Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Restaurant - at home

When you have a small little baby, having a spontaneous restaurant visit is kind of tricky. But why spend the night out when you can find just as good, if not better products and bring them home for preparations, if you just know what to look for?
The well-planned Sunday dinner included extremely tender swedish meat (we had their top notch beef from Dalarna, hanged for 6 weeks) from the one and only butcher and this very tasty red wine from Chateau Maucaillou 2008, a great well made savoir-faire example from France. Let's just call it an evening of lovely food orgasm. The most perfect way to end a weekend!

If you want to know more about the wine, this is what my man has to say about it:

Château Maucaillou is situated in the Haut-Médoc region in Moulis-en-Médoc, 50km north-west of Bordeaux. Wine has been produced on the grounds since 1875 and it is currently run by the Dourthe family.

A careful grape selection process ensures an excellent wine quality, even in difficult years. Although the wine we enjoyed was quite young (2008), it was well composed and felt round and mature, yet could easily wait a few more years to allow the development of fine tannins. It is one of the rare "bourgeois" recruits admitted in the exclusive circle of the "Union des Grand Crus de Bordeaux", an association which intends to group the best wines of Bordeaux.

The first nose is quite surprising and the scents disappear remarkably quickly. A slight oxygenation reveals the full structure and aromas. The wine itself has an intense red colour with a strong yet subtle taste, with slight ripe fruit tones. It feels elegant, full of harmony and balanced in the mouth, and beautifully suited to a rare red meat.
It also has the particularity of doing what the French call the "jambe", which means that the drops on the inside of the glass describe an arc when trickling down rather than in a straight line. It is said that only very high quality wines with a perfect sugar balance can achieve this pattern.

All-in-all, a very enjoyable wine suitable for a nice occasion at quite an affordable price.



  1. när får man boka tid hos dig igen?

  2. Say to M that Château Maucaillou is one the best and my preferred wine even with his very high price ! For a lovely, lovely and orgasmique meal....... and so on .....

  3. Mmm... Oj, vilken målande beskrivning! Vad sugen jag blev på vin nu, trots att klockan bara är tjugo över tio på förmiddagen. ;)

  4. Anonym: Jag vet dessvärre inte exakt ...

    Uta: He read your comment Uta and in Sweden the bottle is about 28 Euro, and usually he says, a wine like that is about 60-70 Euro. But is was a lovely evening in all ways indead ...

    susannah: Salut!