Friday, November 25, 2011


I match my old Prada bag with my even older gloves. 
Brown and black, one more perfect combination.
Now I need to get back in the kitchen. 
The last colour try out on the cup cakes needs to be worked on.


  1. Dear Stina,

    True elegance! Thank you so much for all the inspiration and for sharing your life and sense of style with us in such a generous way. I wish you lovely weekend.

    Kind regards,


  2. Your style is just so perfect. I wonder where you get the inspiration from? What lipstick do you wear? Your lips are always stunning. Have fun back in your kitchen, love your wonderful cupcakes!! Regards from London

  3. Very elegant and distinguished Stina.

  4. Hej hur mår du?, va gärna med i min fototävling med temat frost, vinnaren + vinnarbilden blir länkad på min blogg :) //Kram Ellen

  5. Mycket elegant och kvinnligt - men samtidigt med en tuff touch (mörka rocken och handskarna). Som en riktig power-woman!

  6. were the black and white muffins not perfect enough?

  7. G: Thank you very much and I wish the same back!

    Anonym: I get inspiration from my own closet, old films, well dressed women in big citys like Paris, Milano, Roma etc. People who knows their bodys and what they look good in. I also get inspiration from well made materials and street photographers. Thank you for the kind comment!

    On that shoot I think I was using the lip pen from Chanel called "nude" and Positano from Chanel as lipstick.

    Astridur, Susannah: Merci!

    Uta: Merci UTA!

    Anonym: No, not perfect but fun to play around with.