Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The passionate way

My life is a combination of Love and Pasta.


  1. If so, you will love Italy ;)


  2. Anonym: I w i l l not l o v e Italia, I already have a love-relationship with the country since many years back and the islands next to this wonderful country, culture, people and FOOD! (And M speaks italiano ...Yammie!) /Ciao!

  3. And Milano and Roma are made for you.
    Wonderful food, wonderful women and men.... who like to live with nice clothes and jewellery but so many interesting monuments, churches etc to visit. I LOVE this country also. And pasta.... and cullatello the best ham in Italy.

  4. i also really do love pasta and italia! it is a great country, with great people!! rome is on the top of my personal list of the most beautiful cities in world!

    greetings, leenchen