sincere: Thank you for your participation and your effort!

I must say it was a really tough decision to pick a winner from all of the extensive and heart warming stories. But unfortunately every competition needs to have one winner so ...

The winner in this competition is Johanna CL in London who will receive the product Roots – black and beige. Johanna, please email and she'll forward it to me!

Thanks one more time, for all the effort and for the commitment all of you has put in to this. I am sure we will be back with another competition in the future. Don't forget that the 40 percent discount in my shop is valid until tomorrow!

Sincerely yours
Angela Gotborn


  1. congratulations johanna!
    it was a very exciting competition, thnx again :)

  2. Grattis Johanna och hoppas du får stor användning av det fina halsbandet! MVH Laila