Saturday, October 22, 2011

La sélection

The wine selection for the weekend. We're celebrating that M's back home. We started off yesterday with a Haut-Médoc "Bordeaux", Chateau La Lagune, 2007. I had one very sedating glass and M had the rest. Fair trade, because he stood for the cooking that evening.


  1. Hi, do you drink wine, too?

  2. Fantastic Bordeaux, good taste M, hope you will both and some friends enjoy of these good beverage with good food also.- Spend a good week end and continue with your beautiful pictures Stina. It's a pleasure to see and read your blog.

  3. Åhhh vad fina flaskor!! Ser inte ut att finnas på systembolaget?


  4. Anonym: Yes I take a glas from times to times. But often I get such a bad headache from red wine so I tend to be selective.

    Uta: I will continue! Thank you Uta, I found the wine (2007) a bit light for my taste and M also found it not the best year. But we had a very pleasent weekend with friends and food.

    Luka: Inte på vanliga Systembolag, men NK har en fantastisk vinkällare där man får tag på viner som dessa. Annars kan man också alltid beställa från alla Systembolag.