Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Swedish magazines have very little to boast about when it comes to serious decor inspiration. If you are looking for really high end homes you have to look abroad. These are some of my favorite magazine that makes my heart beat like crazy when it comes to top notch of magnificent homes.
I am collecting the best of the best for our future villa that we will look for in a couple of years or so. Building a house or renovating it from scratch is M's dream and for that we need exquisite materials and a lot of original thoughts about every little detail. He has the brain for the constructions, the architecture and all the engineering skills that are needed. I am the one who needs to use my creative eye and search for beautiful things to make the surroundings both stylish, personal, elegant and with the most important detail in a home - making it feel welcoming for lots of friends, family, dinner and kids.
So going through these is very fulfilling and inspiring, a perfect way of spending this evening with the few pralines that survived from yesterday's baking.


  1. Architectual Digest and Elle Decor are the best interior magazines, in my opinion.


  2. For more modern options (to mix with other ones)
    The Residence Decoration is the best. I dont know if you find it in Sweden but M finds it in ZH,

  3. I dont know if my comment left. I was saying that Residence Decoration is also one the best with modern plans to mix up with other ones. M can find it in Switzerland.

  4. Hej!
    En blog som kanske kan intressera! Minns inte alls hur jag hittade den: