Monday, November 21, 2011

Pony tail

How nice isn't it that we are in November but with tender temperatures? I guess mother nature is confused, but I would rather have it this way until December then a cold, raw climate. Two weeks before christmas I would like to order one of these white and perfectly cold winters, but not before then. Because this allows us to wear the most comfortably fabrics, like different kinds of wool, cashmere and angora for a much longer period and just toss a warmer shawl, stockings and a little jacket above and still be fine. Life is so much more fun in pretty clothings then with a big boring down jacket and some snow boots. Don't you think?

(jacket: Maruschka de Margó, wool sweater: Ralph Lauren, wool skirt: Philip Lim, boots: Old ones, bag: Chanel & shawl: Marc Jacobs)


  1. Nej nej! Jag börjar få panik efter kyla och snö nu. Till första advent tycker snön ska ligga tjock på marken :-)

  2. Absolutely right Stina, so happy also here with this nice weather and 10 degrees the afternoon.... I am stupified with all your beautiful clothes, do you have enough place for everything ? For me it's so difficult to find a new place (only in the closets of my husband who is not glad at all---) XXX

  3. Nice outfit Stina! I have the same scarf but didn't wear it since it got colder. I always thought it's more summery because of the material. But seeing you wearing yours so well, I think I should get mine out of the drawer again.

  4. While I am happy that you guys can wear you nice clothes because it is still warm I was hoping that the warm weather would establish a sense of urgency instead. Climate change is truly a problem and should be met with respect. I do understand that it’s not on everyone’s agenda so this is just an attention note…

  5. Thank you for your kind comments and visit to my blog, Stina!
    No, the Keep Calm slogan was originally created by a British graphic designer during World War 2 and most people who have reproduced it recently have made an exact copy of it since there is no copyright. I redesigned my version, keeping the integrity of the similar look (my crown is different, and the font is a little changed as well)
    Have a great week and visit again soon!


  6. You look great! I suffer the cold too much unfortunately, so I am already using my down coat. It is always like that, I start wearing it before everyone else!


  7. Härliga Stina, du är alltid lika vacker! Jag har en fråga som jag hoppas att du har tid att besvara. Det är så att jag gjorde en kemisk peel (10%) för nu en vecka sedan och jag fjällar som bara den. Huden känns supertorr/fnasig och lite röd/öm. Låter det normalt? Jag har tänkt göra två behandlingar till men känner mig osäker och hoppas därför på ett råd från dig.

    Kram Carolina

  8. Dear Stina,

    I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I really like it. It motivates me and also inspires me to take more pictures as I just bought a new Canon EOS camera myself :)

    However I was wondering how you take your pictures when you are walking. Do you have a stand which you use or is somebody taking these pictures for you or how do they always look so spontaneous.

    I would appreciate your little tips and tricks very much.

    Best wishes from FFM,

  9. Uta: Ha, ha, ha ... I hear you. M's closet is maybe 1/10 of mine. He had to build me a new closet when we moved here. But still I lack space. That's why I need to sell things from time to time, to be able to get some space!

    Ohmygast: Absolutely! Wear it anytime!

    Anonym: Couldn't agree more.

    Cissi: I ware warmer materials underneith wool coats instead as long as possible.

    Carolina: Allt är i sin ordning. Det är dina döda hudceller som fjällas av och den perioden kan vara ganska jobbig men resultatet blir desto bättre! Smörj med fukt och håll ut!

    Maru: Fun for you! These "walking in the city" pic I take is M who is taking. Or my sister sometimes but mostly M.
    How to take could "walking" pic demands some skills in how the camera is working. Play with yours and you will get better and better! I take photos of people wlaking the streets all the time because I love it and it gives me knowledge about my camera and different settings. Good luck!

  10. Smashing Stina! Du har oklanderlig smak, inspirerande människa!