Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thoughts so far

I'm now on my third day here in Zurich while M's working during daytime. We spent the first week together but reality is back now and someone has to make money still in this family when I am on my mother's leave.
I like Switzerland very much, which is a must for the simple fact that I will have big parts of my life in this country, probably for the rest of my life. The nature is very often mind blowing and the temperature not seldom milder then up North for a longer time. I didn't really care about the mountains before, but the more often I am surrounded by them, the more they grow on me and I have to say that it's very majestic with these big alp tops, which you can see even when you are in the city, that carry white snow all year around in the middle of the scorching heat.
Water I need just as much as the citylife. Spending all my summers and weekends in the swedish archipelago has nurtured this need I guess and luckily both Zurich and Geneva have enormous lakes that easily could be mistaken for part of the ocean if you didn't read your geography book correctly. If M's parents still had their sailing boat, the fulfillment would be even greater! There is no place to enjoy water as on the water itself. Feeling the fresh salty/sweet air making itself through every vein in my body. Freedom is there. At the water. I can't help myself feeling extremely close to Mother nature in those times, wherever I am in the world.
As cities, both have a lot to offer although I sometimes find them a little small if I compare them to other cities in Europe. But they are very charming, international, urban and have a lot of nice bars, cafes and restaurants for an spontanious apero or a lovely lunch.
It is also a hobby of mine to walk around in the area where we live. I mean, we don't have residential villas like this in Sweden (maybe at some part of Djurgården). I love looking at the facade, the big black gates that are probably hiding a small castle behind. It is truly inspiring to dream about a life in a house/palace like that one day and they lay next to each other like fascinating architectural decorations along the way.
That the cities carry brands like Chanel and Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Louboutin and have lovely Art Deco furniture stores doesn't make it worse. Even though I don't like to window shop or even shop at all as a matter of fact: when I want something I think about it for a while and then I get my purchase and that's the way I enjoy it most. Running around in stores when you can enjoy so much other nice things, I just don't understand.
Our condo here is very different from the one we have in Stockholm. In Stockholm we have the "parisian" style I would say, and this one is very "Switzerland" - but extremely cosy with the fireplace and the high ceiling and the enourmous, dark wood roof beams as different details that fit here. The beautiful lake view (5min walk down to the lake walk) is also a priceless detail.
The big negative thing though, and a fact that will never change or evolve, is the truth that neither my family nor my friends are here. These couple of days I've tried to get the feeling of how it would be without them in my everyday life. And the conclusion is that I can take it for a short while when I know that there's an end but not forever - they belong in my life. Present. We just need to find a way of combining these two countries in the best way that suits for our little family.


  1. Hi, i would love to see more of you new apartment, I am decorating my new apart. too and find your style very much similar than mine mixture of Paris/ italy =)
    have a lovely days in Switzerland

  2. Underbart vacker bild! Starker din text ytterligare.

    Ja, det ar hart att vara utan sina vanner och familj- jag forstar. Vad jag dock markt ar att man kan hitta nya och kanske aven starka band hos andra manniskor och nya personer. Inte likadana, men starka band. Da blir bordan av saknad lite lattare!

    Sa coolt med ditt nya liv nu!!! Jag menar hur mycket kan livet forandras pa ett ar? Livet ar fantastiskt och slutar aldrig forvana en ...

    Kram fran Tel Aviv

  3. Jeg er så enig i hva " Tel Aviv" sier( har selv bodd i Tel Aviv i seks år!), mn den følelsen Stina beskriver hadde jg selv veldig sterkt og jeg og min fine familie flyttet tilslutt hjem, til Norge. Lykke til Stina- jeg er sikker på at dere finner den beste løsning for dere.

  4. Thina!
    Spannande att du bott i Tel Aviv i 6 ar. Israel ar ett underbart land och Tel Aviv likasa. Tack ha en underbar helg o kose deg massa! Klem fra Tel Aviv