Tuesday, November 29, 2011


(new fur vest: Maruschka de Margó, leather jacket: own design, 
trousers: very old, bag: Chanel & heels: Christian Louboutin)


  1. waaaw, you look fabulous and i have to say your body looks even better than before pregnancy!!bonne continuation! coucou de Finlande:)

  2. I LOVE this way ofdressing. _Yesterday I saw a girl like this in town and I though that I will copy her!!! and you appear this morning strange.

  3. Love the black and white pic, so naturally beautiful :)

  4. Ursnyggt!! Du inspirerar mig på många plan! Och du tar så fantasiska bilder, och liksom dig älskar jag foto, tänkte höra vad du har för utrustning i din kameraväska, ngra favoriter? Blir alltid så nyfiken :-)
    Kram Maja

  5. Stina the "very old beige bag" is not at all not fashionable anymore, mainly if it has silver chains. I use it often as well the other ones. This is real "chic" to mix up and I just bought yesterday the very small in white to go to the sun in January.(for the evening). They had just received it for "Croisière Season".

  6. Fedu: You think so? We'll we have to see when I try on my bikini ... Thanks anyway for the kind comment.

    Uta: Funny, what a coincidence. Yes this style is bohemian yet chic and easy to wear in this mild winter. Did she also have a fur vest? Colour?
    Yes my beige Chanel have a couple of years on the shoulder, but mixing makes perfect right? So you bought the mini Chanel in white? Off white or white? Must be beautiful. I want the 2.55 in black/silver hardwear now, the same as the big one I just bought. Take care!

    OMG: Thank you very much. I look tired but that's how it is.

    Maja: Canon 50D, men har beställt 5D nu då jag fotar mycket Raw och vill ha de mer tekniska fördelar som kommer med den typen av ännu mer avancerat kamerahus. Sedan pendlar jag mellan tre olika objektiv men satsar på att köpa 70-200 nu även om den är tokdyr och toktung ...(de grå prof modellerna). Är även sugen på 10-22. Vad fotar du själv med?