Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy mother!

Do we have a happy Stina on the picture? As a matter of fact, I think we do.

This bag (yes, of course it is a bag) is from myself to myself. I will call it my "Alexis-bag" and it will function as a present for the simple reason that I managed to go through a tough birth and work with the 8 weeks after which everyone who ever dealt with a newborn knows are really quite something. And I did it a lot of it on my own (4 days per week to be precise) as a first time mother.
It is a gift for myself for the fact that I try to follow my heart in everything that has to do with motherhood and I have proven to have 1000 times more patience and love for this little son then I ever thought was possible. Every time I'll wear it, yet again in my life, I will know that hard work gives the most stunning and life changing gifts. Always and forever.

(top: Busnel, skirt: Michael Kors, bag & flats: Chanel)


  1. Helrätt! Jag ska också ta och unna mig en tänkte jag. Hoppas du har det underbart härligt! Kramar Linda

  2. Hey stina!
    Just want to know, are you married to M? and can you speek German already?


  3. Linda: Härligt för dig!

    Lisa: No we're not married. And no I don't speak german though I understand a lot. We speak french, swedish and english in our family. If we will add a fourth language it will be spanish.

  4. alors vows parlez français??super!!c set ma langue maternelle (ps my husband is Finnish and it also a mix of languages at home..) can we ever have a sneak peak of the fabulous bag? bonne continuation!

  5. Fedu: Oui, nous avons un bon mélange de langues à la maison aussi et aussitôt que M m'aura prise en photo, je vous montrerai le sac.

  6. kan tänka mig att det har varit en pärs så du behöver inte motivera ditt köp - you totally deserve it!

    all lycka!

  7. Wow. First of all : you look sooooooo good, you're amazing! I never thought someone can look that stunning just a few weeks after giving birth to a baby <3
    you are more and more becoming a role-model to me! I am really thankful that you are sharing so many thoughts, experiences as a first time mother with us! It is definitely not self-evident that someone shares also the sad, exhausting moments of being a mothers. You gave/give us a really deep insight of what it means being pregnant/a mother and managing all this - I never thought that giving birth to a child is that life-changing, challenging and wonderful at the same time. Hardly anyone ever talked about this experience as precisely as you do :) I thank you sooo much for sharing. I do really like your blog more than before because it has become a little bit 'nearer to reality' as I think ;)
    all the best from Austria,
    Raphaela :)

  8. Härligt!! Du är så värd det! Jag hade aldrig fixat första tiden ensam som du men så är det kanske så att man fixar det man ställs inför :-) Jag funderar också på att köpa mig något riktigt fint, väska eller smycke, eftersom min man inte har fattat mina pikar om en "push-present" och mina barn nu är 5 och 3 år...

    Tack för en fantastiskt inspirerande blogg!