Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lovely afternoon pleasure

Today I took the Babybjörn again, jumped into a taxi in the pouring rain and spent three hours in this lovely enviroment for an afternoon tea with my son and a dear girlfriend. Perfect Tuesday pleasure.

(dress: Acne & belt: Dolce & Gabbana)


  1. underbar du eeee! Tar med lilla barnet till Grand för Afternoon tea! Jag önskar min mamma hade gjort sådant me mig!!!!

  2. I think you look even more beautiful since you had a babyboy. I looooove your blog by the way.

    Have a nice day from Milano


  3. Hur gör du med taxi och bebis? Har taxibilarna bilbarnstol? Smidigt med BabyBjörn! Urbra uppfinning, Kram!

  4. Gia: thank you! For some reason, I will agree with you. Even though my body has change to what in an "ideal world" would be considered negative, I have darker rings under my eyes etc - I feel more beautiful since I become a mother.

    Mary: Jajamensan, när du ringer och beställer taxi kan du beställa med bilbarnstol. Mycket smidigt!

  5. Gu så bra, tack för tipset!!!