Thursday, October 20, 2011


Many of you ask me where I do most of my shopping? The answer does not come as a simple one, though I tend to do most of my big brand purchases abroad, during travels. But I am also extremely fond of shopping rare and lovely garments through the internet. It is simple, you don't need to stand in horrifying changing rooms and you get everything delivered on your doorstep or post office in just a couple of days. Not seldom in a well made box with a silk ribbon: I just love service like that.
One of my favorites is of course the world known Net-a-Porter. I would buy something from their web page every day If I could. Another swedish one is Kotyr that never disappoints me and always has clothes that stand out through their originality, quality and uniqueness. They carry very interesting brands, many of which are swedish and I truly enjoy it. And they can ship very fast if necessary! (Remember when I was going to the wedding in Megève, pregnant, and suddenly had no inspiration whatsoever about what to wear?) I bought a dress from them and explained the situation and they actually had it delivered to my work the next day. I mean, talk about service. The dress was a dream and I felt as beautiful as ever, newly pregnant and all in THAT silk creation.)
Nathalie Schuterman is also one of my favorites and the best thing about her store is that it is well located in Stockholm, a nice walk from where I live. She always manages to tempt me with perfectly handpicked things like coats, cardigans, high heel shoes and other accessories.

But today, while I am waiting for my man to come back home after two weeks, I am having a perfectly composed Vivalto Lungo coffee with some fresh french nougat (that actually is my mum's, she got them from M's mother, but the french nougat lover I am, I stole a few). And I am looking for some new things for fall and using internet for that purpose. Trying not to spend a fortune at Kotyr, I am choosing some beautiful new dresses for the autumn and winter time.
I have a passion for warmer material on dresses during this time and THIS one just has to be mine. The same with THIS stunning, beautiful dress that is sober yet sexy and feminine in some kind of way. I've had a crush on THIS brand since it started and by now, I have a couple of their dresses and they all fit perfectly, no matter what occasion I wear them for. I also had them all through my pregnancy which was great. (Look HERE and HERE and you'll see).
I would also like to get THIS stylish coat that would fit just as well as an winter dress with high, knee boots on. I like how the black wool look so fashionable with a little bit of bare skin. 
I have three more dresses that probably are going to be mine ... We'll see how long I have to wait and how tempted I am.

But now you know. Travels, internet and some favorite stores combined with the more main stream brands where we all buy from. It is all about how you combine them, how personal you dare to be and how good you know your own body and what you look the best in. Knowledge about materials, designs, sewing and the small details that make all the difference in a garment - also helps create a personal, chic and elegant style that is yours.

So, well ... I am just a click away now from owning some really nice dresses.


  1. Kotyr var ett kanonbra tips, den butiken har jag helt missat!

  2. Kotyr hade jag inte en blekast aning om. Att de har Greta och Minimarket är ju så jäkla bra! Nu vet jag vart min nästa löning kommer hamna ;)))

  3. Love your choices!

    Would love the wool dress also and the wool coat.....both they ship to other countries...????


  4. The black silk dress is just FAB

  5. samma här! Jag älskar också net-a-porter men hade några godbitar som du så klart redan spanat ut då. Hittade en klänning där som jag måste slå till på tror jag. Ha det bra, kramar Hedda

  6. Tack för all inspiration du ger Stina :-) Funderar på att slå till på EN fin Greta klänning för festliga tillfällen i höst och vinter. Din Greta klänning på bild två som är mönstrad, tillhör den fjolårets kollektion eller finns den fortfarande till försäljning? Funderar annars på en lila eftersom det är "min" färg, möjligen inte lika klassisk... One size, innebär det att klänningen sitter bra även om man är en 36:a?

  7. Anonym: Båda är ju mönstrade men jag antar att du menar dne i leopard? Den andra är prickig. Den i leopard är från 2010 SS och den andra 2010 FW om jag inte minns fel. Så de finns med andra ord inte nu. Ja, jag är också en 36:a och de funkar utomordenligt på mig. Det är för att man snörar dem med bandet som de är onesize antar jag.
    En lila vore otroligt snyggt!
    Vänligen stina

  8. Tack för ditt svar. Menade den i leopard, synd att den inte finns ännu. Det blir en lila, snyggt om man är mörk och grönögd! Ha en mysig kväll :-) Ingela

  9. Stina the problem with Internet is that if you order to another country, they ask very huge commission and where I am living, I would like to order to another country but it increases so much the price of the product that I have to buy in town. Anyway you are very well dressed I love your style. It's about like I wear myself. Only you are prettier !!

  10. Uta: I know. It is the same here. If I buy from the States example and the value is above a certain amount, 30 percent tax. We don't like that. But if I buy within Europe they don't charge us. Thank you for being such a frequent commenter Uta, I relly appriciate it!